Mark Passio talks about a myriad of topics including: Excuses people make for immoral Order-Followers, Allegiance To Truth And Freedom is higher than allegiance to family, Order-Followers as…



  1. when you look at the world and what's happening in its totality it's really not a joke or a game. From the financial system to government and war and media all the way down to the mind of the average American we really are heading for a transparent disaster that can't be ignored. Mark was spot on as much as I don't like thinking about the doomsday stuff it's really not out of the realm of possibility at all. in fact disaster seems more likely at this point. Bought an AR 15 a couple weeks ago. mark is right if you see what's going on and you don't prepare you are mentally ill in the most real sense.

  2. Yeah, right on! I'm gonna quit my job, get me a firearm, and hang with the local drug dealing militia…but before I do that is anyone else experiencing difficulties purchasing 'merch' and making donations on Mark's website? I suspect it's because the origin of my money is taxed at source income; Mark undoubtedly objects to receiving this type of currency on moral grounds? 🇺🇸🔫💵🚔 Good for him…and David Icke!? All is love. Fear is illusion. Arm yourself, be polite, or die a coward. ✌🏻️

  3. I love the explanation of government given on some of his other videos. If government means governing the mental aspects of a person, then anti-government would mean anti-mind-control. Wow, how dare we be against mind control!

  4. I just read some idiot's comment on
    Mark Passio – and this guy called him a 'sissy' because Mark teaches about the balance between the feminine and masculine. The commenter thinks Mark is literally worshipping a goddess transgender deity.

    Really pisses me off when these morons don't know anything about how their mind works. Mark is one of the best teachers. And these Jeff C type troofers think they're the shit.


  5. see it everyday on the subway and throughout Manhattan….. Dumb Zombies….things…..creatures….. extreme high mental problems in NYC. 1 in 5 out of 8.4 million. A lot of Psychopaths being haved NYC.

  6. Captain America seems to be experiencing some sort of awakenning. He's not much of order follwer. he seems to know what's going on. Iron man is a sinic materialist guy and a Big, Big Brother supporter. Captain America vs Iron man = pro constitunal vs the new world order mentality

  7. The use of fossil fuels for energy, including vehicles that use them, is a contrived and violently sustained monopoly, going back 100 years, in order to build and prop up this elite paradigm. Yes, the planet has plenty of energy technology right now to power the whole of the planet, and for a population many multiples of the current one. It has nothing to do with overpopulation or climate change. These are bullshit contrived issues. War has been contrived, disease has been contrived, hunger has been contrived, pollution has been contrived. JFK actually was working on a clean-energy project that had the go-ahead in 1963. After his murder, it was road-blocked and buried. Now, nearly no one has ever heard of the Passamaquoddy project. It involved building a small dam and installing turbines that captured both the river flow and the tidal flow. Environmental impact studies were done. There would be none, even to fishing. The power generated would have powered the whole New England states area, with the turbine technology then. And that was one bay, one waterway, with turbines capturing the water flow in one location.

    Lately, the prospect of tidal turbines has been put forward again, but in a very quiet and subdued fashion. 50 years ago, Kennedy was in a clean energy race with the Soviets, and there was a turbine project in the works in France, as well as a small one in Canada. These projects in the west were quietly shut down, and the tech was quietly buried, even after successful tests.

    My point: ALL of the problems we are dealing with on this planet are contrived by the elites in order to first grasp and then maintain the reins of power. They have injured, enslaved, murdered, poisoned, and brainwashed the rest of us. It is time for this sick paradigm to end.

  8. what about what's happening in Venezuela no food nothing civil war you ready for that shit we got it made right now in America shit my dad is from the Dominican Republic he grew up poor had to shine shoes you should be grateful

  9. what about what's happening in Venezuela no food nothing civil war you ready for that shit we got it made right now in America shit my dad is from the Dominican Republic he grew up poor had to shine shoes you should be grateful

  10. Before genocides the Governments always did severe gun control. People having guns does not increase violence, it prevents it. That is why in USA burglars think twice way way more than in Canada. If you think guns are bad and should be removed from the public, sorry its NOT so simple.

  11. I've never heard Mark put it that way before: "Wanting to be a slave is infinitely worse than wanting to be a master." I know before asking "Are there REALLY people who want to be slaves?", that the answer is "Yes." And there's still a part of me that can't believe it despite knowing people just like this.

  12. People's priorities change when they have kids. What's ironic is that parents think that what they are doing is for the benefit of their kids but, instead, they are setting their kids up for long-term harm at the hands of the fucked up ol' system.

  13. The only way to solve the problem is to outgrow it. That's why most of us are being kept in a perpetual adolescence where no one is forced to take responsibility for anything. More cartoons for adult audiences on FOX..

  14. Wodeful talk. However. it seems Mark doesn't investigate enough into the false-flag shootings, otherwise he would say they were media hoaxes instead of attributing them to SSRD's and mental ilness

  15. more people need to focus on creating their own new countries, that way we can somehow find a way to move out of these order followers infested establishment that only wants our enslavement and our suffering. we need to start growing our own vegetables, filter our own fresh water, build our own houses on the land and stop condoning the enslavement of others, by teaching them how to manage and live their own lives and be free human beings. stop using the ponzi scheme money papers they are handing out to us, it's a ponzi scheme and the reason why we are in this situation we are all in now. and lose the fear, that's a serious mind killer.

  16. When times are Hard, friends turn into enemies
    Britain IS The Hub of The World
    The "so-called" SuperPower States are It's Spokes who do It's Dirty Work
    IsraHell IS The Driving Force behind Britain
    All part of The Greater IsraHell Project

  17. Anger has been demonized in the liberal media…the bully culture, the rape culture etc…ppl have been turned into meealy mouth bitches…afraid to even speak their minds, afraid of confrontation afraid not to be accepted, blindly follow and repress this horrible monster of anger….I find anger to be a great motivating force, i get pissed i get moving to change shit!!


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