In this video i will address the common misconception regarding the the tale of the Nephilim told early in the bible. This video will primarily address the confusion of the Sumerian deities,…



  1. The Annunaki/Sumerian gods are not so called gods or aliens at all but the descendents of Noah. Noahs wife's name was Naamah, Anu's wife's name was Naamah. Noah is Anu. Noah's wife Naamah is the goddess Nammu. Shem's son Asshur built Assyria and is known as the Sumerian god Ashur. Nimrod is Ninurta. Nimrod's son Mardun is Marduk. Enki is Ham and Enlill is Shem the names came from their father in law. Ham, Shem and Japeth's father in law's name was Eliakim. Eliakims daughters are the mothers of this world who repopulated the earth after the flood. They were also elevated into goddesses. The wife of Shem Sedequtelebeb bint Eliakim was the goddess Ninlil (also called Sud), the wife of Ham Ne'elatama'uk bint Eliakim was the goddess Ninki.
    The babylon (confused) religion was created by Nimrod who wanted to take over heaven. He was the king/Lord (baal) of Babylon. You also have the Elamite gods/ pantheon these were created by Elam son of Shem.

  2. You are so full of shit.  All those old "gods" and "aliens" are nothing but demons.  There is one God.  The Nephilim are real, though.  They are the children of the fallen angels, and they are still here today causing a lot of evil in the world.  Jesus Christ is Lord.

  3. Man, I don't know what to believe anymore, who was what and where did they come from. I just want this game we're stuck in to finally resolve itself so we can be done with the charades. Too much smoke and mirrors in history and in the present. I feel like we're just pawns.

  4. This video is so important to understand. I have come to the same conclusions as presented in this video on my own path. It is clear that Yahweh is Enlil. And it was Enlil that established the covenant with Abraham. Also it is clear that Marduk, son of Enki is Lucifer (aka Mars, the eastern star). Anu prohibits him from returning back home and is stranded on Earth. However the IGIGI and Marduk (all being of the ENKI camp) align forces. ENKI is the "old serpent".

    However, the covenant involving ritualistic animal-blood sacrifice, the control of mans actions through the use of guilt and shame, a covenant holding man to a set of standards that could not be sustained. Jesus sacrificed himself to break this cruel cycle and free the Jews. He said (paraphrasing), "I am your final blood sacrifice. You don't need to follow this ridiculous law anymore. " So who is Jesus? Son of Enki or Enlil? Or perhaps another God? Not sure…yet

  5. I tell you what the annunaki were…a piece of shit. The fked up mankind's evolution, opened up Pandoras box, genetically altered humanity's genes so that till this day man and mankind suffers. Whether they were advanced or not in terms of technology they apparently were NOT a very loving ethically sound wise "race" of people. They brought down the idea of a stupid god race of tyranical beings who felt that they were superior to the huemans as their "creator' therefore they felt compelled to keep the huemans as their pets. They brought slavery into the world and the " god complex" theory…eugenics, "racism", sexism, religion etc.

  6. For those who keep asking where does God come from u need to think…do u really believe God will create man as wise as he is? No! The bible states that man should not even try to comprehend the wonders of his work, it is simply beyond our understanding.

  7. The image of minute 2:47 those gods are nephilims and they did not create humanity '

    The Pyramids of Egypt were built by giants, and human beings look like little kids next to these giants or nephilims who r the children of demons'

    This image minute 2:47 is misleading and it must be destroyed with the truth!



    The Galactic Federation colonized planet earth 900 thousands years ago with Lemuria'

    Atlantis appeared 300 hundred thousand years ago'

  8. You clear up the confusion, by adding your own brand of confusion. Just an oracle wanna-be. Creating a smorgasbord drawn from the Bible, Sumerian myth and the Book of Enoch. Predictably you offer no evidence that the Sumerian myths are the source of the Bible stories, instead of the other way round. And the Book of Enoch? That you proclaim it to be so is not enough, after all, who are you?
    To five you a little heads up, the Nephilim giants were on the earth before the sons of God and the daughters of men married. The offspring of the marriages were actualkly the might men which were of old, men of renown.
    This is actually what the Greek myths say, and we can trace them back to at least the 8th century BC. The Book of Enoch can't be traced any earlier than the 2nd century BC. Upon a kernel of truth, the pseudonymous writer of most of Enoch wove Jewish fairy tales.

  9. The greatest trick the devil ever did was to convince the world that God doesn't exist. The bible also speaks of a false god that will come in his place and will do "great wonders". It talks about them very clearly in the bible. I believe the Annunaki exists, but I also believe whoever created them is Thee GOD. The way the universe is designed is proof that God exist. but science will have you believe that nothing just magically exploded into everything. There would have to be a whole lotta nothing… IJS

  10. wrong wrong wrong the devil is an old evil older than Samaria the Bible states he's the father of lies the great deceiver don't be fooled by the b/s Jesus Christ said it best Mathew 24 read it we are living it now. look around you their is no trace of Samaria's folklore no where in the bible we are special no other animal is even close to us we have the greatest WiFi that connects us to the Father and that man is name Jesus Christ not an alien but the one true God who loved us so much that he poured his blood for us! no that is truth that happen not some alien race trying to make us slaves for working the mines. think think wake up don't be fooled by this stuff. it makes no sense turn from sin look high and say teach me O Lord how to free the Masses from this dream state Jesus said you have to be born again now I understand because if your no you will hear and believe anything. aliens/ robots/grays greens blue. I believe in Christ who changed my life in a blink.

  11. the annunaki are the beings for the heavenly FATHER universe that D N A was mixed with MANKIND not Adam and Eve's. called the children of God TO TEACH MANKIND. THE nephilim are there children call giant's the urantia book read the

  12. The Annnunaki are not fallen angels and the Bible doesn't even reference them, for some reason people think that Annunaki are Nephilim (NIV Bible) however, the KJV doesn't even describe the Nephilim, all it talks about is giants in the earth those days. Annunaki are older than the Bible belief systems, in fact it can be said that many Annunaki stories are older versions of Bible stories. Anu if you will was the designer of humanoids, sorry people the Bible story is incorrect.

  13. Well there were 7,000 fallen angels(nephillim) that came to earth. Your proof is the book of JUDE. These are reserved to judgement(death of thier souls). The fallen angels impregnated the Jewish women and they had GEBER(giants). Noahs flood was to destroy these Giants. Noah, his sons and daughter-in-laws were the only pure Jews(Adamic) people left on earth. So God brought a flood and destroyed the giants to keep the Jewish race pure so that Jesus Christ would be born of a Pure Pedigree which is required for a perfect sacrifice. Those fallen angels were made by God to go back to Paradise and are held in chains till the anti-christ(Lucifer himself or Satan if you will) is cast to this earth at the 6 trump. When Christ returns, those 7,000 fallen angels are BLOTTED OUT(their sould turned to ash from the inside out) at the instant Christ returns. Then starts the millenium. There are no demons on this earth. There are however demon spirits but no ghosts or demons. We live once and die once and go back to paradise. Read Luke 16 about lazarus and the rich man. Why people cant get this right is mind boggling to me but Gods word says he will bring the spirit of slumber on mankind in the end times that he wont see or hear the truth. So keep on talking bullcrap as you slumber at the wheel of life.

  14. ..sooo.. What did we learn here tonight, boys & girls?
    Repent, sinners.. or else surf's up it seems.. XD
    …Lumeria & Atlantis reloaded.. haha 😀
    The Spirit Science series also has an intersting take on the creator gods and hu-man issue… Whatever we can re-member between all this, the Sumerian Tablets, Books of Enoch, Dead Sea Scrolls, Pleadians, Bashar, Abraham, Greek mythology, Aztecs, Mayans, Nostradamus, Native Indians, our dreams & past/future life recall etc. etc. etc. the truth is soulfully hidden inside somewhere, ready to be uncovered I guess.. May you/we all discover more of it, together and with joy in the spirit of true freedom.. Namaste

  15. Oh also the term nephillim from the greek nephal means fallen. So to correct you the 200 angels that fell ( nephillim ) were the fallen ones. Their offspring with earth women were called the raphiem, which also derives from the greek, and raphiem means giants! And the raphiem were not impervious to death. So when the raphiem or giants were killed their dis imbodied souls were cast here on earth to stay, they are what you and I call demons. You should really know everything about these matters if you plan on using your videos to teach. I am quite certain that you know if you teach something that is incorrect to others and they take your teachings as truth, you will be judged for those people you tought wrong. So for your souls sake please be certain of what you say to others as truth. God Bless you.

  16. ends with "i hope this cleared up any confusion" lol that was fucking funny as shit!
    i can take all this and put it on its ass by saying maybe the annunaki/nephilim knowing these old ruins would be discovered purposely screwed around with truth to deceive man yet again……just saying.

  17. The Name Grigori is very similar to igigi  you can even spell out gigi out of the word grigori also even the descriptions of what Grigori and igigi were and did is very similar i smell plagiarism the bible copied the  Anunnaki story clearly 

  18. I encourage those who are seeking the mystries of our earth, humanity origins, and its relationship to God and the cosmic complexities to explore the details put forth in the Urantia Book as it explans its version of this sort of history.  Look up the Urantia Book on youtube and the Internet.   Everybody, search for truth and you will find it as you refine it.

  19. No They Say they are the Creation gods that's the whole point and you know it. quit trying to get around it. all you did was prove yourself wrong and then you manipulated things to fit your points. what crap. Notice all depictions of them had wings and a double sided face like they had another identity then what they are portraying. The other side looking grotesque appearance(sometimes lizard like)it doesn't take a genius to figure that out or an expert. your trying to glamourize fallen angels and glorify them. They got caught doing the same nad things that early books of the Bibles and other ancient scripts clearly speak of matching fully with the fallen angels misbehavior. The Flood was sent down by Anu. How do I know for sure. Cause im a twelve year full time researcher of ancient Sumerian texts. Ive read them all, that is know and many hidden. Quit fooling yourself, Yahweh also does same things. Azazel gets all sin ascribed to him just like Enki did for the reason for flood determined by whole Anunnaki(Angel) council. I can keep going if ya want. cause im dead accurate and will prove you wrong on all points.

  20. ty. I enjoyed this. the comments are out of sorts, as always new age has clean swept minds, and yes God does fit into this , if they were to study the papyrus and scripts they would see.. I like this.. ty for it.


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