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  1. He is describing this reality as a place we should seek to escape – but he fails to point out where you will go.

    He references the Matrix and fails to acknowledge Neo entered a place of oblivion.

    This place is very real because the scripture tells us … that's where the demons are.

    This is what David Icke is doing.

    He is leading you into this place so the demons can inhabit your souls.

    The scripture also tells us the phantoms will come to inhabit the tombs.

    That means you're all being led to oblivion if you listen to David Icke.

    It is true you need to escape this reality but no one comes to the Father in Heaven without going through Yeshua.

    The scripture also talks of escaping this reality (which will pass away) – to Eternal Paradise.

    Unfortunately … for those who refuse to repent – they cannot enter: so if you are inclined to believe David Icke … I suggest you consider the ramifications before you end up in a pit.

    Here's a link to help:

  2. Mr. David ike,with your knowledge,i believe you are a praying mantice extraterrestrial! Lol…but i believe a good one!…the information you always give,is inside like!…lol…its always grand information!…youve somehow gotta have a first hand knowledge account!…i love you brother!…thank you!…youve never know what you have done to humanity!…jordan maxwell!…lots of freakin truth seekers!i love you and respect you sir!…you are freakin awesome!…i wish you were my friend!lol…seriously!…Godddess bless sir!…

  3. Humanity wake up, the rothschild, the royal family, the rockefeller and other disgusting reptilians, have controlled our lifestyles to destruction since the beginning of times. David icke and docfiles videos on youtube are the voice of humanity. Start doing something about this by sharing and watching as much videos as you can about this conspiracies.

  4. " Shah Anshan "meaning Lord of the universe or end time ! Will arrive and will punish those who believe that everything was random in the universe, becouse Ahura Mazdha The creator of everything inside and outside of the universe created us to find him with our tiny brains, " I'll through my child to the vastness of the universe, and i watch him how he gonna do that, I will show a light to those who chose to search me,those who live a life and don't search their Lord will be left in the endless of darkness forever, becouse I'm the light and my enemies are the dark I will let him decide. Course everyone's biggest wish in not only one life but 1000 of lives,Is to meet your Creator, the face of the creator! When you create a computer program you have a goal with creating it, you will test or create something that you have some expectations of doing that . What of you feel that file is working wrong, you will leave it in the garbage window and complete those you see working as you wanted. Who knows maybe our gift is to become a multi- demantion beings after we succeded, maybe the Ahura Mazdha will give each and one of us a universe to controll them and do what we want with it.

  5. I have been a recipient of a lot of what he has talked about. He speaks more truth than most people can understand or accept. WAKE UP FOLKS, I LOST MY HOME AND 35 YEARS OF MY LIFE IN 08/09 AND NEVER RECOVERED. I NOW LIVE IN A 20 FT TRAILER THAT IS ROACH INFESTED AND IS SO FAR OUT IN THE COUNTRY, NOT EVEN A CAB WILL COME OUT. I HATE BEING HELD DOWN BY THE SYSTEM. I AM GOING NO WHERE FAST.

  6. Dammit, if David makes some money off this, God bless him! He's earned it. Done his research, he has. A couple of misinterpreted personifications, but very very informed; intelligent.

  7. He mispronounced words. He made a wrong reference to Mithra(s)…there are two Mithras..Mitra and the Roman. He mischaracterized Might as with specious comparisons of Christ to Mithras. He uses arcane concepts. Much of his assertions are illogical. Warren E Icke, PhD

  8. I love how he loses his breath sometimes in his speeches (like at 2:44:09) meaning he is about to explain something MASSIVE! 😀 He is probably thinking "Oh boy how am I going to start to explain this one…"

  9. What's wrong with the hero story? It's a wonderful lesson for all humans to emulate about self-sacrifice bravery and most of all contrary to what David says, it is about getting away from the herd and doing great things not just for you but for others. This is one of the greatest messages for humanity and one that many religions most of all Christianity has shared.


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