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  1. Stumbled upon your page. After watching 10 of your videos you see the flaws. slow mo some of the vids can see the cgi. Video drop out. Reminds of 9/11 when plane wing goes behind building and wings vanish into a steal structure. Electric wires that are thin hard to layer when video is not the best quality and the same theme scenario. Ufo down then up and shoot away. In all there pretty dam good work. There should be a channel for fake ufo cgi. The ufo close to moon surface you can see shadow of craft that is awesome. May not be in this video watched a lot. I'm going to stay subscribed to your channel mate.

  2. It would be so great if ufo channels would SKIP the loud, annoying music altogether–it totally interferes with viewing and, especially, being able to hear any actual sounds that are part of the video. Also, consistent identification of the geographical place being filmed, the time period any other specifics that are not explained within the video itself. Otherwise, we are just staring at 'something', with little or no context, so it could be most anything, including a hoax. I appreciate the videos, but am very interested in the story behind them, their believability, not just sensationalistic anomalies, & certainly not any cgi nonsense or hoaxes of any kind, no matter how artfully they are done. Things are getting way to serious to be joking around about world-changing events.

  3. FAKE! “Strange UFO above the Moon” video… This video clip reminds me of the “Flintstones” cartoon where the background keeps repeating as the characters are walking around. Check the surface details of the moon around 4 minutes 11 sec. into the video.

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  5. I like saying these three first clips. They look very believable. I am going very far but when I say I like to make him a better view any I’ve ever seen it’s awful hazy behind it in front of it I don’t know if that is the camera. Or if that’s for the fakeness come in. Even if it’s at CGI whatever I like to see it like that. I love the alien
    Stuff I don’t care if it is manufactured it still looks good to me. It looks as good as they say the real ones. There are 500 miles away out of focus, and you can’t tail I think about what it is but a little speck. So I would rather see these. And I would love for them to be Real. I may have more to say as I watch. But the first three clips are Informative. I mean that’s what we all imagine.


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