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  1. When David was talking about the light bulbs and how they're full of mercury and how it's supposed to mess with your mind, I was like, "Oh sht, I've had one at least 2 feet away from my face for 2-3 years. Well damn!"

  2. People tried to say he didn't know what he was talking about on the Saturn/sun worship issue, even though he made MANY valid points. ON THIS ISSUE HE'S NEARLY 100% RIGHT. This was BEFORE Pizzagate and look what happened there, swept under the rug. Thanks for all your work David!

  3. Underneath Windsor Castle there is a satanic chapel where H.M The Queen, Prince Philip and members of the aristocracy perform human sacrifices.   I have seen it with my own eyes.  Babies are preferred.   They are first skinned for entertainment (the skins later making masks and suits) and then boiled (while still alive) for 20 mins. to ensure they are properly cooked through then dipped in batter,  deep fried and served with chips and salad.   Dessert is often embryo meringue pie or sugared eyeballs filled with praline.  Baby brain soup is considered a delicacy.  The babies are bred for the purpose,  six or more are sacrificed at a time one by one.   On halloween as many as 24-30.
    Both The Queen and Prince Philip have forked tongues that normally retract out of sight behind the human tongue.  They are 12-14 inches long.   Very occasionally (and always at satanic sacrifices) the reptilian tongues protrude out. 
    The Queen's jaw can articulate (like a python) and can accommodate Ostrich eggs, whole hamsters and even small rabbits.

  4. Reptilian, shapeshifting Illuminatas. Utter utter sillyness. This would be accurate only in a Wallace and gromit cartoon. What kind of silly minds are out there. This is when I draw the lline and actually Snicker at peoples beliefs, because this is just sheer sillyness. That David Icke’s an utter Banger. A pure sausage. All these Idiots buying his shit.


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