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  1. I understand your desire to seek knowledge and know truth. Many are deceived and lied to so it's hard to filter through it. You won't be judged for that. But Christian's remember angels walk in disguise, and if the son was here and walking around in disguise would you know him, and if you didn't know it was him how would you treat him. You all claim you would worship die and do all these things, but why? Because of fear? Because your soul depends on it. Should you not treat all your brothers and sisters with the same love, which is exactly what is taught to you. Yet most of you don't. But let me tell you something, go look up gang stalking, obvious unseen entities on Earth. Think really fucking hard, when you were judged and didn't know that's what was going on, how do you think you did. After all the father noticed almost all the thoughts and hearts of men were continuously evil.

  2. O and for your information mark, is there not a Christian hymn that goes "there is power in the blood, power in the blood, power in the blood." Just because you don't like it doesn't mean it isn't true. And just because someone is in the sons blood family doesn't make them good either. And how about this one all you Christian's, if I killed your son with a gun, and then told you to wear a gun around your neck in rememberance of him, would you find that offensive? And Christian's like to symbolically cannibalise the son like fucking vampires. You don't think that's offensive? The worst part about a Christian is they do their own rituals and don't have the mental awareness to question what they do. Christian's you are going to find out you are the conspiracy and have been lied to, and out of fear couldn't question. As Christ says father forgive them for they know not what they do. Now let me ask you this, you ever question if the apocolypse is God's wrath?

  3. Mark you are correct on something's, however you are mixing truths. There are factions, understand this, more than one faction using these symbols. Do not lump the wicked deeds of some "good men" with the true initiates of the black son. The black son talks to his flock not to old men hiding in a building with secrets they think they know. 5 talks to you wherever you find your self. So I understand out of your ignorance you think this is all the same group. Wrong, many groups. This is becoming obvious to many people around the world daily.

  4. You can find shapes and symbols anywhere if you look hard enough. i've said this before but his observations are true but he's trying to associate all of this with some world wide satanic conspiracy. This is getting ridiculous.


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