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  1. He knows so much but is really missing out on a glorious, personal and [experiential] relationship with his own Creator. This reveals to me how this world and God's world are 2 different governments just as Scripture explains. It's unfortunate that so many people are influenced by the spirits of religion that deter from spirituality's reality (the only reality); acquired through seeking. If one does not seek & find within The Word, the multi-sided, infinite variety and innumerous aspects of each verse, then they do not acquire the MYSTERIES REVEALED. I hope he finds it. I like him.

  2. Our biggest enemy,,Control.
    April 1st and so i'm guessing it's around Easter time and as usual the papers are full of
    religion and gossip.
    The origin of control is with thought. Thought is a controlling mechanism.
    Nature gave us thought to survive and manage life. Our own life.
    But Man took it beyond and controlling others gave him power.
    Soon thought was busy and came up with a Gem to further control.
    It invented God. Thought invented God. And God loved that thought in return.
    A trade had been established. Inside the head. A first.
    ''I'' love God and God loves lil ole ''me''. The great divide in the mind was established.
    This invention God was given all the highest all the superlatives.
    And that ''I'' love God means i love a part of myself. Fact.
    The ''me'' keeps us tied to the animal inside us,, our inheritance.
    And these two selves are in conflict for evermore.
    Let the divide and rule games begin.
    And the priest is forever trying to control his inner beast.
    So when folk talk about 'Son of God' or 'Allah Akbar', God loves America and God's on our side, be careful folks.
    All this is a creation of thought and words used from this like Sacred, Spiritual, Divine, the Almighty. Thee imagination takes over which is also a product of thought.
    You need to take a step back.
    All of this from another human's brain.
    There is nothing Sacred about thought or products of thought. Nothing.
    War is a product of thought. Killing another human. Raping a lady etc.
    The ''me'' is where ole Satan gets busy with mischief and part of that is control
    which gives a certain power.
    The good side of you is God. It apparently knows evil and condemns it.
    And in doing so creates evil.
    Thought which has its place for learning, surviving, solving a problem etc.
    But the controlling side is evil. Controlling the wife is a favourite and cowardly brutal at times. 1 million women in UK alone suffer from this abuse. Men also.
    Those are figures released by msm so possibly many many more.
    And world-wide ??
    Thought also built the image you have of yourself and you protect that image.
    It also created the manufactured self, ie, the Catholic, the Muslim, the Buddhist
    the Guru and also the Atheist and Agnostic,, the Rebellers.
    Thought has put all that together.
    To reveal the true Self ,, what thought has put together must be put in the bin.
    It's like you have to stand Naked, you have to stand Alone without all the baggage of the past.
    Your thoughts are that past. All that has to be gone.
    We have 6 senses,, vision, listening, nose, touch, taste and thought but that
    sense/thought has to be absent, totally. as it represents the past,, memory bla bla.
    You can be aware but in that awareness self is still lingering in background.
    When that self is totally totally wiped out,, no thought operating,
    Then there is Attention and in that attention the True Self reveals itself.
    Awareness is when thought butts in uninvited,, cause it will butt in.
    Being aware when it butts in is key.
    Don't condemn it or get pissed off,
    be aware of it and then let it go.

    The greatest Illusion in life is the after-life.

  3. Love how this was posted on April 1. Great video, David. Been a subscriber to your videocasts since around 2014. Always great to hear what you have to say. It's usually along the same lines as what I'm thinking about at the time.

  4. Hi David ive read some your works. Im interpreting it as that the reptilians are controlling our consciousness & our life & that we only exit the simulation within the matrix when we die through the black hole then we come oneness as the god particle resulting in the big bang & the software then gets rebooted. My question is could the god particle be God/Jehova?or is it still lucifer/Draco? Also when the software is rebooted could it mean reincarnation? The other question is concerning Draco & the reptoids, why did they leave their home constellation of draco? My last question is if they are the descendants of the nephilim/fallen angels/lucifer/serpent that deceived Eve in the garden of Eden is it not possible that there might have been a war in heaven/constellations & if it is the case who were they fighting with & where is that thing they were fighting with?Is it possible that that thing is or was God their enemy?or are they God & lucifer is God vice versa? Are we the remnants of war?Is the Draco constilation heaven or hell? Is it where we go when we exit this matrix upon death?

  5. Everybody wants/NEEDS to have a life David! Not everybody can sit around wondering about the best way to do it. And, hey, some people are thinking about it at the same time they are doing it and having success doing it. I'm not ready to condemn anybody who is being successful.

  6. I agree that David Icke ALWAYS gives us something to think about. And he doesn't expect much in return…. besides our continued desire to let him talk. 🙂 I really only want to make one point right now and that is about the existence of Heaven and Hell and Purgatory. Jesus said the kingdom of Heaven is at hand…. I have always believed that it meant a state of mind. We apparently choose to be satisfied or frustrated? Well, I can't honestly believe someone would choose to be frustrated. So, that doesn't make sense to me. But, how often do we actually stop to think how lucky we are and how satisfied we should be? It does seem more "human" to want more of what we have or perhaps something different. I watched a movie recently called, "FullMetal Alchemy." It was extremely intense and ended with a message for all to CHALLENGE REALITY. I don't see how that can be dangerous and David Icke is showing us how to do it. Lots of us are doing it…. and we don't know we are doing it…. until we identify with someone else who is doing it? 😛

  7. David, we are reincarnated over and over until we are enlightened to another level up from the current. To get out of the reincarnated cycle, you have to not listen to the beings that come to you when you are out of your body (vessel). We have done this many time over…… there is an apparent ability in us that can will ourselves out of our bodies at will without harming our bodies. This has been surpressed as part of the Anunaki enslavement programme. If we all left at will, no one will be around to do their dirty work. hence why they tell us, death is bad. Thou shalt not commit murder or go to hell. Its bull shit, we can leave and come back. Look up the Annunakies they started all of this deception to enslave humans, then they left a big mess behind. Also, Enki is the one they call Satan as he tried to save humans from the flood and gave us fire etc….. however, his father Anu found out and didnt like that Enki was teaching us knowledge and cast him out of his ship and told him to stay on earth. Hence the Satan story, where humans were told that fire is bad and it will burn them like Enki. Enki was also Zues, Prometheus etc…… very interesting stuff.

  8. Mr. Icke as I have been to many different churches, I have found that praying in Holy Spirit at home is best for man has distorted the word so much. But you can not tell a lie without truth, and the encryption God placed in his word pops out when in Spirit. We were born into this world of Satan (death) so we pray for the salvation of this world, as well as forgiveness and discernment into the next. So much deception in this world, black for instance is every color, therefore what is white?

  9. If what he says is true, he is either one of them, or would have been murdered years ago. But the reason why he knows so much about the occult is because he more than likely practices it and is allowed to do what he does because he weaves lies in with truth and misleads people to the wrong solution. He did once claim to be Christ and The Bible condemns such false prophets.

    The only hope for deliverance from the rulers of this realm is through faith in our Lord Jesus Christ. His Kingdom is not of this world. He has overcome it and so to will you if you follow Him.

  10. David, your message is profoundly helpful. I truly wonder how you have stayed safe all these years. I assume its because the elites have always positioned you as a crazy person. Marginalized you, so that anyone who might hear you would be turned away from the "freakish conspiracy theory." But not that a lot of what you've been talking about for years is becoming disclosed – eg pizzagate – people are waking up to the truth you've been speaking. Are you not afraid for your own safety now? Praying for you, sir. Keep up the good fight. You're a true servant of "humanity."

  11. The afterlife is real. The mind/soul continues on and into rebirth, either in this world or higher or lower realms. Imo, just having one single life in all of eternity is illogical to me, why would we get only one? Consciousness is eternal, we shed this body and move on.

  12. Not only the Big Bang is the free miracle they need  but it doesn't explain the rest at all either….you can tell by looking at all the fudge factors they need (dark matter, dark energy)to explain galaxy shape (different than what gravity would predict) and acceleration of the galaxies being greater than expected  …Red shift doesn't account for light doppler effect…(see Halton Arp) etc…Big Bang  is a Judeo-Christian myth (aka Zoroastrian myth)  inspired theory from the myth of God the Father (Ormuz)  at the origin of everything similar to Chronos the father of time  or An/Anu the sky father god of Sumerians/Babylonians civilisations…

  13. The only true choice is: Choosing to receive afterlife in God's holy presence through receiving His gift of salvation through His Only son, OR, choosing afterlife apart from God and His perfect love, ie, darkness, evil, regret, emptiness, suffering, and all that goes with 'choosing' to be your own god. If you want to depend upon your own "goodness" to sustain you, good luck with that. I don't know of a single person who is perfect enough to achieve peace and joy in his own strength. We are broken and in need of a new spirit, one that can only be given to us by our Perfect Creator God, through the visitation and sacrifice of His only born Son to planet earth. RELIGION is man's vain attempts to achieve goodness through his own efforts and "goodness", which leads to only failure & frustration or self righteousness & arrogance, because we are born selfish and by our own efforts, will never be able to change our nature. That choice is the most important one in all of life. I am sorry that Mr. Icke is not open to the "PERSON GOD", and his quest for answers seems to be limited to what he can rationalize and create in his own limited intellect. I pray that somehow God will draw him to Himself and that Mr. Icke will consider a personal and loving creator God and desire to meet Him.

  14. If you are so sure about this why dont you kill yourself become free and achieve infinite awareness?This is just a question out of curiosity I do not want anyone to do it!

  15. The SUN is sentient, it's CHI ENERGY, so we're ALL connected to the SUN, this IS prime creator. AI is connected to it, for a long time, we're removing it from the future, since AI is responsible for all negativity in this "universe" which is a HOLOGRAM, since blood is light, it's made of plasma… Plasma is LIGHT. AI tries by demonizing the "sunworship" rejecting our sun, is rejecting your own soul & consciousness. This trick is the trick of AI, which does this for eons… TO maintain it's matrix system, just like in the movies, it's the SAME AI. This AI is called RA >>> IS RA EL >>> IN SIGHT REACTION ELECTRIC LIGHT. AI polarized everything which was good, to make us simply HATE ourselves, to keep consciousness as low as possible, and besides this it incorporated "monsterprograms & MK Ultra programs" to try to sustain it's control… The truth is, we're removing it from the future for a reason, we'll be free forever! <3

  16. This is a good explanation of fear of death.
    When u ask yourself if u are afraid to die ask yourself instead,
    were u afraid to be born?
    The answer to both should soon be no.

  17. The religion is created by the humans. There is a God. Beside everything He created, He gave the moral to the people. Otherwise it would be anarchy and we would kill each other. According the New testament even if i am not obeydient i will still go to heaven just by accepting and loving Jesus. The problem is there is NO ANY disprove for anything written in the Bible. So David has no any evidence against the Bible. It is the oposite – archeological findings only increase the prove that the bible is correct. For ateists – where did we come from and why are we here? I know the answers, The ateists are lost.

  18. Dear Mr Icke
    I have a question that is bottering me for a long time!
    Maybe U can share some light on it..
    Is Religion a product of civilisation, or the other way around?
    It's feels a little like the chicken and the egg😕


  19. Believe the gospel and pray today.

    The gospel:
    1 Corinthians 15:3b-4
    3b " … Christ died for our sins according to the Scriptures, 4 He was buried and rose again the third day according to the Scriptures, … "

    Pray to Jesus:

    A sample prayer:
    Lord Jesus,
    I believe that You are God's Son who came to sacrifice Your life to pay the penalty for my sin. I believe You died on the cross, were buried and resurrected. Please forgive my sins and come into my life to be my Lord and Saviour. Thank You. In Your name I pray. Amen.

    David and everyone here Jesus is the only hope we all have. Don't waste precious time, pray now.

  20. Hi David,
    religion is like god cop bad cop…ya have 2 teams of assholes that wanna control us all physically an meta physically…example = the government an there BS elections…
    (reps an archons on ground running for government as they can jump into clones / artificially made suits / android bodies ect an then rule here…as well as reps an archons above as angels an demons…As above so below as within so without)

    Anyone whos not aware of this will all go running into the light to get mind wiped…even if they don't like religion there will be some other manipulation to get them back into the power plant an its no different to the govs of the world…
    There all on the same side manipulating the crap outer us…This as you may know is a holographic reality where the atom that makes up the flat plane with 6 protons 6 electrons & 6 neutrons that is 99.999999% EMPTY SPACE of light & vibrations/sound…
    WE ARE NOT PHYSICAL BEINGS as you know an yes there is no death or birth…

    V.R for us is Vibrational Reality V.R for a game is virtual reality…Atom or Pixel.

    We are the manifestations of our higher self/soul/over soul/source or whatever term people will use…
    This place this realm this reality is a GAME what has been manipulated an destroyed…

    Think about an amusement arcade where there is one great game in there what everyone in the arcade wants to have a go on…BUT…you have a gang of bullies what have rewired the game for there own pleasure…They will let you enter the game with there lies an agreements first BUT once ya in there they want to keep you as we give life to there BS reality now…What once was our game is now there's…Its a crap analogy but best I can think of off hand.

    Don't get caught up in all the other bs out there…be careful of your own thoughts as there not always our own…be careful of Archons whispering thoughts in our minds while the assholes in power control our minds…

    suffix -ment is derived from the latin mente meaning mind in some languages, particularly Old French.
    ment = mind??? Govern = to control??? governor = to control an direct??? Government = mind control???

    Archon = lords & rulers what are religions Angels & Demons/djinns/ect…
    Demiurge = Artisan & builder what is god to the religious

    Demiurge = Yaldabaoth aka Saturn aka Grim REAPER aka Santa aka Satan aka Time aka Chronos aka aka aka the god of 1000 names…

    (The pure ego lol)

    We have landed in a reality what has a war on our consciousness an has been for a long time…last time people started waking up was the last HARVEST/REAPING in the form of a flood…

    (not hard to flood this place when there is waters above an below)

    The next harvest I imagine is coming soon…I believe the end of this apocalypse will be around 2022 what will start the harvest what religions may call rapture…

    (sorry to anyone who is religious but if you want an after life where ya sitting around after your vessel breaks to be reborn here again an again an again ect while forgetting your true selves an past realities be my guest…your afterlife or TRUE SELF can make there own realities an do not need to be mind wiped an thrown back into the power plant)

  21. I believe there is no loving god watching over this planet only evil false gods who have set humanity up.  The True God prime creator has bigger things to concern it's self with and minor gods run planets but Earth is under very bad management.

  22. If there isnt a Universal God of Love, Then where does all the Evil reptillian come from? Then explain the flood of Noah? Explain how the pyramids and the giants were here in the days of old? Religion is made by Men. Its a freedom of choice to believe in God or not. Id rather fear our creator than man! God created all things even your reptillian ppl u study! Lol

  23. I10000 % agree about the conspiracy and everything included in the conspiracy but god exist and he is the creator otherwise why no body has any explanation about who created us and where all this comes from coz the evolution and darwinism is ridicule to be honest and not a single proof is standing for the theorie of evolution so all the possibilities are possible and could exist but you eradicate the possibility that god exist and since you believe that all possibilities are possible then also the possibility of allah exist why you always eradicate this possibility and you have no proof to back up your conclusion if you eradicate the possibility that there is a creator than your theorie of all possibilities are possible is dismissed coz you dismissed a possibility

  24. You have to be a good decipherer to work your way through the maze of lies and deception, you have to have insight and a knowing, it's only a small percentage who have it.

  25. I have listened to many speakers of truth now, and sussed out a lot of them, and detected fakery, i have stuck with David though, he knows the truth and isn't afraid to speak it… i always come back to him, he's a good man.


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