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  1. The title of this video "Expose of the National Security State" – 2015. What I saw on Saturday, 5-12-18 in PERSON sitting in the 3rd row right in front of Dr. Greer was VERY concerning. I want to see on video what I saw in person because some of the things he said, he has never said before and are SHOCKING to say the least. He also at one point just sat there and had to literally fight back tears for about 30 seconds before he stated one of the "shockers". The YouTube channel Portal to Ascension was there. Please edit and post up the May 12, 2018, Tempe, AZ video please!

  2. Just maybe he has to keep playing these videos so that it sinks into your floride and opioid infected brain cells, thank you and have a nice day!!!!
    wake the hell up

  3. Yes, we are being observed by conscious entities we do not know and are mainly not aware of. Yes, you are not the most intelligent creature in the Universe. Thank God for that.

  4. +ALIENS Documentary
    Was this guy not the weirdest looking kid in his high-school class? Somebody please….find a yearbook picture. I think this whole UFO nonsense germinated out of a need to fight adolescent rejection. His psychiatrist would say that for sure. [so would anyone else who owns a lick of insight]


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