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  1. Great explanation of our physical existence. We are spiritual being's having a physical experience. That should help folks rationalize what their ultimate destiny is. Conciousness and more.I don't agree totally with every analysis however David helps explains a heck of a lot that makes logical sense ……PEACE

  2. I believe it all but when i think beyond all this. Why would they reveal theirselfs through all of these hints. This will eventually lead into the truth and then it all collapses what they don't seem to want. It is a bit contradicting. And if the hollogram would collapse what will it bring us? Is the alternativd better? Like in the matrix the humans wouldn't like a perfect world. I would like to hear what is beyond all this David. Do you have the answers? I wonder. Because i want to get out of this prison but is it any better out of the prison and where will it lead me.

  3. I's always about us about the other trillions of creatures on earth? we always put ourselves above everything else..

    Fantasies linked with facts and than again he links it with new fantasies..a self created complex chain of nitted concepts..and many like it..that's how we people are

    History books are full of fiction all from the human brain
    All this talking ..and all these explainings and theories..what's gonna happen with them when the earth will parish one day because sun will die .
    this is a process which happens everytime in the universe as we know now and we have no control of that of whatsovever .what has he to say about that?
    And what would be the purpose of this whole process in the infinite anyway..I think he's living in his own created matrix..but for many it seems amusing

    Legal Definition CONSTITUTOR, He who promised by a simple pact to pay the debt of another; and this is always a principal obligation. (Scams are a what not a who. -marc27)
    If you think you know what The Constitution is saying in English when it's a Debt Contract Scam written in Legalese Stating the Opposite of that you're a completely brainwashed idiot sheep by design.
    You think The Constitution is to protect your rights that don't exist when it has already had us contract all of our Contractual Liberties away for The Debt Contract Scam.
    They're all gone now as per The Emergency /War Powers Act of 1933 making us Legalized Insurgents to The Patriot Act of 2017 making us now Legalized Terrorists.
    Federal, Corporately Contracted by The British Monarchy in Military Service to The Vatican and they are all, in on The World Wide Constitutional Debt Contract Scam already.
    The debtor is servant to the lender, one cannot serve two masters and only completely brainwashed Vatican debt slaves actually believe that they need or have masters by design in the first place.
    It has nothing to do with consciousness and everything to do with your awareness.
    Scams are a what not a who. -marc27


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