STEVE QUAYLE JUNE 19,2017 – Vatican P.L.A.N To Unveil ULTIMATE EVIL #SteveQuayle2017 #EVERYSTEVEQUAYLE #EVERYSTEVEQUAYLE2017 Steve . Steve Quayle and Tom Horn April 21,2017: Vatican Plan…



  1. It's 2017… NOTHING has happened since 2015… You both owe all people on earth an apology for your actions… You are the scoundrels… God Bless!
    PS: Climate changes everyday!
    Alien god is nonsense. The Aliens worship the same God as we do. Hopefully, they can help us from our ignorance!

  2. This is ridiculous… The Vatican will not be supporting the anti-Christ! It may support the Aliens when they arrive… ALIENS ARE NOT DEMONIC. They are God's Creations, just like we are… They have been watching over us for millennia. God probably had them help create us here on earth and other planets throughout the universe. Hopefully, they will bring us closer to God!!!


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