Today we’re eating hot sauce from Gringo Bandito, Hank’s Sauce and Scoville Farms. It’s a brand new Mukbang Monday. Thanks for the submitted sauces, Sixers! MUSIC snagged from the awesome:…



  1. can't go wrong with hot sauce..and that o'doyle rules shirt is sickkk…i went to the adam sandler concert at mohegan in connecticut and screamed 'odoyle rules' when sandler was on the stage and he stopped his whole act and was like "yeah fuck those odoyles, they were some pricks"…it was lit haha

  2. Nice work fellas. I've tried Gringo Bandito, it's pretty good. They usually have it at Wahoo's Fish Tacos, which is a money as hell fish taco/Mexican chain out west (they have one in Vegas too if you're going soon) and highly recommend!

  3. Reppin Stl with some Schlafly! Great brewery to visit if u are in St. Louis!! I have ordered multiple hot sauces based on these videos….so not only are you funny…you are in fact a solid food review show too😁


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