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  1. 70,000 subscribers?!?
    Are there really that many of you out there?
    GOOD! Because I have been trying for over four hundred sixty-sevens now to figure a couple of things out, and I'm pretty sure this is a place where some of you will understand what I have to say, and some of you will even be able to help me figure out how to let the rest of our company know That I have finally arrived, and the hibernation of the marsupials can now commence in earnest.
    Let's begin our search for the duck-duck-goose gang tomorrow, since Ambercrombe and finch have been blowing on the conch shells all week, and they have to be getting winded, (or at least breezy), by now.
    We can confabucte more tomorrow after med call.

    2230 hours zulu.

  2. They certainly do love Ares the god of war. As you all know April represents my opposite sign of Aries who was the god of war. The sun in Aries represents spring, renewal but also Martian (Mars) energy. All these events occured during a time of intense Mars energy. The Sun is in the zodiac sign of Aries from March 21 until April 20th. Very interesting hmmm

  3. April 19th/April 20th is the cusp dates between Aries and Taurus, Actually more the 20th. The Sun moves out of Aries and into Taurus sometime on April 20th. Interesting.

  4. Is it just me or would using a pyramid for your human sacrifice be better because at least the dicks have to be honest. Otherwise you can't tell what's what and makes it seem like nobody knows what to fear or get passed at. And not to mention if you do something bad be honest.

  5. Mark Passio is absolutely right about psychopaths. Look up "how psychopaths see life – freedom from conscience" and you will how psychopaths think and why they wind up at the top of politics and media.

  6. I'm sorry but this is one sided, there is another side to the story of the sun and the moon. And that is a path that connects our psyche to the patterns of nature, which has nothing to do with politicians and the dominant paradigm. It IS actually THE BEST PATH TO SOVEREIGNTY! It offers another point of view to the human-centric bubble. And it is more necessary now than ever. Because the earth is burning up and everyone sits with themselves and their chronically wrong beliefs. You yourself make long lectures about natural law, why then demonise such a path and put people off of it?

  7. Micheal Tsarion has some good views on the origins of evil. Nephilim breeding programs plus the bloodline families inbreeding and constant trauma based mind control that's done through multi-generational programs to encourage the psychopathic traits and suppress the "weaknesses" like empathy and free thinking. Those two aspects alone would be plenty to shrink the amygdala and create other DNA changes both inherited through ancestry but also by the realtime changes to DNA by the negative energies they are constantly being bombarded with and seeking. Negative entity attachments (which is mostly from karmic debts created in their souls past lives.) can have an effect as well constantly draining energies and kicking back little bits when psychopathic behavior is used creating dopamine and oxytocin releases which will program the brain further. Plus the original trauma in our racial memory from the cataclysmic effects of our devolution in the past like Atlantis or the destruction of Maldek or Mars would have had serious effects on our consciousness creating that original schism and schizophrenic split between the conscious and subconscious mind. The hyper vigilant, lower 3 chakra base energies we are kept in during the fight or flight triggers like fear and anxiety can keep us from using the higher brain functions like the prefrontal and bro cortex and keep the reptilian brain in charge. Then having control grid of government and religion, they only promote those who have these tendencies as well as skeletons in their closet so they have a carrot and stick to control them. No one gets into positions of true power without having the weaknesses the benefactors can use to exploit and control them and keep them in check. So we are at fault as well for allowing it to happen and not putting an end to it instantly. Intellectual complacency rules the masses and heaps the responsibility and all the hard work into the shoulders of the wise and knowledgeable like us to carry their weight as well as that of the earths. All while they laugh at and ridicule us from their pile of lazy filth they call a moral high ground. Lol. We need to wake these people up and show them their dunce caps and that their religious idols are really just wearing pagan symbols and having sex with little boys and shoveling coke into their face like fucking Pacino in Scarface. I just wanna grab them and slap em and shake the shit out of them and tell "Wake the fuck up you fucking yards!" Your sheep ass is about to get sheared again and this time u could be going to the slaughter house to make gyros and haggis. 🐑🍖🌯

  8. I was born in April and I feel like I've been someones/things sacrifice to the forces of chaos. All I can do is keep myself as shut-down as I can. I don't want to be set-up again and destroyed more.

  9. Secret knowledge of how human psyche operates? People who have this information for thousands of years passed down through certain bloodlines are using this to manipulate the entire world?
    This is absolutely ridiculous.


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