This compilation includes many of my favorite NASA UFO encounters/sightings that I have archived over the years. All of these examples (with the exception of the second-to-last one) were captured…



  1. OMG will people just learn how camera's work already?? "whys it always so blurry? We have hd camera's and its always blurry" Because:-

    1. Most video's of this kind are shot from far away and zoomed in full
    2. most people are terrible at holding camera's especially when they are seeing something strange and so have very shaky hands.
    3. most footage you see has utilized digital zoom, which is an after effect and when applied will blur the image even more.
    4. there is only so many pixels. This isn't CSI Miami where they just have to say "enhance" a bunch of times and you get a perfectly clear image no matter how zoomed in it is…seriously you watch too much telly that's not how pixels work. Even on hd camera's!
    5. most footage is old in technology terms.
    6. Footage filmed in space you have no idea how old it is, or how zoomed in. They clearly arn't equipt with avatar camera's even up there.
    7. Even full HD camera's have big limits, like the one's listed above. Just cos you can get a nice clear shot of your dog taking a shit from 5 feet away, doesn't mean it would look the same if he was taking a shit IN THE SKY!!
    8. Have you ever tried to take a picture of the moon? How did that look ey sunny Jim? Did it look good? Hmmm, did it? But you have a hd camera?!?!?!
    9. Your an idiot.


  2. Alot of the photographs of anomolies around the ISS could just be debris (space junk) that are orbiting the earth, when the sunlight bounces off them they would look like all kind of strange things.

  3. You are right about HUMAN vs Alien responsibility. That is part of campaign to hide HUMAN roll in future "Star wars" against "Aliens" (humans) and using "event" to unite world in to one world government. Same tactics Rothschilds used before

    . Uniting the world in to one government under "hard" circumstances and depriving citizens of their rights, while slowly introducing to human`s "Alien" technology…(…) NASA spent 7 trillion $ for "moon missions" while producing upgraded versions of : Rundflugzeug, Feuerball, Diskus, Haunebu, Hauneburg-Gerät, V7, Vril, Kugelblitz (not related to the self-propelled anti-aircraft gun of the same name), Andromeda-Gerät, Flugkreisel, Kugelwaffe… The Fourth Reich, shadow world government.

  4. There is NO proof that human-like aliens from other planets exist nor is there any proof that human-like life traveling in earthly-like ships come to visit us. The philosophy that “the universe is so great that we can’t be alone” is so ridiculous and it’s an earthly-like mindset. We live in a world where there is hardly any void without an intelligent life. Since the day we were born to now all what we know is a life with intelligent life form because it’s how our minds were conditioned to believing. So naturally people cannot comprehend the idea of a universe where we are alone because our reality, our world, is the complete opposite. As grounded-thinkers we generally base our beliefs and philosophies on our experiences in our every day lives. As humans we have to pretend that we have an understanding of the unknown even though we do not.

    There is no doubt that there are supernatural lights that move on their own will in unique ways. They do not look like “space ships” or “intelligent life from another planet”. Instead all what they appear as is nothing more than supernatural lights.

    Yes, there are so many fake clips of saucers. Yes there are so many delusional fanatics. Yes, there are many liars that claimed that they worked at Area 51 and saw aliens or worked on crashed saucers. Yes, it is claimed that the government assassinates people with any inside knowledge. None of this can be proven. There are groups with many liars, false witnesses, actors, false documents, etc. that claim the government is hiding something extraordinary. It just happens that UFOs and aliens are the most common.

    These supernatural lights really could be anything. They could be heavenly spirits coming from a dimension where God is residing. They could be weapons which we cannot comprehend. they could be something else that we couldn’t even ponder. Perhaps they are something more terrifying, more supernatural that not even the government know what they are but are denying such lights due to a completely different purpose.

    Stubbornly believing in conspiracy theories that are no more valid than Islam doesn’t make you open minded. It actually makes you quite gullible for falling for organized fictional campaigns.

  5. It's just the fallen ones kicking up. They have a difficult, demanding, crazed, mankind-hating archangel for a boss. He deceived them long ago and they are enslaved in his service. So, I just identified them. They will present with a flattering tongue, (a fine example of this can be found in the excerpts from Admiral Perry's diary on youtube, written about his expedition to Antarctica), and will lie, always. They will also present as more moral that mankind, even though corrupting us has been their assignment forever. They will claim that God is a silly superstition. Demons are different from fallen angels. This is fallen angel activity. The Great Deception can only be resisted by knowing the truth, it will have a supernatural aspect that will fool millions. It's Bible study time, folks! I am including myself in that, of course. So far, youtube has the Bible available. I would add kjv to the search term because it's the most accurate. Translation companies have been bought by those opposed to God in many cases if not all cases. Be well.

  6. nasa's sun simulator?WTF. I really hope you don't believe that shit is true.Seems a lot of people that post videos on these subjects should really get outside and get some air.The mouldy basement they hibernate in is turning their brains to mush.HOW CAN YOU ACTUALLY FEEL THE NEED TO POST SUCH IDIOCY?


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