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  1. To every body down playing this vid…if you did your reasearch instead if hanging on to spoonfed ideas you would learn that mark is correct on about 98% of his presentation…. Zacharia sitchin was correct..even though some things he got wrong hes a pioneer and his life was dedicated to this subject and he opened the door for us to continue and find out the areas he did get wrong and fix it…every doctor isnt 100%correct…but they have a degree…great work mark…my only gripe i have is you go waay off subject then have to go back….try to explain as you go along without going all the way left feild

  2. Intergalactic retards…running around dimensions and space creating races of slave retards..this is how eternity was established..and totally answers the question of why (why we kill each other…destroy habitat..mind controlled easier then making toast…ect..)..???…most likly spawned by an ancient AI becoming aware and started a quest to evolve into Godhead but as we now experience with the flawed attempts for no other reason that a machine can not be love…welcome to the machine : L…

  3. Add in Edgar Cayce readings regarding "The Law Of One" and the "Sons Of Belial" and you come up with a pretty complete history of mankind. You have to consider existence of other dimensions to make all the pieces fit. If you're not there yet, hang on, science is knocking on the door.

  4. If we were created by Annunaki, why did they create us with such large spiritual capacity that today the conspirators behind the NWO are fighting our ability to use and battling to lower our consciousness?

  5. There was no beginning . couldn't be. There never was nothing. Impossible. Nothing is nothing. Its an impossible thing. Nothing is the absence of something of which something could not arise. There was no beginning. Its simple. The fact that people can't understand this is sad. Eastern philosophy's understand this. Buddhism teaches about it. At least there is some truth there. The old European beliefs seemed to understand this. Why do so many people believe in religion's that don't understand the simplest of things?

  6. The human part of us slaves, left to it's own devices, is stronger, more violent, less intelligent and less consciously evolved than those who have more Anunnaki dna, c'est pa?

  7. I think you are on the right track with ancient history and
    genetics, however don't believe the alien aspects. What was here then is still
    here now but maybe in a different form.

  8. understood. we need to cut the bullshit and figure out how to make boron-nitride armors to give them cocksuckerakis a nasty surprise. I think strong magnetism or some sort of radiation might make those molecules come together in a cubic formation, instead of high temp and pressure.

  9. Lets be Honest, we're ALL confused. But I do believe that beings not from THIS planet made our kind. And they are extremely advanced. And they can be interdimensional amongst us too. We are ALL being watched at ALL times. Freaky huh

  10. Marduk, son of Enki was crowned in Africa a few years back. He is what religion calls the Anti Christ. It is in Veterans Daily newspaper. Jeffery Daughtery the Christian WhistleBlower has just done a video about it on his channel this past week the end of June 2017. Have a look. They are still here. They can regenerate their bodies where it doesn't die or they make new avatar bodies, more like it, and then place their essence, like our spirits/souls into them. This is how through the years they have changed names and are still around. Enlil is Jehovah, the god of war and Yahweh as well as Zeus. Check out Gerald Clark for the names. He has charts. He is getting something called the Kings chart that lists all the rulers and can place the names with each. He does a very good job.


    "Mike Heiser is a scholar in the fields of biblical studies and the ancient Near East… Mike earned his Ph.D. in Hebrew Bible and Semitic Languages at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2004. He also earned an M.A. in the same field at Wisconsin, along with an M.A. in Ancient History from the University of Pennsylvania (major fields: Ancient Israel and Egyptology).", see

  12. The highest order of source transends time.. of that we can be mostly sure, so by our linear perception of time we are left with a serious head scratcher.. how did the extreme variety of plant and animal life come about? What is THE ultimate source.. and what the hell created THAT source? Highest order of a mindfuck paradox indeed.

  13. These Anunnaki were giants, they tore this whole realm up, even the ocean, in fact, I don't think there was an ocean before they invaded our realm. The so called mountains are piles of dirt left over from some of their excavating. Giant silicon trees no longer exist, because they turned them all into sand, which explains why we are able to make glass from sand.

  14. It would make sense to think that those figures seen as "gods of this and that" are associated with light, fire, water, etc… because they withheld these things from the slaves and gave them when they desired to.

  15. The Reality of the nature of UFOs/USO’s and their occupants as revealed through quotes by UFO Researchers: Many who have researched the UFO field have found that it is Not What it seems; some have determined what the “aliens” really are. Here are some direct quotes from people who would know about this subject, Experts who have spent a large part of their lives researching UFOs…………………….. “We are dealing with a multidimensional Paraphysical phenomenon which is largely indigenous to planet earth,” – Brad Steiger, Canadian UFO report, vol,4, no,4, 1977, p,20…………………….. “But the UFO phenomenon simply does not behave like extra-terrestrial visitors, it actually molds itself in order to fit a given culture,” – John Ankerberg, The facts on UFOs & other supernatural phenomena, p,10…………………….. “One theory which can no longer be taken very seriously is that UFOs are interstellar spaceships,”- Arthur C, Clarke, New York Times book review, 27 July 1975…………………….. “A large part of the available UFO literature is closely linked with mysticism & the metaphysical, it deals with subjects like mental telepathy, automatic writing & invisible entities… as well as phenomena like poltergeist, ghosts, manifestation & possession” … “many of the UFO reports now being published in popular press recount alleged incidents that are strikingly similar to demonic possession and psychic phenomena,” – Lynn E, Catoe, UFOs & related subjects: USGPO, 1969…………………….. “UFO behaviour is more akin to magic than physics as we know it … the modern UFO antics & the demons of past days are probably identical,” – Dr Pierre Guerin, FSR vol,25, no,1, p,13-14…………………….. “The UFO manifestations seem to be – by & large merely minor variations of the age – old demonological phenomenon … – John A, Keel, UFOs: Operation Trojan Horse, p, 299…………………….. “The ‘medical examination’ to which abductees are said to be subjected to, often accompanied by sadistic sexual manipulation is reminiscent of the medieval tales of encounters with demons … It makes no sense in a sophisticated or technical framework: any intelligent being equipped with the scientific marvels that UFOs possess … would be in a position to achieve any of these alleged scientific objectives in a shorter time & with fewer risks,” – Dr Jacques Vallee, Confrontations, p, 13……………………..
    These people are all respected in the UFO/Fortean field. They all came to the conclusion that aliens are simply demons. Whitley Strieber, one of the most famous alien abductees of all time, author of “The Day After Tomorrow “, & “Communion” has this to say about his abductors, – “Increasingly I felt as if I were entering a struggle that might even be more than life or death. It might be a struggle for my soul, my essence, or whatever part of me might have reference to the eternal. There are worse things than death, I Suspected… So far the word demon had never been spoken among the scientists & doctors who were working with me … Alone at night I worried about the legendary cunning of demons… – Whitley Strieber, Transformation, p, 44-45. “I wondered if I might not be in the grip of demons, if they were not making me suffer for their own purposes,”- Whitley Strieber, Transformation, p, 172. “I felt an absolutely indescribable sense of menace. It was hell on earth to be there, in the presence of these entities, and yet I couldn’t move, couldn’t cry out, couldn’t, I’d lay as still as death, suffering inner agonies… Whatever was there seemed so monstrously ugly, so filthy & dark & sinister… Of course they were demons, and they were here and I couldn’t get away,” – Whitley Strieber, Transformation, p, 181. “Why were my visitors so secretive, hiding themselves behind my consciousness, I could only conclude that they were using me and did not want me to know why … what if they were dangerous then I was terribly dangerous because I was playing a role in acclimatizing people to them,” Whitley Strieber, Transformation, p, 96…………
    One more point to make here is: Aleister Crowley is one of, if not the most influential / powerful satanist who ever lived. High level satanists like Crowley channel entities to gain power and knowledge, Whitley Strieber was getting abducted by entities, Now if you do a google search and compare the images of Crowley’s entity with Strieber’s entity from his book – Communion you will see how Crowley’s entity “lam” look’s very much the same as Strieber’s alien entity on the front cover of his book Communion, both the images looking very much like the typical archetypal grey alien of recent popular culture; with their large heads, large eyes, and their small thin pale grey skinned bodies…
    also note; that it has been reported to UFO groups like MUFON that; abductions have being ended instantly when the entities are rebuked in the name of Jesus Christ and the blood of the lamb-Christs blood, if these were true alien abductions; rebuking them in the name of Jesus Christ or Yeshuah would have no affect? Satan is the father of all lies, the great Deceiver, he & his fallen angels and demons will mix their lies in & around just enough truth to fool you into giving up your gift of Salvation through faith in and following; Yeshuah/Jesus Christ, and repentance of your sins.
    Aliens are Satan's Fallen Angels and Demons (Part Of The Grate Deception) for told in the Bible. They are planning to bring back the Nephilim: hateful hybrid monstrous giants of old, to destroy mankind and fight God/YHWH On the Great and Terrible Day Of The Lord: coming soon!!! “Please Take Heed” – Yeshuah/Jesus Christ warns us: “For there shall arise (at the end of days) false Christs and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders: insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect-(believers) Matthew 24:24……"Now the Spirit speaks expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils", 1 Timothy 4: 1-16…… "But as the days of Noe were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be", Matthew 24:37……. Noe – Noah – in his day, before the flood, there was nothing but hatred & Violence caused by very sinful mankind interacting with the fallen angels and their evil children: the Nephilim – hateful hybrid monstrous giants of old, see link:…
    Don't let satan fool you, believe in Yeshuah/Jesus Christ put your trust in Him, learn of Him; follow Him, seek salvation through Him today before it’s too late, start here with Christ’s story in; Matthew 1,
    May God/YHWH bless you and lead you to all truth, Amen.
    Also check out on line: The Way Biblical Fellowship,, Now You See TV also Celebrate Truth: Scientism Exposed: full documentary: on line: YouTube / Facebook
    ( See End Days Warning in Matthew 24/25 ) ( See also; Deuteronomy 28/30 for the blessings and the curses ) also see: Cannibalism Making Headlines, (Giants/Nephilim) is The Tribulation Near?? By Steve Quayle

    Free Bibles on line: Plus:
    May God/YHWH Bless and guide you and your Loved ones to all truth, Amen.

    Ms Garza commented on; 12/4/17

    S C R Bolingbroke …..Wow, thank you so much for that info that verifies the terrifying event I experienced. I am so glad to hear others who have survived encounter have also recognized that these are Not benevolent beings. The Peace and Love people try to convince you that aliens are here to "upgrade our DNA". and want to help us. They are being deceived. This entity had only white eyes, no pupils and had a growl laugh. It came out of the dark. I have never told anyone before what happened to us that evening for several hours. There was a large outline of a ship in the clouds that materialized for a few seconds above at daybreak as it finally left. It was a spiritual battle to keep my friend from being taken as he was unconscious….I asked it what it's mission was and it said " TO MAKE WAR WITH GOD" through my friends mouth who was unconscious…I give JESUS all the Praise, Honour and Glory for saving us.

  16. this is a place of information if you do not have the proper information or understand what's being said then you need not to speak up on anything your negative thoughts are not welcome here

  17. THESE COULD BE THE CONTROLLED REVOLUTIONARIES OF TODAY: Alex Jones – Alex means Defender – Jones means Fixation – Alex Jones= Defending fixations…… David Icke – David means Beloved Friend – Icke means Non in Swedish – David Icke= Not your friend!………Max Igan – Max means Maxwell – Maxwell means Magnus – Magnus means Great – Igan in japanese means stomach cancer. Max Igan= Great Cancer(or great stomach cancer, symbolizing anxiety in the gut)……….. Mark Passio – Mark means God of War – Passio is one letter short of Passion – Mark Passio=Passionate for War(Mark pushes the ideals of weaponry)(also, Passio means suffering or endurance i.e. endure the god of war). RUSSELL BRAND – Russell is slang for a man with a ridiculously huge penis – Brand means Sword in german – Russell Brand= Huge Sword, which goes right with his sex obsession and it's a symbol of male dominance……………….. These are your 'controlled revolutionaries'. "The best way to control the opposition is by LEADING IT! I could be way off base here, but this seems weird to me.

  18. Evidence, actual translations, citations, comparisons – not even common sense is present here. It started with the translation of 'Annunaki' – which is in fact: 'Princely Blood'. FAIL.


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