A collection of photographs of the Sumerian giant skeletons that have been excavated in the middle east. Soundtrack composed by: Michael St. John.



  1. Hello, Sumerian is really similar or same as Azerbaijani or a branch of Turkish language. You can easily find the similarities in this video:

    There are also lots of old and recent academic evidences about this similarity.

  2. This is awesome why we can't learn this in school!!! This was written in stone ,we have great Archaeologist,Science!! Many are ignorant of History and don't want to move on in KNOWLEDGE but it is out there ,many,many books written this is the true GOSPELS of LIFE!! Get out of your protective Boxes and open your minds!!!

  3. why is it that people who don't believe anything unless its stuck right up their noses rubbish real truth…forget the bones then ..what about the carvings in stone ? we see dinosaurs and never question those bones…bah humbug ..there were real giants period ..

  4. There is no such word as " annunaki " , " ki " is a determinative in Sumerian and Akkadian and not read out loud

    It's just " annuna " and " ki " lets you know the context

    Just like there is no word " en-ki " , it's just " en " with the silent " ki " determinant

    These videos on youtube are ridiculous

  5. OK. I'm not fan of conspiracy but thousands of years ago in the atmosphere in the Earth has much more oxygen. Right? That's why dinosaurs were be so big. I think if has had people in those years, is logically to supposing that the ancient humans were be so big. The question remains whether there were people thousands of years ago.

  6. These are not only phoptshopped, they are photshopped really, really badly, even simple things like shadow falloff and hard v's soft shadows were ignored. In some cases the layer with the supposed archaeologists are floating in the middle of the image… ]

    What sort of a retard would fall for shit like this in 2016… 1916 maybe…but 2016?

  7. the cosmos was always here, life was always here. Sentient beings probably were always here. Who cares how tall they are. Bias bastards. It's your short ass legged bastards fault I have to shop in specialty stores to find pants with a 36" in seam.

  8. First I couldn't believe this had 5.5 million views. Then I couldn't believe it had 7,700 likes and only 1,950 dislikes. But even worse was when I went to the comments section and nearly everyone believes this shit. I looked this shit up wanting to find out the real history of the Sumerians and what they believed about the Annunaki, but instead I get an incredibly fake video of nothing but a bunch of really bad fake pictures. I am really dumbfounded. I can't believe that in the Information Age that has been ushered in by the internet that people can still be this gullible. I really thought that with the free spread of knowledge and information that superstition would fade out of existence. That the fact that almost everyone on the planet has a camera in their pocket capable of taking high quality video would once and for all end the claims of bigfoots and ghosts and aliens, because since everyone got cameras, suddenly and coincidentally, people stopped seeing all of these amazing things. I thought people would realize that once there was no video evidence of any of this shit, and these sightings all but completely stopped, that it would be obvious that none of this shit was real.

    But I was wrong. People are really, really, really fucking stupid. How anyone could believe this shit, believe that the pictures in this video are real with absolutely ZERO fucking sources on ANY of these fucking pictures, is completely fucking beyond me. This goes beyond blind faith, because blind faith relies on an absence of evidence. This isn't an absence of evidence, this is evidence of a clear fucking hoax. God damn…I just….I have to stop typing now, or I will just go on forever. I wish I could get a hold of some of the people in these comments and just scream in their fucking faces. My GF's mom used to sit at the computer every fucking day and play Candy Crush and have youtube videos running in the background talking about all of this shit constantly….and she's not even a dumb person. She's not excessively gullible or religious….she's not mentally ill or retarded….and yet she would sit and listen to this shit for hours and hours and hours…..

    The people who make these fuckinf videos – and especially the fucking "History" Channel and the producers of 'Ancient Aliens' ought to be fucking ashamed of themselves. They ought to be sued into fucking oblivion for promoting this shit and encouraging all of these people to make, share and watch all of these videos like this. I really hope those people die in a fire. Because I guarantee you not a single one of those fucking people who are profiting off of this shit, off of the innocence and gullibility of the stupid and the mentally ill, I assure you that not a single one of those fucking greedy bastards belive any of this shit, not even for a second. And anyone who is still reading this, I beg of you; reality, the real world and the real universe is so very beautiful and mysterious. Please, why don't you spend your time learning real history and real science. It will be much more rewarding.

  9. This is a bunch of man made bullshit and you know it who ever made those photos. The giants in the bible are preachers like joel osteen, or the pope, those are giants in the land who are robbing God and the whole nation. By using my Fathers Words to gain for themselves power and control of Israel, which is Gods People. The book is written in ALLEGORY, PARABLES AND PROVERBS. The world knows nothing of my Fathers words.

  10. being a person with extensive medical background at time frame 2:49 mans holding what appears to be a femur is completely incorrect, the hip trochanter and the knee chondral must align and be perpendicular these are out of alignment and are a hoax


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