I’m back from the land of the injured!



  1. Dear, I’ve made fun of your speeches before but you seem like a very nice girl. You’d be someone I’d enjoy drinking wine with and being silly. You remind me of my niece. She likes to talk! Have a yummy day! Toodles!

  2. I would so enjoy discussing many of the things you mention in this video…New subscriber here.Your videos have kept me entertained during a spell of insomnia (it's 6:35am here in the UK).You make art from resin or did I hear wrong?Rambles… Sorry. Eeek.

  3. Haha I have to say I like your style. And not sarcasticly or anything, I truly like your style of making videos and the humour you bring into them. You also seem much smarter than most that makes videos on these kinds of subjects. Indeed your humour is one sign of this since most people making videos on this kind of stuff from your side of the argument don't know how to see the fun in it all. It requires smarts to do that. Furthermore you seem to understand when you don't fully understand something. And you truly seem to make an effort to learn things, especially I am glad to see some math in there since this is one thing many other flee from trying to understand.
    Sadly though at the end of the day I can't say I stand with you in your beliefs. You ask great questions and even though you seem look for answers sometimes I feel you either don't look for the answer all the way or find them in the wrong places. What about asking on StackExchange or something like that. There are sooo many smart people out there that not only will tell you the answer but will be overjoyed when you ask them how they get to the answer.
    (I know this is an old video but I thought this would be as good of a place to comment as anywhere)

  4. After watching several of your videos concerning flat earth theory, this one was a refreshing change. You seem more intelligent in this video. I will subscribe.

  5. Watch Chris White's "Ancient Aliens debunked" vid, you ditz.
    P.S. Stop discrediting the flat Earth movement with your aimless, nonsensical, hyper-sexualized pedophilia fantasy video ravings. Thank you.

  6. There are lots of things we can talk about. Like you I like psychology a lot. I like the learning process. I have been actively involved with online trading so I am also interested in talking about the 7 year financial cycles…I like numbers too…and lots more

  7. You don't cut from both sides.
    When you have reach the last couple of inches
    go very slow applying very little pressure.
    Promise it will be a clean cut without a break.
    Now for that other conversation Red,LOL

  8. How about talking about NOTHING! Ignoring each other? Baking bread! How about you stay home and read a book and I go off and sleep with someone else! What is all this sticky shit about TALKING to each other? It is highly over rated. How about SCREAMING at each other? The video ends on a high note though. MATH! hey there is a subject!

  9. I use to like to talk about Ancient Astronauts and space now that seems so far in the past and all a distraction because I found out that the earth is flat ,but I still love the Star Wars movies and am looking forward to seeing the new one .

  10. OK..got one for U I'm blind in right eye and was taught to be right dominant… I started a few years ago becoming ambidextrous for physical balance..and then started to notice my awareness expanding I've read about mirror writing so now I also write left and right forward and backward with both hands..Is this why DA Vinci and others did this ? does this open a channel to the energy of the universe ? I believe this is how 2 becomes 1 and inversely so opposite.. yin and yang so to speak.
    ..and is this the way we reactivate what lies doormat in our DNA… what scientist call junk?
    and is this one of the secrets kept away from us to keep us unbalanced and asleep??hmmmm..

  11. orgonite ,black sun orgone , orgone energy …
    /colloidal silver ,, distilled water ,, ozone therapy ,, vitamin B17, apricot seeds ,, /
    sun-gazing , grounding , earthing , // enzymes ,, garbage enzymes ,
    coconut oil pulling ……….. minty kisses , coconut kisses <3 <3 <3 ..

  12. As an Alien, I really struggle with fake eyelashes (eyes are way too big!) and its not like I can't see what I'm doing – cuz some nice kind ppl from earth keep sending me up these strange mirrors???… I even use a torch to light them up (you might be able to see that from down their??). Anyways, any ideas would be great – love you! 👽

  13. First of all let me say I think you are very beautiful young lady. Adorable and obviously very intelligent and have a great personality. But I was wandering do you think the global elite have tried to hide the flat earth truth. Because they are trying to promulgate the ancient alien theory. Years ago I purchased an online book called forbidden knowledge. It was all about the pure lucifererian doctrine which is basically the anunaki ancient aliens genetically engineered humans to be slaves. And then one of them tried to enlighten and free us humans from our slavery. The other aliens of course didn't take too kindly to this. So they banished him from the earth and then called him the serpent and Satan. And supposedly invented the story of Adam and eve in the garden to demonize him. So basically they believe LuciFer was the good guy. I personally don't believe that myself. But I wonder if that could be the motivation for lying about the flat earth. Have you ever heard of the pure lucifererian doctrine as such. And what do you think about it. I'm sorry I didn't really mean to say this much when I started texting. I guess I got carried away. Anyway I really enjoy watching your videos and hope you have a great weekend.

  14. Sex is extremely over-rated today…. we are electromagnetic beings, male being positive and female negative polarity, hence the attraction (for heterosexuals at least)

    Men need to stop looking at women as sexual objects and start appreciating their feminine energy of procreation and nurturing human life on this flat plane.

    Females don't view the sexual act in the same way as males and even though males are more visually attracted to them, they shouldn't get sidetracked by becoming stuck in the physical side of sex.

    The NUMBer system is designed to suppress our consciousness, the sounds we make when pronouncing them creates their own vibrational energy in our world… I can go more into this if anyone is interested.

    Sorry, I need another drink 🙂

  15. score all the edges a couple of measures before cutting, maybe? Did you find a solution? Also, you should check out a terrible "proof" that the moon is reflected sun. I think you're just the person to explain to this other person why his spectrometer reading doesn't have the implications he thinks it does. it was uploaded this month by zetetic earth guy.

  16. Great video Miss red , thank you 🙂 I know it was a year ago , and how things have changed in that year .
    I would love to talk with you about many things , Ancient aliens ( not the queen and phillip ) the spacey kind .
    I used to love `the ancient aliens … annunaki !!! … space , oh god SPACE , gravity ROCKETS physics ! planets , solar systems ,galaxies UNIVERSES ! , aliens 🙁 All gone …all gone . Damn it NASA YOU LYING RAT BAGS !! I WANTED TO MEET `PAUL` i wanted to hang out , smoke space doobies , moon people n stuff ,…. reach out across the Galaxy 🙁 BOO NASA ! BOO I SAY ! Yes many hours talking would be great red , though i could easily just sit there and listen 🙂

  17. You literally made me laugh out loud 😀
    (Although that Vladimir thing is a bit creepy…)

    If I was more intelligent I would definitely ask for your phone or skype or whatever, but not in a public message so I wouldn't come off as a pervert…

  18. There are No ancient aliens that are not angels, good or bad. …also..Giants are not in the equation. The bible does NOT say THESE are the giants. BUT…. there WERE giants in the earth in those days. See how manipulative the elite are? There were giants of all species, seeing that the canopy did not collapse of water yet, before the flood. Think of the species that continues to grow, until death! So naturally, some Reptiles that continue to grow at this time before the flood, the canopy of extra water stopping harmful radiations, made these reptiles after hundreds of years Appear to the CLAIMED dinosaurs in the late 1800's but were described as dragons, to be some millions of fake years old.


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