Sean Connery Talks UFOs – Episode 1 A truthful new animated show about UFOs and Aliens. This episode goes over the basic tenets of what it means to be skeptic and what it means to believe…



  1. After watching your latest video and hearing you apologize to some of your subscribers that left , i had to watch i t. I think it was great and i dont understand how animation would make a person leave.Really if they didn't understan the reasoning all i can guess that they live in a country where they're taught that animation is evil

  2. Great job on the voice. I have read that Jackie Gleason was invited by the president to see a dead extraterrestrial. His family has told his story. Area 51 has a level of security that is nothing short of paranoia. Its beyond weapons research grade. It's closer to what would be needed to hide an alien human alliance base. Shared tech , straight to human scientists , all on site.


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