Tim Alberino 2018 – Technology of Acient People #STEVEQUAYLE #STEVEQUAYLE2018 #JONATHANCAHN #JONATHANCAHN2018 …



  1. I feel Timothy is making this more complicated than it needs to be.

    We don't ask who built the tree, or who built a man… these things are not built with human hands in human factories.

    He is making lots of assumptions here is regard to this flying saucer he saw.

    It can not be assumed that the beings inside are CARBON based, or SILICA based or are of some other elemental construct.

    The saucer could be grown as opposed to built, has a conscious to communicate directly with the "pilots" .

    Like we have birds, these could be the equivalent of SPACE BIRDS, who unlike our own which fly around in the atmosphere, these are celestial birds fly Intra/Inter galaxy and/or Inter-dimensional.

    Beings could be some type of Electromagnetic energy and like all energy, can be impacted by other energies and hence must travel about in a protective shield like a saucer, that keeps their energy from being destroyed/altered/damaged as they move through space.

    Just something to think about


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