HUGE NEWS!!! NASA Discovers ANCIENT ALIEN Structure!? SMOKING GUN 2015 Pluto Is Not The Breaking News…THIS IS! UFO Sightings original link to Mars Structure…



  1. I love it when people just say what ever they want so I think it an old amusement park from Scooby Doo.on the left you can clearly see what ever you want and on the right side I see an Air port,its clear to anyone who is crazy.

  2. Would is be possible to get a verified source for the image?
    I have a lot of haterz who say it's fake..
    Ive seen enough Mars photos to know when I see one ..
    Apparently isn't enough
    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  3. from the 60s to 2017 im sure the nasa or international space station has explore more than the moon how can we move so quickly with technology and still not no nothing about aliens ufo other strange sighting everything is real orite only fake news around the world is the government's alongside there so called lies


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