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  1. I just woke up at 49. I don't think I could have managed the information well in my youth. In a way Christianity protected me! Mark realized at a young age and resorted to satanism! Perplexing thought!??

  2. things perpetrated by the church for many years,hey ? like the globe model.
    astrology and astrotheology that is observable like this ^ is geocentric.
    accurate only because we are on a flat stationary plane.
    please search :
    200 proofs eric dubay
    @astrology & our flat earth facebook group 🙂

  3. you're so right if they want to suffer and be stupid and not see the truth right how can I help you ? and hopefully others I've been obsessed with this same topic you're hitting for my whole life I'm 32 going on 33 and I don't know what to do with myself I don't want to perpetuate the killing machine I don't want to the planet I want to see hatred bigotry racism I don't want to see people killing people in the name of or money how can I help what can I do

  4. the best ever I love documentaries I found myself going Holly I've said the same things to people I care emencly for and have been shunned , and labled by people I've known my whole life as conspearisy couk. I've some how managed to alienated myself by following my heart, asking questions then answering the same questions by simply looking inside of myself by searching the metaphysical . I wish to know those who are not scared shitless of the truths that has been in everyones faces the whole time I love people with balls thank you

  5. Clear, deep and from the Heart. Mark, Thank you for this knowledge. Mark, heal your sinuses with St. John's Wort oil. Make it with HARD PRESSED OLIVE OIL! It's the best cure. It is from my Heart for you.

  6. Mark, are you keeping up to speed with advances in neuroscience. Your peculiar notions about brain hemispheres – functions – cognitions – suggests otherwise. nb – around the 13th minute mark.

  7. 1:24:45 Osiris is not a sun god of Ancient Egypt. He is the god of afterlife, underworld, ressurection, regeneration. Also Set wasn't the dark aspect of sun. Set is the god of the desert, storms, disorder, violence and foreigners in ancient Egyptian religion. The same bullshit was spread in the Zeigeist and by forementioned here William Cooper. I wonder why Passio and all those guys are doing this? Why foisting on to us these lies? He says "don't believe me, don't take my word for granted, do your resesarch". Well, I did, and as it turns to be, this man lies at least in things concerning mythology. The question is – does he lie out of purpose, or is it just inaccuracy? But the thing is there are a lot of such inaccuracies if you'll check his claims, and this makes his words doubtful. By the way Bill Cooper also liked to often repeat "don't believe me, check my words". Also, Zeigeist is totally compromised and was totally debunked. All you have to do is just check their claims about mythology. Nevertheless, the other things on natural law, mind balance, etc. sound logical and reasonable, and this is what we all have to implement and practice in our daily lifes.

  8. hi Mark amazing info,could explain the alchemy,there is a lot of info about it,and emerald tablet kybalion says that os from the sun male to female to conquer,and Isis and Osiris and astrogeology from ra Head Aries,and then left to right,and then The Representation of the cross North your fire,east Earth,west water,south spirit,west being right hand left east north head and so,my point which one is the true one representation of like moon water,fire,earth and so on and what's the order to start cause I lve noticed that when showering and putying the clothes on in different orders is amazing but perception and all changes with each one gives different results,Leonardo da Vinci says that Water is the source of all life,and others says that the sun first,and martyleeds says left to right which supposedly is sun is left and moon right according to him,and the pictures of alchemy says right sun and left moon,and my point which is the best way and order to do so to have the best flow of energy and regeneration and dominion of our minds and manifesting powerfully the best? thanks

  9. it is really difficult to connect islam to majority of this, especially since islam is basedoff arabic language whih maintains most of its purity from quran. there isnt much he can say about islam, he would have to go learn from the muslim esoterics, for accurate information…

  10. Thank you mark, from the information you provided. I was able to see the attack on Belgium that occurred today at the airport is an occult sacrifice that occurs on March 21-22 for the goddess Ostara

  11. the resource based economy could only ever be fully implemented on a global scale by force. Since there's many people out there who own quite a bit of land. How are you going to get them over to your side if they dont want to join your society. By Force(domination or manipulation) obviously, therefore its communism!

  12. 36 likes no dislikes. I just found this guy and have listened in and skipped around and must say I suggest doing the same. Reality check if you find it offensive or in contrast to your belief system or perceived reality.


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