Neely Fuller explains that this idea of a superior race is stupid. People who belive in white supremacy or mistreating people on the basis of something need to …



  1. In the summary under this video Victor of RWS wrote:'which means guranteeing everyone gets help and noone gets mistreated. – No, not everyone gets help, but rather that the people who needs the most help gets it, coz if you help just everyone, then, you can be helping people do the wrong thing or you can help unbalance the situation again. the idea, as i understand it, behind guaranteeing that those who need help the most and guaranteeing that nobody gets mistreated, is balance, its to bring everyting into equilibrium – Justice is equilibrium, thats why the symbol for justice is the woman with the scales in Western terms. But in Western terms its a blind woman with scales that are unbalanced.


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