watch part 1 then part 2, it will make more sense. 4-15-18 AUDEIO COURTESY OF THE COMMON SENSE SHOW.



  1. Like Jesus the Christ, I also believe in our Father God's Creationism, including the valley of the shadow of death, where we are, in this geocentric plane. And I believe in His Firmament and in His kingdoms above and sheol and tartarus below. You look for nibiru, I look for God's mighty angel whom He causes to throw a huge mountain onto the face of the earth. Potato potato, tomato tomato. My believe is biblical, your belief is copernican. Peace and truth be with you.

  2. Really Steve? NOW you flip flopping against Trump. How many times did you curse people's who was warning about Trump? How many times did you say I don't care what others thinking about Trump….you know better, right. You grow into arrogant and become blind it! Humility accept that maybe sometimes you are wrong. Like about Russia, use your brain! Russia break up with Globalists, become again Christian nation, Putin rejecting abortions ( killing babes ) and yet Russia is the bad one. When America killing millions around the world in many wars and competing globalist agenda. When America become one of the most wicked place in the world. Maybe you are serving wrong God?

  3. Back before Trump did the 180 on Syria there were reports that the illuminati deep state were going to strike Syria then afterward they would set off mini nukes or suitcase type nukes in 10 cities the ones I remembered were New York, DC , Houston , LA, LasVegas, Chicago, and I can't remember the rest . That was before Trump flipped . Just before that happened they sent out the military nuke sniffer jets and they were patrolling looking for them, then Boom: Trump strikes Syria. I fear they cloned him and are holding the real one hostage. The Simpsons showed Donald Trump dead in a casket on 4/18/18 😳 and Trumps head was where the feet were supposed to go in the casket and feet where the head goes. Our President is in STEEP DANGER PLEASE PRAY FOR HIM!!! The satanists and media are going to blame Russia or Islamic terrorists and that it would be retaliation for the strike of Syria

  4. Most You Tube videos now are fear mongering. If the worst does happen God will protect those who are His. He had Noah build an Ark and looked after Moses and the people who came out of Egypt. Jim Bakker has been selling buckets of food and people have been bringing out videos trying the food. They were saying they would not feed it to their dog. I agree with Steve that Satan is the god of this world small g.

  5. Yes, Steve, these 10,000 points of lights are Luciferian and Bush is an illuminati pond. Your spot on brother they are working overtime in their deception as The Lord Jesus warned us to beware that no man deceives you Math 24 chapter is what we are witnessing, but the end is not yet.

  6. Warning:Please, get out of the U.S.,right now!!! The Russians will nuke the U.S. ,very soon!!! This is not a joke!!!! He that hath ears to hear,let him hear. The Russians will use new weapons! The Russians will be destroyed by God when they go after Israel.(Ezekial Chapers 38 and 39.) Time is runnibg out! Jesus is coming for His Bride very soon!!!

  7. sounds like fear mongering – been hearing this for years and its always right around the corner – will it happen yes the bible says so but we'll come back in 6 months and this will be another Chicken Little sky is falling

  8. stocking up on food goes against with the Savior has taught us that he will provide our needs being a glutton in the last days is not how I want the Savior to look at my heart nor do I want him to look at others as they don't trust the Lord to provide. I'm seeing a pattern with Stephen Quayle and money and this disturbs me. love the Lord thy God with all your heart blessed be the name of the Lord Yeshua hamashiach


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