Return of the Gods, Sumerian Annunaki, Nephilim, Fallen Angels,









  2. The Annunaki/Sumerian gods are not gods or aliens at all but the descendents of Noah. Noahs wife's name was Naamah, Anu's wife's name was Naamah. Noah is Anu. Shem's son Asshur built Assyria and is known as the Sumerian god Ashur. Nimrod is Ninurta. Nimrod's son Mardun is Marduk. Enki is Ham and Enlill is Shem the names came from their father in law. Ham, Shem and Japeth's father in law's name was Eliakim. Eliakims daughters are the mothers of this world who repopulated the earth after the flood. They were also elevated into goddesses. The wife of Shem Sedequtelebeb bint Eliakim was the goddess Ninlil, the wife of Ham Ne'elatama'uk bint Eliakim was the goddess Ninki.
    The babylon (confused) religion was created by Nimrod who wanted to take over heaven. He was the king/Lord (baal) of Babylon. You also have the Elamite gods/ pantheon these were created by Elam son of Shem.

  3. All government are robbat for use of god of earth
    Anonaki is very knowledgeable and creat lots of robbat in human look from many years ago.
    We see all this on the Hollywood movies from long time ago.
    Human roobat are the government under the creation of anonaki

  4. Why they appear in past but they don't appear now.
    I believe they always appear but only to government and kings
    So they are there but they don't appear to normal people because they should keep secret until the time come, then every one on earth will see them.
    This world is ugly world as I believe
    And personally I don't like we're this world is going , not safe at all
    One world government under a kingdom of anonaki god.
    I can't love this world any more as I am not materialise person.
    I just love love and kindness
    And world lost the love
    I bible said god will clean all tears out of their eyes and I will wait until god clean my crying eyes out of this selfish world.
    I pray god come sooner and everything change in the way god want , our real god our love god

  5. Everything has been tampered and the devil uses the woman a lot in almost everything we must pray and beg for salvation a lot didnt ask to come here but youre here now make up your mind jesus is the best way my only way is jesus christ.

  6. Oh Daniel, most of them never went anywhere. Where does it say, they left?  They didn't.  Sure King Anu of Nibiru, and everyone else on Nibiru of course, left: but where would the Pantheon of Earth, go?   Duh. Just because they were written about in ancient history before getting erased if possible, doesn't mean they no longer rule Earth. Why would they no longer rule Earth? If you ruled Earth would you just disappear?   Who were the "Gods" that Moses wanted people to forget? And that the Egyptians and Mayan and Pacific People, remembered, worshipped, and even lived alongside.    Have you ever put a seed in the ground and then seen what it can do?  THAT ain't natural. None of anything on this world could have happened just naturally. To say Jehovah who like golden dinnerware more than calf statues, and walked among the people's tents at night so wanted them to cover their excrement, just a man killing people for mentioning, worshiping, or having a token, of "The Gods." The Gods, Elohim, Igigi, Watchers, are our Creators.  NASA abducts people, wearing costumes to look like the Elohim which are similar but they are more short and round-y like and sure as hell don't have to abduct people. There are ancient statues of the Gods, which is were NASA got the model for their hoax costumes. The Gods, our Creators, are  Scientists in everything from creating this Solar System on down to every detail of this planet. One Scientist said, for DNA to happen naturally, would be like a tornado going through a junkyard whipping up a fully functioning and equipped Jet. AKA Intelligent Design, formerly known as "The Gods."   Earth is the Home they made. Why would they leave?     " Nephilim, "  I believe, is the genre of Reptilian Human. Called Annunaki. The ones on Nibiru are the ones that destroyed earth, the Extinction, with nuclear war and escaped to Nibiru. They resettled most of the population back on Earth after it became habitable again, aka Nephilim, those who from the heavens came.          "Fallen Angels" are the Woes that left Heaven. They used to walk the streets free men, kings even, and then either chose, or broke laws, in order to come live out here in hell. Lucifer did that. Aka Michael the Arch-Angel. He's in Trump these days.  Isn't that pitiful?  How the once great God of the Sea, King of Heaven, fell, to being Trump.  Sad.  And the 2 other Woes that left heaven, Nergal and Ninurta, aka Death and Hell.   Nergal is in the Orient with his brother Anubis in North Korea, and Ninurta is in Putin. The North Korean Toad, Anubis, didn't fall from Heaven, he was already the King of Hell.     In corroborative literature, in the movie "Matrix," Ninurta would be Cipher and Bane in Zion, who became the Merovingian. "Cipher" means – non-entity; and "Bane," is a curse. He killed Tank and Dozer and sold out all of Zion, to be rich and famous here in Hell.  Enki would be Neo and Smith. Inanna was the Oracle and Naomi. Hathor was the little Indian girl while Horus was her father and Inanna his wife. Morpheus was Apollo.  The two Trilogies of Matrix and Lord of the Rings were made in New Zealand on the other side of the world from Inanna, Horus and Ninhursag/Sud who had convinced Enki and Ninurta that Y2K was going to happen, before and after. They were so counting on their Armageddon. Behaved all the way up to nothing happening when the zeroes rolled. They were really angry about it. That was supposed to be their Martial Law and take over of the world unto ultimate suffering and destruction, and darn it, it didn't happen. So they regrouped and created the 9/11 event using American taxpayer's dollars and then splitting the insurance money, too. That's Politics/Corruption.  ( The Good "politics" girls and boys: works out for everyone but Enki and Ninurta who were greatly disappointed, and for the Three Enlightened Ones who made them believe it was going to happen. The Three Wise Men, Horus, Sud and Inanna, were Enki and Ninurta's prisoner, so Enki and Ninurta, found it easy to get their vengeance on God's (Apollo) family; when they weren't busy making movies in New Zealand. Re-writing Lord of the Rings, since it was written by the Good Guys, getting vengeance that way. So, see? They're still in Literature and History.

  7. This is our topic when I met and had a good conversation with a traveller German couple in Manila Doctors Hospital in the Philippines. Both of them are student taking up major in History. I really had a great conversation with them and I miss them so much.

  8. Streamlined archaeology/anthropology often does not want to deal with some of the newer unusual archaeology/anthropological evidences, implications or finds. Yes, Mr. Wayne May (Ancient American) would be interested, he could publish more papers and that could be informative and good and he is a good person in my opinion. Harry Hubbard knows a lot of anti-academia truths and facts also and he is in there swinging, with effort to bring out some truth on the “Burrows Cave Find”. Tracking/uncovering the past and underground of ancient times can teach us a lot of truth of our past, present as well as our future.

    Much of what I have seen in my 67 years has been very unusual and contradicts a lot of what streamlined education has been teaching us. This is why I have been mostly quiet for so long. A lot of hostility comes from: the inadvertently ignorant; the wily, restless, impolite, ill-mannered ignorant; as well as from “self-righteous” academia, that think they are educated or get their funding from holding a certain position. Yes, they did go through great effort to become educated, and yes, they are educated according to the politically-correct program installed (in their youth) that was/is funded by self-interest groups and prospering now with your tax dollars.

    Part of learning is to keep re-evaluating information and with all the technology and networking over the years, data changes and has changed. You also have to evaluate information based on potential bias, omissions, truths. Who might gain in power or money, or prevent loss of position or income, from holding a viewpoint?

    I can only suspect that in some cases, factions of various governments and organizations do not want "John Q. Public" to see, understand and know a variety of things. If you can answer “why”, then you are a very aware and smart person and I think some of us are that wise.

    Sure Steven Quayle and L. A. Marzulli would be interested also and they could publish even more, travel more and be lifted-up like honored informers, whistle blowers (for the people) and as authorities on a lot of things. Another side is whether or not the controlled media will arrange to make sure that their voices aren’t heard, as simple as pushing them way down on a media possibility list.

    At times I think all of this is just plain vanity and going no-where, except to be relegated to the sci-fi realm, in competition with the "National Enquirer" or the like, so to speak analogously. Of course this social/political opposition does not take away any hidden facts, but it serves well in covering and hiding more facts from the people, commonly using a lot of social-political scorn, invalidation and discrediting. These are Tools applied that serve someone’s purpose.

    Sometimes I feel embarrassed telling the truth, because I know that the many people (that do not know) would and do judge me as a lunatic or a heretic of a sort. Galileo would understand I am sure. Just try bringing out some visible-viable but “unusual” artifact or Giant bones and then have it all ridiculed. Worse might be trying to “prove” you are correct, in the face of the barriers erected against that. Would you want to be arrested for violating or breaking one of the countless laws (regarding archaeology/anthropology excavations) and have to plea-bargain for a shorter sentence, in which case you are expected to lie, deny and compromise in order to be free or safe? How do you even have the funds to “fight the system” or their pre-paid employees, guidelines and media?

    I have had forensics done on an ancient lead-record-plate (from the “Brewer Cave”) and a forensic done on a complex-weave Camel Hair Textile from a Giant burial (in Southern Utah) as well as an X-ray Fluorescence on an ancient metal ball and a container that was made of Boron, that came out of a Giant burial and they both showed to be Nuclear elements. A Nuclear Physics Professor and many others will know very well what the implications are here, with Boron and a metal ball with decayed Plutonium (Americium) and some platinum/gold insulator/shield. I have seen a lot of photographs of Giants on the web, but so many of them are Photoshop doing a fair job, so really a photograph does very little in proving anything. Professional witnesses with scientific documentation like DNA, Carbon-date, forensic and even then it can be denied and scorned by paid academia no less than this fake "global warming" scenery that was foisted on the people at large.

    Oh yes, there are lots of immature crybabies that want some of us to make all of the sacrifices for them and take all of the time, heat, costs and risks (while they whine, accuse and bitch) and then if and when I/you are in jail or crushed, they can speculate and develop many more theory's on “why”, without ever really knowing the truth.

    You have to be persistent, courageous, vigilant, thirsty and competent to conduct a real investigation of a subject, especially doing it on your own, much less to publish it. Mark Twain evidenced this social phenomena many years ago when he purposely published a famous fake story that traveled far and wide (as the truth) and after over a year, only one person actually investigated the facts given, to find they were fake and queried him. Mark Twain then published “the rest of the story” on how lackey so many people are when it comes to taking personal responsibility for searching for and investigating “facts” and then knowing the truth.

    You can also bet your last dollar that it was not any public news company that discovered the truth then, because they were far too busy capitalizing on and brokering stimulation, sensation and politics. It is the same now. Sensation and control are more important overall than the truth…which is why we all need to become astute investigators and constantly check and sort data, to the best of our abilities and be willing to recognize errors, breakthroughs and patterns.

    Sincerely, Robert Shrewsbury

  9. hitler was also part of the satanic agenda.part of the agenda was to create a humanoid species which they would then put in a craft to then use to create a one world government (New world order)…ask yourself this question why did it take america so long to join the war when hitler was doing all sorts of nasty expriments…Also the SS had Skull and crossbones on their caps….Ummm….skull ans crossbones society in harvard which bush was a member of….Also the 9/11 was very much similar to when hitler got his own soldiers to blow up a german building just so they could blame it on the russians to have an excuse to go to war with russia…Come on people are you going to belive these liars…and also how much of what you see on youtube is actually instigated by them…The interdimenisonal beings known as the saurians/reptoids,(known as the chitauli in africa)…Ask yourself this question why was it sumeria that the nazi's told the hitler youth they the aryans travelled backwards and forwards in time to?…Sumeria was in iraque….where the annunaki gods were worshipped..Enki was a giant his son Thoth the egyptian god was also a Giant..those who speak of the annunaki deny they are reptilians…But evidence shows that Enki was a shapeshifter/Serpent…the caduceus of hermes/mercury came from Thoth who was the son of Enki and Enkis symbol was two snakes entwinded…Thoth was the god of science,medicine.magic,alchemy…so itwould fit that modern science would take the ancient symbol of Enki son of any and use it as the symbol for DNA….Notice in the film Prometheus also how the snake type creatures were also used…At the end of the film there is also a creature who also looks like enki and the babylon goddess Tiamut goddess of chaos….Enki is also depicted as an octopus type creature….In india they are called "The nagas"…In south america they worshipped a flying serpent.In egypt the serpent was also linked to The gods….But it seems more obvious it has more to do with mixing DNA and creating hybrids….KIngs.queens in egypt and other empires were classed as the sons and daughters of gods…They were hybrids….I found a book in the eighties whilst sifting through some in a book shop called mysteries in london…I the book i read about Atlas who fought off reptilians with antlantian weaponry during the time of atlantis…Now the records in alexandria were burnt when the library was deliberately burnt down to the ground…Alexandria would have had records of atlantis and also facts….it was burnt down on purpose….The nazis wanted to do away with the past and burn all our books on knowledge which did not fit into thier plan to change the course of mans future….Hitler was very much into the occult and anceint civilisations…The aryan to him was linked up with the annunaki….it is no coincidence that the pyramids line up with orions belt or that the step pyramids are near enough the same as the ones in south america…When i saw the film prometheus and then researched into the seven sisters constellation in freemasonry it is then obvious who was behind the concept….The film links up with the annunaki and also the fact that they are trying to instill in our psyche that were we engineered by the annunaki even though it does not mention the annunaki…The engineers are also much larger than humans (Giants)….Hybrids are the ones who are so easily manipulated by the reptoids because they are of the same blood line…A few years back they tried it with me but it did not work…four cars went past and they all looked the same with the same expression like the body snatchers movie….I had just heard some strange language…..a few years later i got the shock of my life when i saw the film "the fourth kind" with mila jojovich…Now i know the film was not based on a true story….But the voice of any in the film the sumerian god/alien…Was the only language that sounded like the voice i heard that night with the four strange people….it was late at night and there was no one else…it is really hard to describe what i exprienced….You can believe or not does not matter to me…a few years before this i saw a pyramid shaped ufo in the clouds….it had another pyrmaid within it which then made up four on one side…I will leave it there….The saturn cuboid 3D matrix has been a dominant part of the geomtric worshipped of this galaxy by the kabbalists…the Dragon coiled around the kabbala tree is also connected to Draco/Dragon/reptoids….The worship of the time cube…The set matrix underworld…Satan/saturn time chronos…which is why they also have the cube appeared in many films such as hell raiser,star trek with the borg…..Even in the film"Lucy" they are telling us that we would not exist without Time…so they want us to be fixed on the matrix cuboid dimension of birth and death….Yet in in other galaxies time is irrelevant…Time is only measured by the mind that thinks it….

  10. Aboriginals in Australia the oldest living culture in the world, painted pictures of these things, some elders say for over 150,000 years! they say they are from the "dreamtime" where . everybody in the planet originates from! the milky way… in Australia their are lights !!
    look it up !!
    called the Min Min light to some locals these . lights appear and then dissappear in the matter of a blink.. shooting upto the sky!
    Traditional aboriginal people say that these are our spirit ancestors who created us.and everything in the earth..

  11. Scripts tell of a world wide war that destroyed Kingdoms on the planet, and in space.
    Scripts tell of colonies on other planets.
    Scripts tell of Rama leaving for the outer worlds.
    Scripts tell of Earth Magic being used.

    Here's a Thought:
    If they went off to fight a Galactic War. We know wars can last for years….
    By the time they came back Thousands of Years would have past by on home planet, Earth.
    The Stone Structures where built to last, that was their world.
    In our world today, they would be out of place.

    So many different tales, I find them Interesting.

  12. We are not reptiles – there is the Enki bloodline and the Enlil bloodline – the world has been run by the Enlil bloodline and now it is time for the Enki bloodline – those who strong enough to realize where they come from, in order to become so. What is coming is the inversion of the inversion…

  13. 1 Thes. 4: 13. Those who sleep are dead. Soul dead. 1 thes 5:10.
     the dead are soul dead. Eze. 18: 4 and 20.
     1 Cor. 15: 11- 15. The dead who are in their graves will be raised from their graves at the resurrection on the last day.
     John 6: 39, 40, 44, 53 and 54. The LAST day is the LAST day of this corruptible creation. 7,000 years from creation.
     Rev. 20: 7- 15 is the LAST day of this corruptible creation.
     Rev. 20: 7- 15 is a 24 hour period of time. The LAST 24 hour period of time. Time, Space and Matter will be put out of existence.
     In Gen. 1: 1 Yahweh created corruptible : Time , Space and Matter.
     the first day of this corruptible creation.
     Rev. 20: 7- 15 Yahweh will put out of existence corruptible Time , Space and Matter.. The LAST day of this corruptible creation.
     BEFORE Gen . 1 : 1. There was the Everlasting incorruptible Kingdom of Yahweh.
     AFTER Rev. 20: 7- 15 the Everlasting incorruptible Kingdom of Yahweh will Continue.
     2 Cor. chapter 5. tells Us about our heavenly incorruptible flesh and blood bodies we will receive in the resurrection.
     Just like Yahshua received back his incorruptible flesh and blood body at His resurrection.
     We must put off this corruptible flesh and blood body and put on Our incorruptible flesh and blood body and put off mortality and put on Immortality. 1 Cor. 15: 53 and 54.
     Just Like Yahshua did.
     Yahshua is Yahweh's SON. Matt. 3: 17.
     Yahshua and His Brothers were always with Yahweh in the Spirit from Everlasting.
     At creation Yahweh created incorruptible flesh and blood bodies for His SONS.
     Job. 38: 7. Job. 1: 7. Job 2: 1. Gen. 6: 1- 4.
     Yahshua was put in this world in His incorruptible flesh and blood body and walked this earth preaching the gospel of the coming kingdom of Yahweh from the beginning for 3,600 years. Gen. 1: 3.
     400 years before the first coming Yahshua was taken back to heaven to wait for the time for Him to come to this earth in a corruptible flesh and blood body.
     Born of the blood of woman.
     Mary gave Him His 23 pairs of female X chromosomes.
     Yahweh gave Him His 23 pairs of MALE Y chromosomes.
     Yahshua walked this earth in His corruptible flesh and blood body for 33 and a half years according to Moses law.
     Yahshua fulfilled Moses law perfectly.
     He came on the Appointed day and died on the Appointed Day according to Moses law.
     Yahshua was born on the 14Th day Tishri at 3PM and died on the 14Th day of Nissan at 3PM. So says Yahweh.
     Yahshua died on the 14Th day of the first month and was RAISED from the second death at 6AM on the 1ST day of the week.
     Yahweh was in the second death for 39 hours according to Moses law.
     Absolute perfection from a perfect God.
     Yahweh RAISED his SON from the second death and gave Him His incorruptible flesh and blood body back and took His SON back to the 3RD heaven. Rom. 10: 9.
     Acts 3: 21. Yahweh said to His SON:" Sit at My right hand until I make Youe enemies Your footstool."
     Yahweh is making a kingdom for His SON to sit on David's throne in the NEW Jerusalem and rule the world as King of Kings for the thousand years. Rev. 20: 4- 6.
     Rev. 21: 9- 10. Yahshua will bring His BRIDE with Him at His second coming as the Home for the SAINTS during His thousand year reign on the earth made NEW .
     Rev. 5: 10. Rev. 2: 26 and 27. the Saints will reign with Yahshua on the earth commencing at the second coming.
     Matt. 5: 5. The Meek will inherit the earth made NEW at the second coming for the thousand year reign of Yahweh's messiah as King of Kings. and lord of lords.
     Zeck 14: 4- 5. the great valley is the resting place for Yahshua's BRIDE as the HOME for the Saints during his thousand year reign on the earth made NEW.
     Isa. 2: 3- 4. Isa. 11: 6- 9. Isa. 66: 22- 23. Micah 4: 2- 3. These scriptures will be fulfilled during Yahshua's thousand year reign on the earth made NEW.
     Zeck. 14: 9. And Yahweh will be King over all the earth during His SONS thousand year reign on the earth made NEW.
     Zeck. 14: 16. the nations are still on the earth made NEW for the thousand years and will come to the NEW Jerusalem to celebrate the feast of Tabernacles year by year for the thousand years.
     2 Peter 3: 10- 13. verse 10. The second coming. Verses 11 and 12 Yahweh burns the UNIVERSE. Verse 13 Yahweh makes a NEW Heaven(S) and a NEW earth for the thousand year reign of His SON as king of kings.
     Acts 3: 21. Yahshua must remain in heaven until the time to restore all things for His thousand year reign on the earth made NEW as King of Kings. King of 144,000 Kings. Rev. 12; 1- 5. Rev. 14: 1.
     1 Thes. 4; 15- 17. Is the fulfillment of Tabernacles.
     Yahshua brings His BRIDE with Him at the second coming.
     Rev. 21: 9- 10. Yahshua's BRIDE flies around the earth while the Angels pick up the SAINTS and take them up into the AIR the enter the gates to the NEW Jerusalem. Rev. 22: 14.
     This is the supper in the sky.
     Rev. chapters 21 and 22 commence at the second coming and are fulfilled on the LAST day. Rev. 20: 7- 15.
     On the day of Yahweh , there will be 3 groups of people.
     1. The sinners. The sinners will fall to the ground dead destroyed by the brightness of His coming.
     2. The ungodly. the ungodly are blinded to Yahshua's GLORY and wonder what is happening. 3.
     The SAINTS will lift up their eyes to heaven and raise HOLY HANDS and say:" This is Our God, We have waited for Him, He has come to save Us."
     Eye has not seen, Nor ear heard , nor entered the heart of man the things Yahweh has planned for those who LOVE Him. 1 Cor. 2: 9.
     IF your eye has seen it: It is not in Yahweh's incorruptible everlasting Kingdom. IF your ear has heard it: It is not in Yahweh's Everlasting incorruptible Kingdom. IF you can imagine it: It is NOT in Yahweh's Everlasting incorruptible Kingdom.
     Look not to the things that are seen, These things are for those who have no hope.
     Look for the things that are NOT seen. FAITH.
     SEE I have come to you in the Spirit of Elijah. I have declared to you my Fathers NAME. Yahweh.
     SEE I have preached to you the gospel of the coming Kingdom.
     What i say to one I say to all: Without HOLINESS, No one will see Yahweh. Heb. 12: 14.
     Until these things come to pass may I say to all who read these things:" Remember: LOVE is not LOVE until you give it away."
     Praise Yahweh for His WORD.
     1 John 4: 7- 8.
     may Yahweh bless you with all the understanding and Holiness you need to stand in that day before the SON of MAN.
     Bless you.

  14. People keep talking about the Anunnaki in different terms. Some say Anunnaki are a race of space faring humans or near human giants that tend to look Middle Eastern and Mediterranian, particularly Egyptian, Sumerian, and Greco Roman Gods.
    Others say it's the name of an empire that had multiple races including reptilians.

  15. At 2:42 it shows the carved wall of two aliens and a space craft. I HAVE NEVER seen this before. Does ANYONE know where that picture came from or any evidence to show "THIS" photo is real?? . Fist up, Fight for Truth.

  16. Idk why everyone thinks any of this is scary. What's scary is working a 9 to 5 all your life and just passing away….. I'd be so happy to die in some crazy spiritual holy war against demons. Bring it on. I'm a soldier for God. just remember people no matter what happens Jesus has made reservations for us. 😉 We won the day Jesus died on the cross for mankind. Sit back and enjoy the show.

  17. Reptilians, and aliens are Satan's children. God has us, Satan has them. Don't be fooled! We live on a flat earth! They have been here all along! Under our sea, under our earth. Ufos are there technology. Fallen Angel technology. Jesus is the one and only way out of this mess! We must stand together in the Lord! This is the ONLY way to win! We always will win with God! Amen!!

  18. If I was Satan, I would have whispered into the ears of the Vatican that not every book found in the caves of the Dead Sea Scrolls needed to be included with the original Canon. I would deem them too sensational to include. If I knew I needed to have one last trick up my sleeve to deceive mass amounts of people, I would leave out all of the books describing all of the disguises I wore to trick God's people back in the days of Moses. Then I would appeal to the end time people with movies and books about aliens so that when I appear to people as an alien or ascended master nobody will be caught off guard. People will marvel at me and will gladly swap their souls for everything I have to offer them. Yep. That is exactly what I would do.


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