Nephilim (Giants) in the Bible: Is Yahuwah a Genocidal Maniac or a Loving Creator? – Genocidal Maniac or Loving Creator? Exploring the Nephilim Controversy!

A More In-Depth Study of the Nephilim:

“Sons of Seth” Theory Debunked:

Other Objections Debunked:

More on the Giants/Nephilim:

• Why did Father Yahuwah command Israel to destroy the Canaanite nations?
• Where did the giants of antiquity come from?
• How did pre-flood wickedness escalate so quickly?
• Who or what is a Nephilim?

In this video:
Discover the matchless love & providence of YAH!

The Father’s command to destroy the Canaanite nations was anything but arbitrary. Far from being a random act of genocide, the annihilation of the Canaanites was a remarkable act of unparalleled providence and selfless love. Had Father Yahuwah allowed the idolatrous Nephilim nations to continue unimpeded, the entire earth would again have become corrupted, and the bloodline of the promised Messiah would have become polluted, making it impossible for us to be saved.

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WHO WE ARE: We are a team of non-denominational volunteers dedicated to sharing the last message of mercy given in the Bible and the wonderful news of the soon second coming of Yahushua. We started this online ministry in 2004 as a result of past years of prayer and research.

The Bible is our rule of faith and striving to obey the promptings of Yahuwah’s Spirit and the teachings of His word inspires us to call attention to its truths. We believe that Yahuwah does indeed reveal Himself to all those who search for Him with all their heart (Jeremiah 29:13).

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