These are 15 deceptions propagated by the New Age movement that one is likely to encounter on their journey through the murky, confusing world of alternative media. Slides are borrowed from…



  1. I think this "sacred masculine" is what's going on in Syria, Afghanistan, Yemen, Palestine, and soon to be North Korea, China, Russia and the U.S. is going up in a cloud of radioactive dust! You people are a bunch of clowns.

  2. There is a larger problem here
    a) the feel good pseudo spirituality of New Age INDIVIDUAL "me me me" has a flip side
    b) the INDIVIDUAL "me me me" exploring, researching and going down the rabbit hole of universal deception, history as fiction, science as manipulated reality etc.
    NEITHER "me" can escape the inherent solipsism nor the knowledge gained per se affect meaningful "change" without becoming universal and this will never happen

  3. You should watch The Pursuit Of Happiness channel with Pigtail Gurl, she really breaks this down too. She made a video about the 'Murder of the Alpha Male' in modern society and really breaks down the NEW age BS.

  4. Thanks for exposing the lies of new age. At least you speak the truth. Keep up the good work. Ahhhhh Abraham is the biggest fraud of them all followed by gullible hurting people who is permeated with fear self gain and greed.

  5. The new age movement, at least my experience of it, started out, not as a spiritual movement, but as a movement based upon healing, healing trauma, was a large part of that. Not only was it based upon healing, it was based upon holistic healing. In the case of trauma, that meant honestly addressing the trauma, and doing things like crying, saying, etc., not taking shut up pills. The version of new age that we see now came about because there was a backlash against that healing. We can't have people, in particularly women, because it was initially predominantly women addressing abuse issues, telling on their abusers and then proceeding to heal that precious button – trauma. It was slandered to death in mainstream media, basically called whining and male bashing, and co-opted towards magical thinking again, aka spirituality. It sells a lot of product and gurus, but it has been co-opted by the Christian religion, like everything else.

  6. Where is a link to the interactive map I found somewhere along the line when I was studying some Mark Passio? It had Google Earth capabilities of looking at locations of cell towers, HAARP stations, airports, you name it. Does anyone know what I'm talking about?? I can't find it ugh.

  7. I was once in a room full of new agers and the someone started talking about the intelligence of animals. I said "I don't know animals seem pretty dumb". Was I being a dick? Yes. But come onnn as if animals in any way approach the intelligence of humans (this seemed to be what was implied). I just new that in that room is was entirely taboo to even point out the disparity of intelligence between animals and humans. The suppression of the masculine hits the nail on the head. It's as if we were all expected to just sit there and say "aww" and any critical/logical assessment was out of bounds.

  8. New age spiritual people are newbies, leave them be, they will learn. it is just a stepping stone.
    Stepping stones are how Mark Passio was able to at the place he is at now, though close to the truth not quite there though.


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