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  1. I think this is supposed to be stasis beings, it was interesting to note that the dude on the right was a magician and it is odd how there are similar religious talismans to Far East, Hebrew and Buddhist artifacts. One never knows when it comes to this world of smoke and mirrors and face it, we know very little about our own origins, and that is a fact. It's as if something tried to bury our very history!

  2. Are you guys stupid the beard alone looks fake around the lips shit the being looks fake come on guys wake the fuck up these government's been mind fucking us with this Samaritan translation shit wake up asholes

  3. as we hindus described our god
    like they wear gold mukut and on hand

    and we also say they live in sky

    and as annunaki thing these are aliens who created us.

    so if i connect this shit with our religion this could be real.

  4. How could anyone who lived in the desert or close to the equator not be black or browned skinned. Then why is everyone so closed minded to think that this could not be real? Everyone is so used to their own bubble that they cannot believe anything outside of it.

  5. People..come together…truth is out!!!…tell everyone…have no fear…fear is feeding the dark side…listen to your heart, it never lies…they all lie to you…your heart does nót!!!! Love will rule!!!

  6. People keep trying to pass these wax figures off as authentic but the Cuneiform is the ancient Persian that is said to have been created by Darius around 500 BC. The gold fish plate is the Cuneiform of A-H in a rather modern order being A, B, C, D, E, F, G, G, H (yes, to forms of g). It was reported that the two figures are wax figures in an Egyptian museum. Lol. Sorry to disappoint you. There is amazing archaeological finds and the ancient civilizations were so organized and "modern" that there is not need to make stuff up like this.

  7. Didn't watch your video, so have no arguments. Just thought I would bring any readers, up to date on the Annunaki "God" Kings.  Anlil doesn't even know who he is. Nannar doesn't accept who he is, totally. Adad is a big fat idiot. Enki is who Jesus called "Satan," who was also Abraham, Moses, David, Peter, in the Bible and killed Jesus who came to save people from him. Enki's been the Kings of History since Moses. He was Seti in Egypt, and the first Ramses, not the great one, and is today seen in Trump. Marduk doesn't know who he is. Nergal another Woe from Heaven aka fallen angel, is today in Dodirty in the Philippines and jumping around in the leaders of the Orient. Dumuzi, aka Osiris, aka Anubis is now that fat toad in North Korea, he was Montezuma. Of course there's more lives and names for each, but i'm not typing them again. Besides it not being a complete list anyway. The Crown Prince of Anlil, Ninurta, who had the throne in Heaven but decided it was more fun out here in Hell, gave it up. Nannar and Adad were out here, so it went to their Sister, Ninhursag, Sud, Hathor, who has returned to rule Heaven with her new husband, the son of Isis an Osiris, Horus aka Jesus. The Mammalian Human, Noah who became Horus, originally a Black Man, is now the King of Heaven. Probably upset a lot of Annunaki in "heaven" which is located inside the planet, where the UFOs are parked. Along with the Elohim, aka Igigi, aka Watchers, aka our Creators, aka Gods. Heaven and the Underworld changed locations 5,000 years ago. Horus as king of heaven ensures that Heaven will not subjugate the Humans out here in Hell, ever again.  Inanna, Isis, the Arch-Angel Gabriel, aka Mother Mary had to give her soul to Enki who used her as payment in dispelling Nuclear War in '62 with Russia. She's been their prisoner since. Russia is the land of Ninurta, Nimrod. Left the Throne of Heaven to rule in Hell when all of Enki's line were gone, last one to go is Inanna. So he developed a machine wherein he can affect her mentally, emotionally, and physically, every day now since she figured out what was going on. Enki, Nergal and Ninurta are the three Woes that left Heaven. Because of this they have the ability to travel in Spirit, like Gods and Angels, thus can jump in anyone at any time out here. These three are the cause of demon possession, mostly and are the driving inspiration in serial killers and mass shooters, as well as killing loved ones. They however don't want anyone to know they're possessed so they made people think that acting like one is demon possessed, instead of looking like Trump or Putin, Dodirty and the fat toad in North Korea. Or, anyone else who has a life they want to be in like in the Entertainment, Sports, Politics, etc. worlds. Enki used to be all over American Congress, but I think he lost the base soul of Trump, thus is trapped in Trump. If he leaves, the body dies, like when he was typing and we know the event as "covfefe." Enki and Anubis came up with the idea of religion, or mind control of the populace. They killed, or tortured until 3,500 years later, no one remembers the Elohim, our Creators. The Ten Commandments were designed to erase people's memory of Reality, Truth, Common Sense, Logic, Intelligence and replaced knowledge with false beliefs, or mental programming.  Let me see if this posts.

  8. theres no way this is real. how would thw body be so well preserved if this is one of the kings from the Sumerian Kings list? It would be thousands of years old but that well preserved? gotta be a fake

  9. It doesn't get any cheaper than that — a stainless timex watch ⌚️ from a thrifty drug store . Plastic ornaments painted with cheap gold paint , a fake dummy with fake cheap wig hair and an extra super cheap camera 🎥 to make it look ancient.. man what cheap VIDEO .. – Annunaki is as FAKE as RELIGION !!!! 👺👹👿👽


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