Genesis 6:1-4 reads: “And it came to pass, when men began to multiply on the face of the earth, and daughters were born unto them, That the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were…



  1. It makes no sense. Why should this ''Annunaki'' set up a colony of hybrid people to work for them in search of gold as if they are most advanced and intelligent beings capable of cutting stone in a precission and making unexplainable buildings (like Pyramids and other remains of ancient times) we people till this day cant really explain or refabricate with our tools. Mankind would make very undisciplined bad skilled workers????

  2. Hoax or no hoax explaine to me like i was 5 years old then how is it possible that everywhere around the globe
    evidence ore how you name it is found more and more about lost civilisations and how is it possible ythat all the story"s
    out of the bible are already tould 3000 years before?

  3. you need to update your facts…we know now there are civilizations that pre-date part of this explanation. As waters have receded we come across structures older than the pyramids.

  4. well the men who worked in area 51 are saying theyre the ones thats the most advanced living underground. like 30 floors and theyve actually got cities underground but we dont want them bloody ruling making us all slaves again!!!!!

  5. Nevertheless there are beings who came, we talking about different groups, described as in this tablets very tall Caucasian let's say lyran then others reptilian and so on.. all sounds true, but still in the other hand many sources point out to Sitchin working for the illuminati/ Cabal whatever you want to call them. They have the knowledge of the origin of the race, ascension and such but this group keep the truth to themselves and give us disinformation to keep us slaves. I want to see them lock up for eternity somewhere

  6. ok so you messed it all up, badly (it aint all in the looks, so u got that now) you get back here now and fix it! haha
    but hm, what about the flat earth theory, which has many valid points? and what is this crap that only a few people on earth can read Sumerian. if one person figured it out they can teach it to other, same as with any other language. things are fishy here. though I wouldnt want anything more than my first sentence to be true… -_-

  7. All you bright boys and girls who say this is a hoax. Answer me this: If this is a hoax, how did they know about our solarsystem with the sun in the middle? How did they know about ALL the planets in our system and so on?
    You really should try to think sometime.

  8. yeah they figure thi out 6000 years ago or whatever when they were fucken scratching on walls. nothing is coming people or should we call it nothingx lol

  9. Watch a video, by and, courtesy of David Morrison, who is a senior scientist at the NASA Astrobiology Institute at NASA Ames Research Center in California. Morrison has said he hopes that the non-arrival of Nibiru will serve as a teaching moment for the public, instructing us all on “rational thought and baloney detection.” But he also says he doubts that will happen. Get real People, my money is on an expert like Dr. Morrison …

  10. How is this for a mind blowing tidbit I'm barely days into my second century, kind of obvious I'm touchy about the age thing LOL I digress, I found out about this when I got Chariots of the Gods, for a quarter at a second hand store when I was a kid, about 9 or 10 years old, and it, um..blew my little mind. Then when Sitchin wrote the 12th Planet, I spent all of my savings (kid's allowance) to buy it, and it really made a HUGE impact about as big as when Nibiru hit Tiamat LOL It wasn't well received in a home that went from heavy devout Christian, to Orthodox Judaism, in my 9 year life and BOOM at the same time I found out the truth, it worked out, because now I could study the religious ideology and language the iconography and symbolism, by myself, guess you can say I secretly indoctrinated myself, to me it was so evident AND scientifically accurate. Yikes I'm on a slippery slope here. I was the first generation, there is a second and so on, who grew up knowing the truth, the real story of our creation. Along the way science progresses, validating time and time again, soon we will know without question or doubt where we came from. Yeah, I was a rather interesting kid.

  11. Sitchin's books are translations from sumerian tablets. But the sumerian tablets were written by evil beings (fallen angels and their descendents) who lied about the cruelty of the gods, and they didn't create human being, only manipulated God's beings: humans and animals, that's why the Deluge (as in the Atlantis legend) came. I've searched a lot about nephilins. I've read Zecharia Sitchin's books (traductions of sumerian tablets), I've studied History, mithology, seen documentaries, interviews, books from different archaeologists and I say: THERE WERE NEPHILINS UPON THE EARTH. And the ancient gods were fallen angels and their descendents, as in Ancient Egypt (Khemit) and Mesopotamia and Greece and Rome. They were a very advanced civilization killed by the Deluge (the tale of Deluge is part of more than 2000 legends of ancient people, from West to East, North and South of the world). They are finding cities under the sea, pyramids in Antarctica, Europe, Africa, Mesopotamia, South America, even in the Amazon Forest they discovered a lot of huge circles and drawings and pyramids. There are huge skeletons found. No one can explain how ancient egyptians built Giza's Pyramids and a lot of technology, perfect and huge cities with huge stones. Look for Pumapunku, Nazca Lines, circles of stones and drawings in the ground in all the world, look for Baalbek (seems to be the mountain of the gods that we see in the books of Sitchin, the real OLIMPO). And the most powerful fallen angels were Azazel and Samyaza, the chief. Look at this: cherubs have four faces, as we see in the Bible, bull, lion, bird and man. CAN YOU NOTICE THAT THESE ARE THE ANIMALS WHO REPRESENTED THE ANCIENT GODS??? And the Sphinx were originally a lion, representing Horus. And Horus were also a bird. And also a bull. So Osiris, and Zeus animal was the bull, as Enlil's (Sumeria) animal, as Osiris/Horus animal. Well, you'll find out a lot of coincidence if you search. Every people in the beginning of the times said that gods ruled the Earth, the gods and their sons were the kings and heroes, now these fallen angels are arrested in the edge of the Earth and their sons are evil spirits in the Earth. They were the egyptian gods, the Anunnaki, the Sun and Moon gods.

  12. But the Anunaki are not from Nibiru? And Nibiru is not a part of our solar system, and never crosses any where near ours, you have that wrong. You should look at the ancient star charts, it clearly shows that there is no large body anywhere near us. The Mesopotamians, Sumerians, Egyptians, Mayans, all confirm that Nibiru does not exist. Problem solved 🙂


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