The mystery of Giza has finally been solved: archaeologists uncovered who made the Great Pyramid and how they managed to build one of the Seven Wonders of the ancient world. The Great Pyramid…



  1. YAP.. this indicate Bible is the best source of history… it is well written that those slaves where Israelite's who created Egypt which was removed from there records due to the upraised happen when the Prince Moises freed them.

  2. u wasted my time just to tell me stones are transported by boats ok what about the building how did they biult it which is the hard part and that is why i dont believe it was built by egyptians

  3. No, unfortunately that's not the right answer! There is no reasonable explanation of how those 200 tons blocks each were stacked together for such a high altitude and precisely cut that even human hair can't go through.This days even the most modern cranes can't lift up an object with such weight not to mention where those Egyptians found a stone cutting machine in 3000 BC.This Pyramids have nothing to do with Pharaoh Khufu because it's not a temple or tomb! Most tombs located in Luxor This pyramids have technological purpose! Most likely the Pyramids were build about 11000 BC by an advanced civilization

  4. 04:36 "He did decide to do his own research" is a strenuously awkward way of saying "he decided to do his own research." Or how about "he did his own research?" Or "he researched it himself?"

    This video has almost 10m views, surely you can afford to hire at least one fluent English speaker? Why would anyone trust the veracity of claims made by a narrator who communicates like a five year old?

  5. These alien idiots need lobotomies. Building the pyramids wasn't that complicated. There are people right here in YouTube that demonstrate how a single man can move blocks weighing tons all by himself with just pieces of wood.

  6. why does everybody think that they were built by aliens like the great wall of china is even bigger and nobody thinks that was built by aliens people are over thinking this people built it . PERIOD

  7. Another theory that's all, but the fact remains that no matter what anyone believes the ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs stated that the pyramids were built with the help of 4 gods who descended to earth, I cannot remember the other 3 names but one was named Asyris and they all came from the Orion's belt region, exactly where they line up and point to. What really makes me mad with the main streamed scholars is that they choose what they want to believe from the text and discard what they think is myth, We should all know that many structures much older that the Pyramids could not have been built by the hand of Man with ancient copper and stone tools but were precision cut and built with advanced sophisticated machinery.

  8. They didn't build them. They found them & tried 2 repair them. The head of sphinx was a lion head. That was a symble 2 other beings that at that time the domonit beings here were lions.the phyinx head was carved down 2 resemble a man's head or the king @ thst time. In a foot of the pfinyx is in4mation on how the huge blocks were levatated by other beings from space. No 1 has found the in4mation b cause it's full of water no 1 has gone far enough The bigest pyramid had a massive crystal on top. It could b cn from space like a light house 4 ships on the ocean so they could calculate where they r in space. Now u heard the truth of how the pyramids were built. Yr welcome go in peace.

  9. Still doesnt explain how they lifted blocks of limestone and blocks of granite that weight up to 20 tons nearly 3-400 feet in the air to set them with a precision that we would have a hard time to duplicate with advanced technology today


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