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  1. Can you imagine Aliens landing and asking to see our leader! OMG! I would divert them to President Obama, Merkl, or Macron before I'd let them meet Trump. Neil Degrasse Tyson would need to be there too. Aliens might regard Trump as one of their DNA experiments that failed.

  2. But hang on a minute, the third reich lost the war and were destroyed and captured, yet they fought back from some secret underground base only 2 years after losing ww2?? None of it makes sense.

  3. Think about this Why did Obama and John Kerry and the popes and every one with any meaning go to Antarctica???. Something huge is up .or do they go there to get orders? Or did they just go to see what they found ??

  4. Hello, I am from Latin America, so I know the ARIOS (aryan gods) siemrpe gods had problems with another race (that supposedly exists) the so-called reptilians, draconians that are their purest state, dodne we can find this hard confrontation and shock Of cultures ?, because in the Mayan and Aztec culture, there has always been a v / s of Aryans and Reptilians, although it is said that there was a racial mixture between these two species. The "gods" goodbye were invited by one of the 2 main reptilians of the ancient Sumerian, enlil or enki I do not remember which of the 2, well the good of the film obviously did well, because I wanted those beings (Aryans) and other races Mixed with humans, which we are a mutation of apes to homosapiens …
    To all this the Jewish kabbalah is actually a knowledge / instrument of the Aryans, stolen from the reptilians, hence the enki or enlightenment of creating life on the planets, for example plants, living beings, etc.

    That is all my knowledge for now, greetings
    PD: something I forgot, for some strange reason the reptiles need the Aryans to mix racially, I think they try to create some kind of realities on planets … at will.

  5. Love your vids bro 👊 Sorry I gotta post this;
    Im a New Zealand citizen and this has been going on for years possibly 10+ years i am constantly watched every house i moved to every hostel i stayed every girl i fucked these cocksuckers were there microwaving my cock when im having sex and straight after if not for the majority of each day, they have invisible tech shit is always going missing money passports clothes bank cards aftershaves nice stuff you know, constantly being molested they wont leave my body alone im also prone to extremely high decibels ringing in my ears if its not ringing its listening to whores from sydney getting fucked, my whanau (family) have been murdered by these kunts just about every continent knows about it my continuos string of misfortune just keeps on going so im left thinking that this planet is already running on an advanced A.I and these people have the technology to use it against us "the people" my brain is starting to show the effects of brain damage mispelling words and its becoming worse for at least 10 years i knew i was being watched i can hear these putrid australian fags talking i know they are surrounding me and i know everyone is aware of it too many people have died because of these arseholes and if you want to know how they are doing it they are murdering their New Zealand neighbours and putting them up peoples arses aswell as making pornos and running pedophile rings there really is no limit and the technology advancement has helped them achieve this. Also im hearing the word involent constantly being referred to me i have done a little bit of research but whenever someone tries to explain what the definition is the high pitched ringing starts and starts shaking my brain, i know that it was an old KGB reference so its governmental lingo. All i know is that it involves death and its really bad.
    I have no need to lie and any targeted individual will know or if they dont then they will know the full extent and what is happening i suggest that if you are a good person in a high position of power (which is really hatd to believe) but equipt yourself with the most indestructible advanced equiptment avaliable for your own protection and the lives of your families. Im just trying to tell you the truth and hopefully you succeed because i cant but i can tell the truth, also be very aware alot of people are getting infected ie, involents, and do not by any means necessary DO NOT TRUST ANY AUSTRALIAN


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