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  1. Mark if you could explore this on Hegelian dialectic, I have followed all of Dean Gochers material on this for year with Authority Research…what I can not get to move forward on this is the use of Hegelian dialectic by social workers and counselors in mental health and now medical clinics where they have full staff in Hives to use on patients who are thinkers and study for their own health, they claim are not cooperating with them, like ones who do not like medications, or vaccines that is a huge trigger, and if a patient questions them they are places on a list in their computers for a visit with the staff social worker just like CPS…they blame shame and degrade the patient they victimize either to sink down and do as they demand or get rid of them including noting their charts for any future doctors, or ER visits to continue on with the labeling of the patient with abusive behavior keeping themselves free of any accountability for being incompetent and ignorant of truth


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