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  1. I have a question I hope someone can shed a light on…

    If the carbon atom has 6 protons 6 electrons 6 neutrons an is 99.999999% EMPTY SPACE of LIGHT & VIBRATION creating a holographic REALity that we consciously & subconsciously manipulate while being manipulated ourselves here as well as deaths an births all being part of our manipulations here as IMMORTALS to be reborn again an again an again in these dumbed down spliced vessels we have to grow into as a slave work force within this cosmic server of light an sound…Then my question to anyone whos aware enough is…


  2. You came into Gnosis. You woke up to the truth! I Agree with all the things you've said basically. Something below the Supreme or Ultimate Creator made us. We are a result of tinkering. What's to say that this Universe isn't a counterfeit. This World is Fake. The Universe and world is full of Chaos and Suffering! This is a control system from birth to death. Life is basically a burden in the Human physical body. Some people are happy here and don't want to die but, those who suffer see life for what it really is! I'm tired of it Frankly!

  3. The bit about the human women birthing giants is not truth! It isn't HUMANLY possible, at least not by natural birth! The fact is a human woman could not carry such a baby past the 20th week! There is absolutely no way, so if that was in Enoch's writing – he was tricked! Remember. We are cut off from Our Divine Creator, and balance is wing restored but the giant myth is nonsense- the Giants are as are primates, an entirely different species!! They are farmers and they USE us exploit us! And attempt to imprison us, but again they deceived the Gnostics as well! It was not Sofia who created the demiurge and archons – they had a choice and made it due to free will! Remember according to scripture. the angels cannot be angels if they have free will! The watchers could never ever have been ANGELS in the first place! The Archons are skilled at pretending to be something they are not, as they emulate empathy while incapable of emanating it! The patriarch aspect is imbalanced and distorted as was the Holy Trinity, renounce the Feminine Divine as being the mirror / partner with the Masculine Divine! Respect and love for all does more for us than we could ever dream!!!

  4. I've done the great work. Sorry, but mark doesn't understand what he is talking about most of the time. There is nothing wrong with religions, only peoples appreciation of them in their ignorance. Religion is supposed to bring you close to God, your true self, at which point you don't need the religion anymore. If we all listened to mark P. we would all be fucked. He's an idiot.

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  6. Pete, does racism exist or is it all just "the race card"? Not "shouting racism", asking in a normal voice. This great man, Mark Passio, who's work I assume most watching this video is most familiar with, accurately and vehemently speaks out against racism,  yet you seem to enjoy putting up pictures and slogans that dismiss racism in your videos….so, does racism (and please try to resist going to the Black Lives Matters "Card") exist or are whinny minorities simply making it all up? Thanks.

  7. Like the on screen quotes but all that talk about alien bloodlines and such sounds too fantastical. I just see it as the evolution of the psychopath and anthropomorphic deviant, the less empathy and emotional responsibility these people have the easier it is for them to climb up the ladder and take control of the areas where they can do most damage for their spiritual masters, if spiritual malevolence has a human vehicle unobstructed by things like conscience and accountability it's easier to elevate up the pyramid of deceit without self-evaluation. Clearly there's psychopaths lower down the scale with the same type of disconnection but the elite ones have a spiritual sophistication and probably the bloodline thing comes in a specific centuries old nurture and speciality in a field of deviancy, for instance the psychopathic genius who gets involved in advertising would in a different age found his skills of value in low grade deception and psychological skullduggery but in this age his skills are of immense value in deceiving the masses with artful illusion. I imagine the Rothschilds were decended from the temple money lenders or those who learnt from them and had a clear head start in the dark science of financial deception while others of their ilk manipulated the talmud law into the European legal system which allowed the criminal usery of the likes of the Rothschilds to expand into the dominant economic power. No aliens or reptiles as such though it's clear reptilian instincts are part of mammal nature including human beings and it's probably the elite's control of these inherent instincts which in most of us are reactive, unconsciousness and dormant that gives them such power and absolves their inner selves from feelings like guilt or shame, just dark Kabbalic alchemy by inherent psychopaths. Once this type of individual connects with others of this nature into groups then they seek out those who can be nurtured to fill the different strata of the pyramid right down to the mindless thugs who protect the upper levels then the veil is put in place to conceal their true intentions and the main base is held up by the mass body of the deceived whose crass ignorance dilutes and drowns out the voices of those who do see the truth.

  8. Mr. Passio: I think Mr. Aaron Hawkins of the Stormclouds Gathering channel put it best when he said:
    "Americans won't do anything about these resource-wars until they get punched in the face."
    I mean, that's it, man- isn't it? That's literally what this will take. It will take something THAT crude, THAT obvious!
    I'm sorry, but too many Americans out there are severely mentally-challenged, it does not appear to be getting any better, and the rest of us have precious little comparitive power to be able to change that.
    Young people are being raised to be ignorant and arrogant, and the last person an ignorant arrogant person wants to listen to is any voice outside of his own impish skull- no matter how reasoned or rational that voice really is: your own voice included.
    I know the mentality! It's a devolution of parenting going on- and perhaps Molyneau is correct when he says that the Welfare State has reversed the natural order of things.
    Smart people are left in their own personal books and movies and self-created realities, and are permitted the resources in which to drown themselves in leisure. They are not breeding at all, because there is no incentive for them to.
    Dumb people on the other hand, people who genuinely do suck- are breeding in droves! Because the default thinking technique for a dumb person applies as follows:
    "Shit man, I'm bored! Let's go down to the Red Light District and see if we can score ourselves some PUSS-SAY! Whaddya' say?"
    A society where only the morons have children (and are having children very rapidly, I might add-) is not only unsustainable- it is a society which is downright suicidal. An overbreeding of lemmings in certain environments, if you will, and- sooner or later- there is going to have to be a die-off of massive numbers of dumb lemmings as nature purges herself to restore the Balance.
    It WILL happen! Die-offs- through resource-wars, needless disaster, and various other stupidities are inevitable. You don't need to be a professional statistician, to get an instinctive sense of the probabilities here, do you?
    It will take that obvious moment of getting punched in the face- TRULY getting punched in the face!- For America to radically change in the manner it needs to.
    It will take that moment of:
    "Hey, maybe I really SHOULD pay some attention to these problems."
    "Why should I pay attention to these problems?"
    "Well, because there's this stranger before me, who seems to want to kick the shit out of me, and I can TELL he wants to kick the shit out of me: because I appear to have my face being slammed into an agonizing bloody pulp against a brick wall, and my teeth are clattering onto the hot pavement…. Fascinating!"


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