1. Thanks Lois so is Mike Counsel of Time. My spirit is on Alert! Oh and Trey Smith, book of Enoch full account. A woman on Facebook she's a doctor abs she slashes the throats of the aborted babies so the mothers don't hear them scream during the abortion. Yep their what we call Demons

  2. Been following Steve Quayle for over 5 years, and he IS right on. The cryptid animals of legend and lore are real, and increasing in sightings. I think they are the genetic manipulations of the fallen angels. Monsters are real, and men's hearts WILL fail them when they see what is coming up on the earth.

  3. Bless you sister Lois!

    EVERY TIME I listen to another video you yours, it rings absolutely true, with the Word of God. (I've been following Steve Quayle for almost thirty years and when I look at "rebuttal" efforts on this topic I see they're just vain attempts to discredit the theme of the subject…one even by a local pastor not far from where I live. These all typically make a very weak effort; the main thrust is to make "points, A,B,C, etc" and then concurrently omit key Biblical facts that discredit each of the rebuttals.)

    Yes, this is a relevant topic for the world – and especially for the Church – as we approach the nearing of His return/appearing. After all, was it not our Lord that told us that "as the days of Noah were…" (so shall it be as His coming)? Yes, He did. So wouldn't it make sense for a Christian to ask the most basic questing about the days of Noah…since that's how it will be again? Of course! What was THE dominant; most unique element of the days of Noah? Yes, there was violence. Yes there was great evil; getting worse and worse. But what was THE most unique element? (Where nothing is like it…where it grabs us!) It's obviously, the changing/mixing of DNA…creating super beings; creating hybrids; creating monsters/dinosaurs…on and on. Many of the non-canonical books go into real depth on the subject. Do not the epistles of Peter and Jude tell us the same and confirm Genesis, chapter 6? Yes, they do. These angelic beings, "left their estate" (Greek: Home/abode) in heaven and mixed their DNA with not only humans…but animals of all kinds. Does not the Scriptures say, "strange flesh" about this subject? Yes it does. Again, the underlying Word means a flesh that's different than human, or bird, or fish, etc., again linking back to Genesis and the days of Noah.

    In Genesis 6 it says that the human DNA was corrupted upon the earth. As Lois correctly pointed out…this was an effort by satan. It was an attempt to block the prophecy of the "seed of the woman". he almost got away with it, because the Scriptures say, that (other than those God took home first, before the flood), Noah and his wife and their three sons and their wives were the only human with un-corrupted DNA.

    These are not things to fear: rather, they're all further signs (precious Bride of Christ), to lift up your heads in joy…for your day of redemption draws closer, even near now.

    If I may end this post with among the most (joy-filled Scriptures) that I'm aware of, again, in all the Bible…about (the WHY) of His bringing His church into heaven with Him. Please listen to this from Ephesians…

    (God) "hath raised us up TOGETHER and made us sit TOGETHER in heavenly places in Christ Jesus: That in the AGES to come He might show the EXCEEDING RICHES OF HIS GRACE in His KINDNESS toward us through Christ Jesus." (My CAPS to show some emphasis) Ephesians 2: 6,7 Wow!

    Now get a hold of this: The word "AGES" is plural! (Think about that for a moment…if you can!) And in the Greek, means this: "continuance of eternity future with great variety." Again, Wow! And again, just try to think on that…and then to understand, why "no eye hath seen no ear has heard and no mind conceived of the things God has prepared for those that love Him." Now, the word KINDNESS, in the Greek, means "good, gentle, mellowing philanthropy" What can one say? Again, but Wow! Are you getting a hold of the (purpose for the Church/Saints of Christ) that our Lord has already established for creating glory with Him? It's mind-boggling, when you insert those definitions into those two verses.

    Blessings to you,

  4. I have been listening and reading Steve Quayle's books and videos for a few years now, he is the real deal and follows Jesus. Dr.Tom Horn is also a great source, LA Marzulli is another. Genesis 6 is for real. I have been reading The Black Awakening by Russ Dizdar Rise of the Satanic Super Soldiers and the Coming Chaos. Russ Dizdar has "Shatter the" he has been preaching about this for years and is a really great source for what is coming. Steve Quayle's Aliens & Fallen Ones; Offspring of the God's …The Sexual Corruption of the Human Race, this is a huge eye-opener. SkyWatch TV online is a really great source for the truth.
    There are people that have been writing and knowing from Jesus that has been trying to tell the people THE TRUTH. It's all in the Book of Revelation as well. The Bible is the most important Book of all.
    Thank you for telling us of your warning that God gave you.
    With Much Kindness, Elizabeth (peace)

  5. Lois thank you for your obedience in giving this word.I do believe we will see this events take placeyou are not crazy by a long shot. I have heard Steve Quall and I think he,very credible and the Lorduses him to warn God's people of what is coming to prepare us.: Thank you and God bless you

  6. I feel in my spirit that the more we uncover that the Bible does exist the more people will in-fact turn to Christ!

    Unfortunately we live in a world where unless there is concrete evidence it does not hold up in a courtroom ie (The World)

    Think of it like this… we as Christians are lawyers in disguise and the lost souls are the jury duty who have to be served plausible evidence in order do make their final verdict of conviction!

    Christ (Not Guilty) or Satan (Guilty)
    But it’s our job as Christians to help those get Saved and confess their sins to the Lord in order to become Not Guilty in the Lords eyes! And those who are not convinced are then those of the Guilty ones who have possessed in a way where they cannot see the truth or the truth for them has manifested into something else!

  7. Lois I think Trump just went off the cliff today with the Budget Bill. It PAYS FUNDS Planned Parenthood. Judgement is now Imminent to this country. Their will be NO Reelection of Trump an a turn over of Roe vs Wade for this move he pulling.

  8. I "ve had several prophetic dreams over the years which seem to indicate we will be going through the tribulation and that the rapture is not pre-trib. In one of my dreams many Christians, which were dressed in choir robes and on the steps of an old church were complaining because the Antichrist was taking over, saying " Where is the promise of His Coming, I thought he'd be here by now. " Someone else said "I'm hungry!" Then in the dream I said, "Well, everything is going down, just like the Bible said it would, even if we didn't understand how it would all happen. If we believed in Him before, how much moreso should we believe in Him now!" Then I looked at a field across the street from the church, and one word came to mind, "Manna". Then I woke up. I believe God will provide even supernaturally if need be during this time of tribulation is what I get out of it. But everything won't go down the way we think it will. But it will go down according to His Word. We need to know this to help the Christians who will be wavering and bewildered by what is coming on the earth. And to stay strong.

  9. Respect and blessings to you.
    There are currently many nephlem Giants alive today.
    They can remember what happened last time and are reluctant to go for it again.
    It doesn't mean it won't happen, but means it may not happen?!?

  10. I have seen and heard a lot of false prophetic garbage on the internet, but prayerfully I have listened to the message you have put on and it is spot on target. Thank you my sister for taking a stand to get God’s truth out. Most want to put out a message of “happy days are here”. But the count down has begun and God’s children must stand firm and in Faith of our Fathers love and protection from the enemy. Things are going to get ugly but we need to keep ours eyes on our Heavenly Father as He keeps His Children in the protective palm of His hands! God bless you and keep standing!!!! Steve Quayle’s site is very good with a lot of information.

  11. Lois, I believe you are correct in all of the info you just gave. I've studied and followed this for years. Some good books that will help the People watching this is Steve Quayles DVD " TRUE LEGEND SERIES" and Dr Michael Heisers book " THE UNSEEN REALM" and Dr Michael Lakes book " THE SHINAR DIRECTIVE" and Anthony Patches " REVISING REALITY" and if you buy Tom Horns book " STARGATES " read page 49-52 and you'll understand how this all started above and beyond what we learn in Genesis 6. Also check out Russ Dizdars" THE BLACK AWAKENING."

  12. We are always trying to be equally to our God almighty or better than our God almighty in heaven. Man is so wicked and stupid! Evil is all around us Satan willing to come into our lives if you are not a child of the the living God. Demons are real!!! BEWARE!!! READ THE BIBLE KEEP IT IN YOUR HEART AND SOUL!! ARE YOU SAVED?? HOW IS YOUR SOUL?? JESUS CHRIST LOVES YOU TOO MUCH TO SEE YOU LOSE YOUR SALVATION FOR SO LISTEN TO HIM NOW!!!❤️❤️❤️🙏🙏🙏

  13. Back in the year 2000 Steve Quayle was a guest several times on a local radio station here in Buffalo NY, I used to listen to him often, that is when I really started to "wake up". Also Jonathan Kleck here on youtube, has been shown by the Lord the cannibalistic system we are in. Jonathan is a true man of God. ❤️

  14. Many evil people are already working for satan demons trying to destroy God's fairhful. I am so dismayed having to encounter them constantly lately…not like even 10 years ago when there were fewer demonically possessed. a bad energy broke through in earth about 2008. However we need to trust God's word. evil will be crushed…Forevermore

  15. Israeli News Live shared a video a year ago about this. God has been warning his people…very few are listening because it's too strange. It will be a time like never before. Our eyes will see things we haven't seen before. But, the bride of Christ will be walking in the Spirit like never before. Armour up & stay ready!

  16. I, too, have had visions of giants/nephilim of attacking and destroying man. It was so real that it terrorized me. This is truly going to happen; we've been purposely dumbed down for the purpose of genocide by ha-satan who hates the Bride with a vengeance. I hope that everyone will awaken because many will not survive the sight of these "things" when they appear and begin their takeover. Praise the Lord that we already know who wins. =)


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