Patrick Henningsen interviews David Icke, where they take a deep look into politics, science and how reality is constructed in the modern digital age.



  1. 99% of the Humans on this Galaxy ;We have to do the best practices for living on healthcare, education,and social – economic welfare , law and put it out there the best ways and take control of caring for each one on the Galaxy.The Creator made us all📡WUWE present; Ethos Genesis.

  2. Why the fuck does this fucking loon keep talking in a Birmingham accent when articulating what the "sheeple" are thinking… I am from the second city and find it offensive. I wouldn't mind but after 25 years of research you'd think he'd know how to effectively deliver this mindless rhetoric.

  3. the illusion is your own creative mind, creating the worldview you have.
    Therefore the illusion is a part of you, so it is real in a way.

    It just has to be changed in order to be more in tune with what it represents.
    Which is the energies, frequency fields, waveforms etc. etc.

    And the only place to change it is within your own mind.
    So it's a real thing, an obsticle if I may call it that.

    An obsticle that shows you an interpretation of what is. Not what acctually is.

    What acctually is, is reality, but your worldview, your smell, your sight and hearing is only an interpretation of that reality

    An energy field going into your ear, converts into electrical signal and then it gets interpreted by your brain as a sound.
    But in reality it's a waveform information field wobbling and that wobble depending on how much it swings is different sound.

    So is sound an illusion? Well yes and no…

    It's not what we interpret it to be, but it's still an informtaion that is real and that got interpreted into sound.
    which is the expression of something that is real.

  4. The enlightened need not comment on comments. I must still be rather unenlightened, because I find it difficult not to remark on how amazingly stupid some people are, myself included. Only complete morons will respond to this comment. Do you agree?

  5. So there is a type of matrix net around the earth made by cruel beings trapping us here for centuries while advanced humans with spaceships observe and are not allowed to help or interfere, yet these negative beings interfere and sometimes kill us. And those of us who are already wise and peaceful are supposed to wait and hope that more humans will choose to be like us before we can escape? And if that does not happen we are trapped and the advanced humans who are watching will not help? And at the same time all of us humans are super powerful but can't use those skills until we remember how, and the ancient humans watching us will not tell us how.

  6. i understand where david is coming from but are the convulsions i have imaginary? just an illusion ? its a part of the reality ive brought into being ? they are a limitation for me . its feels like my hologram is just a bit fcuked up at the moment…….peace

  7. hearing this playing in the background, I misheard him say the only say "the only certainty is furniture"
    30 seconds of tapping various solid objects: table, door, stool, bed made me agree, for a while.

  8. Whether climate change is true or not isn't the issue, that the environment is completely fucked from the profit systems need to rape everything in producing products to throw away so as to replace them for profit is strangling the planet to death…what about peak oil? Secondly we are 3 minutes away from a nuclear war which will destroy us and the planet. Icke says three things that have merit and people are hooked to the remainder of this absolute low-level dross.

  9. Ok. you know what! I have a right to view what I want I am free! If I want to watch Mickey Mouse one day,.. or David Icke the next, it's our right. I have to fight for my right to like David! Why because people don't like his views? So well Booo Hoo who cares what the Sheep people think any more I like this Man!!

  10. How is David still alive if he's giving away the truth and exposing the rulers of the world? Because the majority still don't understand or believe his message, unfortunately. If he did become popular enough (like Lennon, MLK Jr., Gandhi, etc.), he would be killed very easily and the media would cover it up.

  11. this is why he knows so much and they have not yet killed him in 20 ys. they have killed singers for innocent songs but not him, who continuously lectures . common. the illuminati want us to know this stuff. they were bored of staying in the shadows

  12. wow I use to not get it and all his conspiracy stuff but after watching this he really speaks to what I can understand. what he talks about here reminds me of what Dr Wayne dyre talks about. things thats I have experienced as well. I can relate.

  13. Excellent interview and insights! I liked many things you both said. One is: "If you don't understand the rules of the game, then the game will play you." Very good!

  14. so many sheep here.i wonder Jordan Maxwell is a supporter of davids so is Patrick,richie allen,so is alex jones and jessy ventura,are you sheep telling me all these people are nut need a check up from the neck up.

  15. icke could 'claim' his experiences as his own by saying 'I' experience this that or the other. saying 'you' do this that or the other all the time takes his conversations out of context slightly/a bit confusing a little bit of a lie infact – as not all have had his experiences! just something annoying lol

  16. 9/11 was a huge domino gone! many saw that demolition for what it was and u.s shadow/ government for who they are – mass murderers! this mass murder committed on u.s citizens by its government was truly a huge farce and straight in ones face regarding who done it !These shadow groups have some arrogance going on for them… that is an understatement I know – at the same time only denial as huge as a jumbo jet could keep one from this truth because after all the truth is – in your face!

  17. thank you for this vid..I love icke….I know truth wen I hear it and waited for a looongtime for another person that feels like me – sees like me and understands me!!Thanks Icke for all your hard work – pushing through with truth on your side – ur one in a million!

  18. I have to say, that was a great interview. I haven't been able to research all of this information as long David has, but I'm on my way. I'm only 21, so I really want people to use their brains, and wake up so we're not all put in FEMA camps. You don't need to know rocket science to be wise, or intelligent. I speak out to anyone who will listen, although most don't YET. My father has never even heard of any of this, and at first he was in complete denial. Now he's even started to realize how everything is set up, and how he's been lied to all of his life. So you can teach an old dog new tricks(: Question for anyone who wants to give an answer… What makes you wake up, and do anything at all? Is it the hope of something to change for the better in your life, is it because you'll lose your job? I'm just curious to see why people really want to live their lives. Mine shortly, is because I urge to get up, learn, and experience the lessons that I need to go through to grow wiser, and have unconditional love l for every form of existence. That's just me. Don't judge my perception, just state yours. Please, and thank you.

  19. What he is doing best is dividing opinions and making people THINK, instead of being spoon fed TV channels full of shit for vacant minds. I hope he does wake up at least somebody, and if so, it will all be worthwhile.

  20. Only experience matters — everything else is speculation/theory.  We basically KNOW NOTHING.  Realizing this is the first step to knowledge.  (I know, Socrates said it first.)

  21. I recently listened to a back masking video of David's in which he backwardly said,Join me,I AM JESUS.Trust not completely in him,nor any woman one hundred percent.Question reality as he and many new age people have said.


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