Satans hybrid nephilim children are manifesting all over the world. Time of Noah

We are living in the time of Noah, make no mistake about it folks. And the US government and Russia know all about the aliens and their hybrid offspring. They just don’t want you to know about it. Why ? because they plan on using them as a major deception when the time comes. The world Satanic elite scumbags will stage a fake alien invasion, and more than likely this will take place
around the same time as the rapture of the saints. They will say the aliens took all the people away, and the world nations must unite to fight against them. But don’t believe them, if your left behind after the rapture, its because you were only Luke warm in your walk with the Lord. But don’t dis-pare, you will still have an opportunity after the event to get right with Christ, the only difference is that you will more than likely have to die for your faith.
Just make sure you never take the Mark of The Beast. (Micro chip or electronic tattoo ) just rely on your faith and the word of G-D to get you through to the end.

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