The first mission X-COM went on may have gone well, but remember that the aliens are doing things all across the world while we’ve only found and taken care of a single UFO. That successful…



  1. Some useful tidbits of information for UFO:

    You can dual wield without a loss in accuracy if the weapon is one-handed like a pistol, explosive, and other various items. Two handed weapons are rifles, heavy weapons, and rocket launchers.

    Three auto shots on a laser pistol is better than one snap shot in most cases as three shots with slightly less percentage accuracy is better than one slightly higher one, especially if the percentages for both shot options is quite low.

    Explosive damage against a 4-tile unit is effective, as one standard grenade can kill or incapacitate a Reaper as it deals damage to all four tiles instead of one from a shot, and when you account for under armor, which is usually low in comparison to other armor sides… That's pretty devastating.

    OpenXcom information:

    In the soldier screen for placing soldiers into a craft, you can actually switch soldier's positions in the craft by clicking the up and down arrows. This allows for placement of certain units at the back, middle, or front of the craft, so if you want a rocket launcher in the middle, you can set the soldier to be placed in the middle. Also, if you want to keep some soldiers that are pretty important alive (such as the highest ranking soldier), you may want to put them in the back, as if they go out first, they are most likely to die first. On the later craft that can be unlocked, the positions can get a bit wonky (like the final craft in the game), but the same rules apply to there as well.

    Okay and before I keep going with more and more information about OpenXcom/UFO, gonna stop here for now.

  2. I like the looks of this game, and that there are some complex mechanics like time units for everything and the contrast of light and dark affecting gameplay instead of just a change in aesthetics.

    That said, Firaxis did a good job modernizing the formula and making it more visceral.

  3. Since autoshots are all the rage at the moment:

    I don't disagree with not using autoshots (especially when lasers are concerned), but really the snapshot is not that bad a firing mode depending on the weapon. In fact the same statistical argument in favour of the autoshot can be applied to the snapshot when comparing it to the aimed shot. Yet that doesn't rule out the usefulness of the aimed shot under certain circumstances despite its cost. All the modes have their place.

    Weapons that do very well with the snapshot include the basic pistol which is better than the rifle at snapshots thanks to one extra shot. Or the plasma rifle which has by far the most amazing snapshot stats in the game. To see what I mean, give it to someone with 101 or 102 accuracy and kneel.

    To get the most out of snapshots, kneel as often as you can and attack in numbers. If you do not use OpenXcom's ranged-based-accuracy option then keep a bit of distance between you and the target and 'squadsight' them to oblivion.

  4. Awesome to see you working on OpenXCOM Kiko 🙂 I'll have to finish my TFTD mod at some point which I hope you'd enjoy 😀

    Something relevant for this one–I believe the Sell button in Manufacturing allows you to automatically sell items once they're made, which is good for Medikits and Laser Cannons

  5. Terror missions are the best missions for stun rods. Not for the aliens, oh no, the stun rods are for knocking the civillians out before they wander idiotically into aliens. Especially if it's a terror mission with Chrysalids…

  6. Just want to elaborate a bit on why the auto shot is better than all other shots for weapons with unlimited ammo:
    Auto Shot: 15 % 13 TU
    Snap Shot: 22 % 10 TU
    Aimed Shot: 38 % 29 TU
    Chance to not hit a single shot with Auto Shot: 0.85 * 0.85 * 0.85 = 0.614. This means that you actually have a 38.6 % chance to hit at least a single shot with Auto Shot for 13 TU. Hence it is actually more accurate than Aimed Shot in this example for way less TU (11:08)

  7. Regarding manufacturing, you do know kiko you can just hit the sell button at the top and it will tell you how much you'll make for selling it as your produce it. You don't have to do it the old fashioned way. God knows how painful that was with me.

  8. I played this in the 90s using excessive amount of reloads, today I could probably try it with less, but no reloads, thats harsh in this game.
    Btw we can already see who's the real McCoy.

    Also, Microprose released this AND Master of Magic in 1994, two of my favourite games.

  9. Not sure how many people have mentioned it so far, but use auto shots more than the snap shots. Works waaaaay better in my experience. 3 shots with less AP cost. The hit chance difference isn't even noticeable when it's below at least 50% so you may as well spray death everywhere lol.

    Edit: Ah, okay, I'm seeing at least a few comments about it. Yes, definitely do it with the laser weapons in particular. Unlimited ammo means no worries about running out of ammunition. Level the city! Just have to save the citizens, not their homes. 😉


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