The term Anunnaki is often used in ancient texts as referring to a group of gods. The name is a derivative of the names heaven and earth, Anu and Ki but is also translated by some as “those…



  1. humans are by nature a negative species and natural liars ..the bible is the mind of the popes in written form..we can be positive as much as posible but our true nature is negative to this planet

  2. why would an advanced species need to use manual labor to extract gold? This is just another attempt to convince mankind that we are a slave race and have a creator instead of the creatrix. Civilization is older than Sumeria.

  3. I believe the great unexplained impossible ancient monuments of the world all with civilisations from opposite sides of the globe (which all btw unexplainably date back 100,000yrs+ when civilisation is recorded only to be 6000 years old..) who all unexplainably worshipped the same exact god's', and depict the same god's', remains of which I believe to be what was the era of the god's' (highly advanced beings who exist today under our crust) before there was a Great War between the heavens and the earth (annunaki from the planet beyond Pluto vs the god's, extremely advanced beings who live under the earths crust) because the annunaki saw they where becoming too powerful and a potential threat, the annunaki won the war, sending them forever to live underneath the crust, then the annunaki created a slave species by taking a rib from a Neanderthal modifying its DNA, then implanting it back in resulting in the birth to the first man and women and 6000 years ago there was the birth of our fist civilisation which was the Sumerian civilisation in Iraq, a people who had unexplained knowledge of our solar system and advanced technology's and the first writing system which they in detail documented was all given to them by the annunaki and to this day we are forever domestically enslaved from the truth through a "royal" (annunaki) bloodline that dates back all the way to the very first civilisation so that we too don't become a threat and have to be wiped out.. god is a lie to keep us forever domesticated so we never gain the potential to become a threat, leaving them forever in power and us forever enslaved, every religion before abrahamic religions where used to enlighten us to the gods of this earth and to become one with nature and mind so to proceed our individual potential of becoming a god, abrahamic religions are used to domestically enslave our species as a whole to the "god" of another planet… if the annunaki didn't create human civilisation a tool of hierarchy to forever keep the annunaki bloodline in power and the masses domesticated, forever enslaving us from our true potential, There would be no civilisation that would lead us to inevitably becoming a one raced fully indoctrinated and domestically enslaved species.. and if we do some how as a species wake up and relies that a whole other world of potential beyond our imagination lies underneath the crust like Hitler did, we will be wiped out just like Hitler was only this time not by the royal bloodline and there ambassadors, but by them first hand..

  4. I disagree .The elites are using the Annunakis symbolism to control and manipulate. According to the tablets king Anu give the kingdom of earth to the EarthLinks.
    Annunakis help mankind.

  5. From the days of ancient Sumeria and Egypt up to the present, every institution of power on this planet has been in the control of the satanic Rh negative descendants of the Anunnaki aka Watchers, who are all members of the NWO and Illuminati and who all worship Lucifer in the guise of Moloch the owl, and in whose name they perform the satanic occult ritual of human sacrifice, whether mock or real.

  6. The idea of a spining globe travelling through the universe somehow feels more & more strange to me. Hope this vid can be updated later in the same context. Anyway most of the described pyramidal structures look very well researched in this documentary. One love One truth to reveal ((=

  7. your derogatory ridiculous slander is why they are returning very soon you douche! im sorry you feel like you should have awakened but havent…its because your an impatient troll…you good luck xx

  8. you are an armchair warrior i know the annunuki there my family..the created the " missing link" dont you dare say that they are creating this awful world that fake shaman kings queens have made of their gift! they are benevolent, good, inciteful, and sorry for the past but you have it so so wrong if ypu wish to blame for humans genocide and defamation of our own kin…the eye is the first thing you see before you acheive enlightenment from the penial gland…before you throw judgements and blame…know yourself you armchair warrior because god is good great any yes..
    you will be judged…as you do others

  9. Annunaki are Devils , there head is there father the goat fathers of devils and jinn

    But Jesus is coming , no matter what , and he will win 😀 this is a promise from Allah . just read the Quran andor your book and follow Allah god and never be afraid


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