This Is The Brexit Information David Cameron Doesn’t Want You To Hear. David Icke Talks about the European Union In Out Referendum. Get the T-Shirt here……



  1. David Icke was saying this then and now he is supporting all of the remain politicians & attacking all of those that were & still are for Brexit – David Icke is clearly controlled opposition, a charlatan, an Illuminati disinfo agent. Don't believe anything he says he talks a bit of truth only to smartly pepper it with Illuminati LIES. The man works for the people he tells you he's against.

  2. Can't wait to see if they get their EU army get to march into other member states to quell the troubles if others kick off to vote leave at some point?? Maybe a little too far fetched??. Verhofstadt has said that we need a little more federal Europe. He wanats closer unity. Do you mean by ' totalitarian tip toe" ? 'slowly slowly catchy monkey? Cause that has a similar meaning doesn't it? remove national identity by stealth?

  3. love his video, some people on internet say im mad for believing David but i can see he is telling the truth. i had a little short talk to someone from Germany, he had a suit on, i said a little bit about the EU and he was very surprised i know. he stared at me in the eyes but i could sense he was angry that i know. he agreed with me.

  4. stay controlled by an unelected monarchy and let the UK to go down the road with the Romanoff, Habsburg and Ottoman empire by an unelected cabinet. Nobody voted for May and Boris Johnson as her minister. EU is not any illuminati/ET/Dark Forces conspiracy it is the natural continuation of the national state. In 2017 nobody can live under a rock because we are interconnected and interdependent the entire planet. Second the EU is a progress of the national state the same way national states artificially created either by the break up of empires or by uniting feudal entities. UK since is still behind in time and is still a monarchy now it will be forced to progress….it will dissolve in 4 or more republics which are going to become eventually part of the Eurozone and the EU…Nothing is weaker than a country out of a block, even if this country is the fifth economy of the world. You will find Mr. Icke that it was the fifth economy because it was a member of the EU. People in the UK are poor because of the old capitalist structure…not because of Brussels. In a couple of years when there will be no EU to blame people will take the streets again…because the Thatcherite economy made the country poor…..your should know also Mr. Icke that empires always-always -always have poor and rich….and Britain had always poor and very rich…just because it had the colonies it was saved from social revolution. Britain will collapse by its own social structure and because of the changing times not because of the Illuminati, Nibiru, aliens and the new world order. Actually Farage and Le Pen are angels of the NWO because they want their country alone and weak…thus an easy prey to the NWO…EU protects Europeans from the NWO…Just imagine in 2015 a Grexit with people free from Ms. Merkel having a drachma that devalues by the hour…how free these people would have been? Now be prepared to watch the final page of the UK history…the young British people who saw their future destroyed will be particularly unforgiving for this CRIME…The uninformed older and rural people will be unforgiving for the lies and deception the Brexiters devised in order to take them out of the EU as they will witness their standards of living becoming comparable to those of the Balkans…but still in a couple of years you may emigrate to the European Union by crossing the border to your northern neighbor.

  5. I am so ashamed that Britain joined the E.U when our armed forces fought and many died to save us from defeat during world war 2, therefore staving off Hitler and European rule!!!!!!! To add insult to injury, we then build the Channel tunnel (or beforehand i am not sure) allowing all and sundry to come into Britain. What the f-ck our dead soldiers would have to say about that eh?????

  6. Well said David. Lets hope more people wake up to this cancerous plague. Lets work towards disbanding the EU and reestablishing real national sovereignty … freedom, independence and justice for all .

  7. Here in 'The Emerald and White Islands(The Isles of Briton PLC)', anyone who is Lawfully residing within our borders, may vote in our Local and General-Elections, not the 'Independent-Referendum', this is why…. Boris Johnson is an 'Embedded -German', who committed 'Voting Fraud' the moment he cast his vote in our Independent-Indigenous-Sovereign-Referendum. All non-indigenous-foreign-nationals who voted in the 'Referendum' have committed 'Voting Fraud'.. None of the following are the indigenous names for 'The Emerald and White Islands': Great Britain Ltd, Britain Ltd,The United Kingdom Corporation Ltd, The Crown of London Ltd, they are Foreign-Owned-Commercial-Fictions(Swiss-Church of Rome Holding Companies, also fronts) and their associated company logo is the '(J)Union Jack' . And their foreign executives and employees(That's 80% employees of each and every Limb of the Judiciary) have committed 'Voting Fraud', by unlawfully passing themselves off as indigenous and voting in our Independent-Indigenous-Sovereign-Referendum, when in Law they should not have voted… Yes, this is going to become an issue, opposed by HebRomAnglo(Atheist Fake-Jews-Fake-Christians-Fake-Britons) and their Godless-Fake-Religious-Personnel…. If we wanted to, we could invalidate all foreign words incorporated into our language, Laws, Statutes and Acts, as those words are only valid for Local and General Elections, Commerce, Contract Law, Criminal Law and Religious Law, which are all foreign in exchange and some sort of fiction, apart from in crime… We the indigenous have had enough of their crimes at home and abroad… No judgement issued by the Judiciary regarding the Independent-Referendum results(Brexit) is valid. I can invalidate each and every letter of the English/AnglishHebRoman Alphabet because of the deceitfully encrypted harmonics and resonances attached to using them, plus they are foreign, as is all our current 'Religious-Law' and therefore 'Automatically Voidable' in any decision we make as an indigenous people. The Law Society Ltd and its members are in 'Severe Breach' and have forfeited their licenses and 'Right' to practice, Administrate and make Judgements in Law, within our borders… That's where the buck stops.
    The base harmonics of the English Alphabet aren't indigenous to The Emerald and White Islands(Britannia PLC or Briton PLC), they were forced upon and forced into us…. They are a Babylonian-HebRomAnglish set of harmonics,fronted out of south-eastern Europe (Rome)… So have the intellect and intelligence not to blame indigenous Britons. Our language was significantly different and 'Scribed in Runes' and 'F66k-6ll' to do with Babylon(Sumer), Elam and Rome… This deceitful 'English-Anglish-Alphabet', isn't even original to the Anglo's, as academically claimed… Therein this tongue, lies a serious mountain of hidden harmonic auto-self-misleading-frauds, from the first letter of the 'Alphabet' on-wards, the very reasons puns and algebraic numeric values work so effectively, the way they do… And therefore only auto-suggestively meaningful….. You're welcome, don't mention it, tell everyone…. In fact, not one single indigenous human being needs to use one single foreign HebRomAnglo word in their decision on the referendum, so even if they patented every word in the Law books, they become 'Invalid' in our decision on Independent-Indigenous-Sovereignty.. Dahh-Dahhhh…!!!

  8. don't you think corben was and still is to stay in, by the back door, to thnk that labour was for staying in anyway destroys anything that labour stood for.ill never vote for them again.not that i did for years anyway.the way that their so-called safe seat counties voted proves that the people saw through corbens lies,well done people for seeing through the lies.


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