Nephilim Satanic Illuminati Bloodline Member Exposes All

( skip to 1:40 secs to start video ) Now yes this is not for everyone you listen to this program and pray to see from God himself if this info is true is for you now or will be important later on,,cant imagine there is much time left for that but,,,never the less I find Carolyn Hamlett to be amazing and I find her testimony needs to be heard by others,,,,pray again to verify to you by Christ if it is true or not,,,,But anyway I hope you enjoy listening I didn’t make this video so didn’t want to take the time to edit the first 2 minutes out but skip to the 1:46 sec mark and video will start,,,God bless thanks for subbing and watching,,Fridrik the ICELANDIC WATCHMAN
Also Daniel Duval with Kingdom government channel is amazing I find his interviews to be inspiring and deep thought provoking you may not agree anyway check is channel out subscribe him and see the entire interview wit Carolyn Hamlett 14 hours almost and youll be on the edge of your seat every minute as was I,,,,,
Ascended masters are fallen angels or demonic beings,,, And reincarnation I do not believe is biblical and if you get to end of video she will agree and tell you these things they taught her she knew eventually after finding true Jesus Yeshua she knew were demonic and satanic teachings and not true

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