Dr. Pieczenik received his B.A. from Cornell University, trained in Psychiatry at Harvard and has both an M.D. from Cornell University Medical College and a Ph.D. in International Relations…



  1. This photo of 3 traitors is missing one of the worst, old man B u $ H. Many decades of placing truly bad people in gov ' t, from dog catchers to judges on every tier, laws twisted, changed or dropped and replaced. Our newest #45 has more than his share of work cut out for him. I certainly pray (and pray often) that he is led, guided and directed by our one Holy God, Who created all and with Whom All Power is until He returns at the 7th trump. With God's Truth sealed in our minds and hearts, we need not fear.

  2. PUT THEM ALL IN PRISON. As for Rothschild family hang them all up on the highest trees of JEWMERIKKA. Shut the doors to ALL Israel nationals who are nothing more than SATANIC pedos. Ashkenazi jews ..

  3. why was this reposted 2016, when the interview was done n 2009? It definiately should be titled differently, like a 'survey of history', or Steve Quayle Archive. I just happen to read through some of the posted comments and the lady from Scotland or Ireland is true (and i'm not surprised to see nasty, rude, sarcastic comments from my fellow Americans – Boo! very bad form and i'm sick of it,frankly). Listen, we are all THANKFUL to have YOUTUBE, those who commit the time, money & talent to create content on Youtube, we are eternally grateful to have someone like Dr P who has come forth to put the word out. He is no doubt brilliant among us. I wish HE were part of POTUS cabinet setting things straight! But please, enough – if the video creators rehash old news/interview – give a very clear headsup in the TITLE, not publish summary! thank you

  4. As I said above, I am a bit late to this interchange but sure glad I
    found it, a great source of information needed to be disseminated
    everywhere to everyone that is at all awake to what is going on in their
    name. Thanks guys! (living here in Montana I am glad to know that you
    are both my neighbors :-))


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