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  1. In a world where people like George Bush Jr. can say that we are not to tolerate 'conspiracy theorists'.. a term made up by the American CIA to ensure that such people and groups and what they stand are to be ridiculed and laughed at.. when he and people like Chaney and Rumsfeld and many others practically orchestrate treasonous activity vis-a-vis 9/11 and the illegal Iraq and Afghanistan wars, David Icke is a welcome force of reason in a world gone mad. A shame he went back on this Wogan show, a mental midget if there ever was one.

  2. Being different can either make or brake a person..any genius is ridiculed…people on mass are fickle n easily led…cause people are scared of being truly free..
    He has a point… doesn't matter who takes government nothing gets better…maybe for really rich people who don't care as long as they hold the reigns…

  3. wogans a cunt and paid by the bbc and a rowe of saviles we all know davids right now dont we so note all the people here putting him down we know what they stand for and who they worship

  4. I love this Mr. Icke! Been into your work since I was a teenager, 31 now, when my friend had introduced me to your work in books and videos and information. Bravo mate ! Bravo!

  5. America an open society? Since when? But more importantly how did David obtain this information? Did he acquire this knowledge on his own? Surely, he had to of known, that imbeciles who don't know how to think on their own would ridicule him, so why put the information out there? There are so many questions i would ask him before his time on Earth is over. They say "knowledge is power". I wonder how much knowledge he has.

  6. The world will end 1 day and anyone that thinks it wont is stupid. Climate change is real but its natural its not caused by global warming bcoz G.W dont exist but the climate is changing and one day the earth will have another ice age. What baffles me is that nobody looks at history this earth used be covered in ice but then the climate changed and the earth heated up and they were no humans around causing global warming to melt the ice lol. History repeats itself and humans will be wiped off the planet for another few hundred millionaires then life will start again.

    What baffles me though is the fact that what we have been told about evolution bcoz experts found 2 remains of bones that turned out to be an ancestor of humans but when testing was done on the bones it turned out these guys were alive when the first humans were which totally blows open what have been told. I would love to be able to come back to life in a thousand years time n see what the world is like.

  7. Wogan was an excellent 'entertainer', his public persona was of a joyful & constructive nature, he was incredibly popular & well loved by most of the British people.
    He was a perfect gentleman to Icke on the 1st interview & considering the mindset of the time, was incredibly reasonable & gentle in his handling of the strange situation. To apologise for that when he didn't need to, & invite Icke back was an admirable act of compassion- above any other concerns.
    Icke did come across as arrogant, bitter & moody & a man who had clearly had some-kind-of mental breakdown. Many Conspiracies were well known about at the time & Icke contributed nothing new to them- being more concerned about the colour turquoise & running around hills.
    On the second interview, the 'positive turquoise' shell suit is replaced by a 'saturnal jacket', showing Ickes assimilation into the game. He talks of maturity, yet fails to see how immature his presumptions were, again he is bitter & humourless while doing so, & begins to berate Wogan for his lack of empathy in his whining, shouty way…the ripples of laughter were definitely a wave of mirth.
    He acts as if he was singled out & picked upon, yet he placed himself in that position & showed a lack of tact & consideration regarding how he would be perceived by the public- who expectedly thought he was 'a bit mental' & a narcissistic misery monger.
    Again Wogan reminds him he set himself up as a target for controversy and allows him to explain himself without interruption or ridicule- in fact encourages him to explain himself on primetime tv! Wogan asks who are the hidden hand & Icke waffles simplified generalisations.
    Wogan admits his naivety concerning American freedoms & Icke begins to ridicule him, then gets over-defensive when called a 'know-it-all- which is how he comes across.
    Icke makes good points about the 'Orwellian' encroachment of liberties & freedom, yet his generalisations about the USA were 'a half-truth'- despite the oppressive growth occurring there, the USA did have many States that WERE incredibly open & free thinking- for example, books were published there that were BANNED in the UK at the time.
    People seem to forget these things & paint a simpler picture of what things were actually like.

    Comparing the manners & mannerisms, the natures & tone of both, Wogan would easily be the better company- instead of being lectured in a shouty, agitated voice about things we have little or no control over, he would possibly liven up the evening by singing the 'floral dance' or drawing on his vast repertoire of amusing tails & reminiscences.(!)

    Icke wrote a brilliant book on 911 & spent a vast amount of time & energy simultaneously informing & terrifying his expanding audience. He inspired & provoked millions of people, transcending the ridicule & becoming an 'Ickonic' figure in the modern age.
    Whether you agree or disagree with him it's only fair to give him the credit he now rightfully deserves- for his hard work, perseverance & success as a publisher, investigator & media personality. He seems an overtly sincere man to the point of fanaticism, yet who can blame him considering what he has undergone?
    Lesser men & women have now reappropriated his work (as he did with others before him) & many are still happy to ridicule or dismiss him. He is a great man for all he has achieved (again whether you like him or not) & he keeps debate flowing in the currency of information.
    The information he propagates has truth, fiction, fantasy & allegory all mixed up into his own special stew of horror & wonder. Only an idiot would believe everything he says & only an idiot would dismiss him as meaningless.
    Cheers David, let's hope thing get better!

    by Ram & Dee

  8. I ask God Almighty to bless you, Mr. David Icke, abundantly! May you be restored to full health! May you be blessed according to our father's riches in heaven! I really do hope to meet you one day soon! God Bless you abundantly!! You are one of the most authentic people Ive ever seen!! Truth is Almighty!, the truth that you graciously give is very very powerful! You are on the winning team! Rest assured! Keep it up!! <3

  9. When people see a GP who has studied medicine for a few years, they say : yes docter,no docter and put their lives into his hands, but a man who dares to think for himself and has studied his whole life what is wrong on this planet is being ridiculed. I do not see a bright future for humanity.

  10. Wogan was not ignorant!!!
    He gave David Icke prime time TV exposure not once but TWICE at a time when there wasn't much internet, social media etc…… !!!

  11. It's a shame he took you off topic. I would like to know more about which companies were in the document. Great comeback about the cheep dig. Ending you short.

    What I did find interesting is your original 1991 film where you were mentioning tsunamis andvolcanic erruptions. Including the control of these disasters. And to put it against the back drop of history since this interview with Wogan. Rip

  12. The people who run this world feed off negative energy and conflict. Republican/Democrat. Have you ever seen so much fighting between trump Clinton’s supporters? The elites are winning. People need to get rid of their ego and start to live joyously. No more jealousy or comparing yourself to others. Then, the elite will fail. It’s all about the collective energy of the world.


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