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  1. I used to be a democrat, until I dove in to politics! The more I learned, the more I became aware of how much The democrats historically are all smoke and mirrors. The give just enough to silence their base. Broken promises, smoke and mirrors, apology tours, business deals to our enemies, Robing the poor, and now scandals! The reason the democrats have no platform to run on any more, is because Trump is doing it all. I mean look at what democrats want! They want to allow ILLEGAL immigrants to come on in just for votes! They don't give a shit about the people! They don't consider the legal ones that did it the right way. They want to challenge the very foundation of this great country OUR Amendments! They use CHILDREN to push their agenda, but only when a tragedy occurs! They want to teach GENDER FLUIDITY to children, i mean WTFFF! They make fun of mike pence because he is close to God, and elevate the dictators sister, SERIOUSLY!!! I wish everybody would really look at what dem's have brought to the U.S.A.,
    But most of all, they will not recognize Trumps achievements. Well for the people that hate trump because your news channels make you believe these lies (That are now showing signs that the DEMOCRATS WHERE THE ONES CHEATING) you are the minority. Americans finally have a LEADER! And I for one am proud to be an American again…
    Thanks Trump… MAGA

    If we don't take to the polls, we will loose. For God, families, country, and law, push the votes…. PUSH THE VOTES!


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