1. This man Steve Quayle is telling the hard, cold, truth. We were told all this in the Bible and we are seeing it before our very eyes. The Blessed mother in her many apparitions, the Holy Prophets of God and the Bible all told us and in prophecies that just before the time of the 2nd coming of Christ we will know the time by an increase in eqarthquakes and natural disasters, the strange things in the sky (ufos), the great deception and deceptions of all sorts, sex, pervertism and sexual immorality increasing more than ever, the increase of knowledge, ever increase in dishonestly, lies, cheating, wars, ppl growing cold for one another, lack of brotherly love, lack for love and respect for parents, lack of love for God, false Messiahs and false prophets, apostasy in the church, all these things are happening right now and its scary to see so many, many ppl not realising a thing of it.
    I try to explain this stuff to open eyes of ppl, especially to unbelievers but few take it seriously. Just like Jesus said, "The blind will see and those who see will become blind".


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