In this video Luke Rudkowski meets David Icke on the Isle of Wight to continue there conversation from last year about consciousnesses and spirituality. This is part one of the conversation…



  1. I have a question I'm wondering if someone has any thoughts on – if we are all different points of perception of Infinite Awareness, why would Infinite Awareness, which knows everything, choose to become ignorant and trapped in five sense perception? I really admire Mr. Icke's work and have learned a lot from him – just trying to gain my own understanding of all this. Perhaps each of our souls were Infinite Awareness experiencing itself to the fullest and somehow became trapped by the negative forces? Or maybe it was a conscious choice of IA to come "here" and experience this?

  2. We're all prisoners of the planet earth (symbolically expressed in the Jewish Bible (Old Testament) in Genesis) and Buddhism. Caught in a perpetual cycle of birth and death.The whole matrix movies are all based on this Buddhist/Taoist/Gnostic theory and David Icke keeps saying something similar. The only thing they're (The Matrix/David Icke)not saying is how to break the cycle (the wheel of samsara/suffering in Buddhism).
    Our bodies are just basically biological space suits/a vehicle for the continuation of consciousness as David rightly says. Unfortunately and unbeknown to most, we've had our energy bodies messed with and the 3 channels (ida, sushumna, pingala) which would normally free us have been blocked (granthis/knots) from naturally flowing keeping us centred bellow the diaphragm on lower levels of consciousness/vibration fields.This is why no matter how many times we read or tell ourselves that we are infinite consciousness it will not make a blind bit of difference.
    How do we get free then?
    Only by the use of esoteric breathing exercises and meditation.
    "Since prana and mind are linked, prana follows the mind when guided by concentration; prana gathers when the mind focuses it.
    And conversely the mind can be balanced and integrated by working with the prana through the use of controlled breathing patterns and movements that are linked to breathing.
    When the prana is brought into the central channel, its essential nature- THIGLE/KUNDALINI or THE HOLY SPIRIT- is activated and enters the channels.
    Dualistic mind is then overcome, and realization achieved."..
    Quote from 'The Crystal and the Way of Light' By Namkhai Norbu.

    Knowledge the accumulation of information is by its very nature limited.
    All thought is time bound and in the field of measure. Energy functioning in a pattern becomes matter. Thought is matter. Any action born of noise produces more noise, more confusion. Acting from a silent minded thinking from a silent mind is completely different from acting from a mechanical mind.
    Which is meditation.
    What is the purpose of meditation?
    The mind rides on the breath, control the breath you control the mind.
    As a practitioner calms the mind through this sort of practice, the chi/prana will enter into the central channel eventually through continual practice release the granthis/knots that bind the mind to dualistic thinking and free yourself from the cycle of suffering.
    If you do not learn how to integrate your mind with your chi/prana, you can practice for a thousand years and nothing will happen.
    When a practitioner’s chi/prana enters the central channel, he will naturally give birth to an illusory body (a solar body of light as opposed a lunar body(reflected light) that we have now) and experience the stages of peace, love and light/ emptiness and bliss mentioned by the various spiritual schools.

  3. As one of the many lucky few who has had a spiritual experience the result of this awakening completely dumbfounded me and still does to this day, for months I was never satisfied with life always looking for that grass is greener to reach fulfilment. Then boom it hit me seeing/feeling the universe as me and me as it all as one inside of me. people look at the physical world as out there when in fact its in here! experiencing the 'no mind ' state. Which is truly liberating seeing that 99.9% of our problems wether health, wealth or life situations come from our mind and preconditioning. becoming aware of my true self, that inner stillness so many would never believe is possible and I feel sorry for them. for they have never had that experience. Without being aware of it, you never know it exists. I only pray that i experience it again one day the goal should be for everyone to make it a conscious choice to take a few min every hour an just be. Forget the doing , you have plenty of time to 'do'
    Simply be there wherever you are and become the observer of not only outer reality but also inner. Since they are nearly reflections of one another.

  4. Where is the evidence that we are vibrating, what our frequency band is , that we have an "auric" field and that we are "drawing in" anything? This all sounds like big words to hide that he's talking about magic, which is BS.

  5. David icke is a liar. He is what is called 'controlled opposition' he gave a few clues that he is in fact part of the illuminati. One of these clues was a hand sign he did during an interview. Don't be deceived by his lies people!

  6. Clearly some of these people commenting are not listening , Icke talks about reptilians being other worldly beings, they are called by many names, Jinn, aliens, spirits, demons, fallen angels and many other names. They have been around since the beginning of time and recorded history. They present themselves most often in this plane with features that look reptilian to humans. He has never said they are reptiles or lizards. Listen.

  7. From a spiritual perspective,

    Those who think they know, really don't know .

    Those who "don't know", really know.

    It is very very simple; 

    We are all One.  There is one infinite energy expressing itself endlessly.  

    We ultimately come from a state of non-dualism to live in a 3rd dimension physical reality as humans, who are all on a path to eventually "awaken".

    That is exactly why in the 3rd dimension you have duality.  White/Black/ Life/Death/ Happy/Sad/ Good/Evil. 

    The universe is acting out a play with itself.  Its all a show and a giant "movie".

    The truth cannot be explained or quantified in words.  The real truth of Who and what YOU really are can only be directly experienced.

    We are all one consciousness; This is not our true state of being we come here to have the vast experiences of duality because why not? 

    This is all conjecture.

     I truly know nothing in my everyday state of human consciousness within the 5 senses.

  8. Do people need the Truth? Vast amount of people is happy and content in their Ignorance🐷! Have you seen what happens when you try to shake ordinary folk out of their slumber? AGGRESSION! 👺 CONDEMNATIONS! 👹
    So don't put the blame on George Bush and visitors from the Orion Constellation👽👽👽👽!

    From the early childhood I've been aware that the "reality" is the ILLUSION. My understanding of the rules of the illusion game is fairly encompassing. I'm sure that the so called conspiracy of Windsors/300 Clubs/Reptiloids etcetera 👻 is wrongly interpreted the NECESSARY BASIC stage of development of human understanding of the rules of the MATRIX.

    HUMANITY CAN NOT JUMP INTO UNDERSTANDING OF THE RULES OF THE GAME WITHOUT UNDERSTANDING FOR THE STARTER OF THE LAWS OF QUANTUM PHYSICS, which for the average Dick and Harry and moreover for the population of undeveloped world 👳💂 is the request of the Highest Order!

    Kindergarten of the humanity wouldn't know what to do with all the revelations of the secrets of the Universe, as one can not eat it or wear it… 🎃

  9. Ephesians 3:9  And to make all men see what is the fellowship of the mystery, which from the beginning of the world hath been hid in God, who created all things by (through G1223 dia) Jesus Christ:
    Colossians 1:15 Who is the image (likeness G1504, eikon) of the invisible God, the firstborn of every creature: 
    Colossians 1:16 For by (in, G1722, en) him were all things created, that are in (G1722, en) heaven, and that are in (G1722, en) earth, visible and invisible, whether they be thrones, or dominions, or principalities, or powers: all things were created by (through G1223 dia) him, and for (back into G1519 eis)  him: 
    Colossians 1:17 And he is before all things, and by (in G1722 en) him all things consist.

  10. Just listen with an open head… why so many stupid comments ?, learning how to learn and deconstructing an ego based response with veiled poor humour and a limited point of view is difficult.

  11. Why is Luke talking about the weather in London when he's on an island 200 miles from that city? Does he not realise that the country is England, that the Isle of Wight is part of England and that London is a city not a country? Icke should have said something. It would be like me being on Rhode Island and commenting on the weather in Washington.

  12. Et oui, David et cie. Je vous ramène encore sur la scène. Cette fois-ci parce que je te vois pédaler en évitant de répondre à une question assez précise au sujet de ton propre parcours spirituel. Trop drôle et parfois même navrant que cette façon d'éluder qui te renvoie souvent en mode exclusion de ta personne ! En effet, je fais partie des gens qui s'inquiètent de ta santé et tu mérites de te faire botter les fesses et brasser la cage. Ceci dit, Il n'en demeure pas moins qu'en tant qu'activiste, je te considère parmi les meilleurs. J'adore ta critique sur la fréquence énergétique. 13:00 à 16:00+++ pour les gens qui croient encore que la résistance est futile du fait que cette force de distorsion s'infiltre partout et ce, sournoisement et à notre insu.

    The rest is on my wall on May 21st, 2015. Welcome aboard and take care.

  13. Are you starseed? Yes you are. You come here to awaken not to just tell people who you are thats not awakening.Honor the light the sun the planets the moon and our new home the earth and yes the zodiac is the only way to undestand creation.Practice kundalini awakening raise the christ oil and reverse breathing meditate by no thinking.Take the 12 zodiac salts and practice new habits.No meat  eating,milk or anything that is acid forming have an alkaline body so the oil can raise and activate the dormant cells this is the return of the christ or you.dont let people tell you the bible is bad only religion is.LOOK at SANTOS BONNACI videos and read the Hermetica.Read George W. Carey's books and if you want to dowload them write the name of the book and .pdf in google.Manly P. Hall is also a good source.STOP the spread of wrong information yes we come from different stars but our new home is the solar system.They wont come and ascend us we have to do it oursleves.All is energy and we are an antenna to the source.Study the history remember we were once an advance society and the information was pass thorugh those great books.I am a heremetic iniciate just like those philosophers and great masters.Please have the eyes to see and the ears to hear this is the info you were waiting for.

      “The eye is the lamp of the body. If your eyes are healthy, [ a] your whole body will be full of light.   23  But if your eyes are unhealthy, [ b] your whole body will be full of darkness. If then the light within you is darkness, how great is that darkness!  Matthew 6:22-23

        We are all star dust.we are all from the same source even those higher vibrational beings.we can have the same knowledge they have by looking within.take the work of nichola tesla and walter russel for example..NEW AGE is making new religion "GODS" why dont you let youself speak or the all within..we are an antenna to the special we are..not even angels can be what we can you awake without knowing to mediatate,and without understanding and learning about the life principles and without understanding the sacred teachings just think how this is a new way of control.

     Excuse my writting im not in school

  14. Phenomenal discussions, gents. I've been in a spiritual battle with an entity, which I honestly believe is a spirit of a nephilim. He/it is attached to my girlfriend, it seems, as if it's in love with her, or at least obsessed. It's very real and I've had discussions with it outright. This led me to learn about it, which in turn led me to learn what Mr. Icke is teaching and I must say, as a lifelong Christian, the reality of what's going on around us in these times is mind boggling and chaotic. I fear the worst is yet to come, and soon. Thank you all, for trying to help enlighten this blind race known as mankind.

  15. Please read this comment carefully, I am not a troll, I am not trying to cause confusion. I will be straight to the point.
    David Icke, although having some factual foundation to some of his theories… is what is known as "Controlled Opposition". He is there to garner support from people, because his ideas resonate. Those people are instantly seen as "crazies" by the rest of society, because they go and speak about what is going on in the world, and use people like Icke as a reference.
    This is by design. 
    You LOOK like a "crazy: when you agree with him, whether or not the theory is unfounded. Misinformation is one of the biggest tools of the elite in keeping this whole situation controlled. They are clever, and know how to manipulate any situation.
    I am not saying ALL of his theories are BS, but take an objective look at what he is saying, then move on to better and more reliable sources of information.
    Icke has discovered NOTHING, he parrots the main alternative line and mixes it with crazy theories. In doing so, he catches people like you in his net.
    The corruption in this world does not come from "negative energies", or beings controlling everything from outside of our visible light spectrum. It comes from corrupt bankers and corrupt politicians. It always has.

    Call them what you like, Illuminati, New World Order, whatever. Its just corrupt central Bankers (ECB, IMF and Federal Reserve).
    See through the smog of BS please, for your own sake.

  16. ~ All is ONE ~ ONE is all ~

    We are INFINITE aspects of one consciousness and that one consciousness is God = the creation = all that is. Everything is made of God for there is nothing else to make anything from, there can not be anything outside of creation, its infinite.´Everything exists and has always existed and will always exist.

    God = Source Energy
    The creation are one consciousness but we are experiencing itself subjectively. you are "one" of the many aspects of God, you are God in the sense of you being the whole universe but are (paste your name) Gentry in the role of yourself, it is separate but the same.

    We all are God but we have illusions, like egos and belief systems that leads us to believe that we are separated from the God.

    Time is an illusion. There exist infinite parallel universes (frequencies) and we are shifting to parallel universe to parallel universe, billion of times per second. and that creates the illusion of movement and time. Its like a film strip with pictures, and when the images go quickly through the projector it creates the illusion of movement and time.

    You are shifting to parallell universes that match with your vibration. you exists in infinitely frequencies.
    You need to control what future you want to experience. all futures and pasts already exist.  FOLLOW YOUR EXITEMENT !!

    Illusions is the REAL devil. It makes that being different is something to fear.
    It makes the world becomes unbalanced. It destroys the world. It
    creates things like RACISM,WAR and FEAR. What I just explained was what
    negative energy makes, imbalance. 
    Positive energy is balanced and working harmoniously.

    REMEMBER! Energy is not only something you can not see, everything you see and touch is energy,  EVERYTHING IS ENERGY

    Life is proven to be energy "nothing is real".
    There is no difference between a dream and life. Life is literally a dream and a dream is literally a life. Learn to live lucid or the matrix takes you!
    You are not in physical reality, physical reality is in you. 
    The existence of infinite consciousness is the only thing that can be perceived as truth, everything else can be seen as an illusion of manifestation. 
    The meaning of life is to exist. 
    Fear and Love is a choice. Choose which side you want to experience. 

    Love is not something youre in, .. it is something you are..
    Love is all there is, you are either connected or not connected to it.
    Once you have unconditional love, you will see perfection everywhere if you only choose to recognize it

  17. Icke started off as a cult leader, then worked for and was funded by various 'truther' magazines and was lead to various information sources which apparently he doesn't always credit for his growth as a theorist. Now he is essentially a cult leader again, not to say good information wasn't picked up along the way (you would have to be the living dead not to see the importance of elite child abuse) but you can know the truth, or non truth of Icke's theories via your own mind, something Icke neither teaches nor seems to want his followers to know (because he is a cult leader and you would also know where he is talking out of his arse which is in quite a lot of places but like all good cult leaders Icke knows how to silence dissent,spin a good yarn and do all the ugly cultist stuff most people should avoid by a mile).

  18. Nutter alert, how so many people have paid him for this crap…… he jumps on every bandwagon, it is insane,…. I understand that his crap would be loved by the yanks… they accept this crap…. but come one Brits.. he was a crap goal keeper, NOT a professional football champion? as he states…. he was the "SON OF GOD".. recall?  he is the dope who thinks the Queen is a reptilian? he is laughing all the way to the BANK… 


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