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  1. Juicing rules! No need for lots of saliva to help in digestion, ignore that comment below. Probably just another troll. Or gullible tard. Get a juicer or a blender, and blend/juice colon detox 1st, then Liver, then kidneys, then what ever else you feel you need next.

  2. Hey Mark besides myself being a food and water guru Andrew Norton Webber is the man!!I highly suggest reaching out to him  or myself. The fountain of youth refers to something real and is about distilled liquid. We are actually Frugivores and thrive off fruits and veggies. Biological fact. I would be more than happy to participate in The Great Work with you, I am a well versed individual in regards to this topic and many others.

  3. We work on electrical conductivity,we can only obtain the best mineral for that,is gold,we can only eat gold threw the veg,that brings it into the vegetable threw the soil,thus our body's can ab-sorb,naturally,your a good man mark,keep it up

  4. The Worse food…soda never drink it ..the worse of all. for every glass of soda you must drink 33 of water just to make up the damage , any soda diet whatever.., embedded food, canned food, ice cream..pure sugar , lower than five must insuline ideal, less sugar, trans fat , cooking oil the worse canola…….less carbohidrates they turn into to sugar , ….

  5. Dr.sebi is the best! !!! all. hybrid foods are acidic and contain starch all non hybrid are alkaline do not contain starch and are electric. Electric food for an electric body. .cell food. dont forget your non hybrid herbs!! Also you should add sea moss to your juice it contains i believe 92 of the essential minerals our body needs! DR.SEBI IS THE MAN when it comes to health and healing.

  6. Thank You so much for sharing this inspirational information – may I add:
    SOAKING NUTS AND SEEDS prior to usage in raw food recipes is not so much meant for the palatability of the blender : ) but more so as to deactivate the inherent enzyme inhibitor typical to nuts and seeds (if they didn´t have it, they wouldn´t be able to remain dormant, soaking "awakens" them, so to speak and thus the undesirable enzyme inhibitor goes )

  7. not only does juicing fragment foods, they start oxidyzing and lose nutrient value. juiced foods do not digest properly and have the valuable fibre removed. EAT FOODS WHOLE, NOT JUICED

  8. big mistake in juicing, using a juicer is not the same as chewing and digesting foods. chewing and mixing food with saliva is important to proper digestion and allows for effective nutrient absorption

  9. for me, diet came first. the shift in consciousness upon becoming vegetarian was phenomenal which increased exponentially when i finally adopted a vegan diet. thx for this vital information!

  10. When you eat healthy locally grown organic food served to you in a paper bag, you are serving yourself n others especially the beloved planet. No stupid plastic waste is a + too. If everyone was doing this n taking responsibility for their health by using herbs n natural remedies for illness (with chemtrails it can still happen unfortunately, even when eating well) the environment would transform into a paradise once more. The food n water passing through your body wouldn't harm the environment the way it does on processed foods. The chemical industry would collapse. The Big Pharma would collapse 🙂 I live a mostly chemical free life n try to lead by example. Some of it always rubs off which is a positive start I think?  🙂 I am always looking for ways to make improvements in my life as I'm not quite there yet, but just keep trying my best.

  11. Don't exaggerate with juicing. People need saliva for digestion. Digestion begins in the mouth, where chemical and mechanical digestion occurs. Saliva or spit, produced by the salivary glands (located under the tongue and near the lower jaw), is released into the mouth. Saliva begins to break down the food, moistening it and making it easier to swallow. A digestive enzyme (amylase) in the saliva begins to break down the carbohydrates (starches and sugars). One of the most important functions of the mouth is chewing.

  12. So if we don't have dominion over animals as God ordained,, did you just rewrite the beginning of Genesis. I am raw vegans Daniel in the Bible was raw vegan. Perhaps you may want to read further. Depending on what you believe in. Hummmmm?? Just a thought.


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