Brad Olsen joins the Kev Baker Show to go over a number of topics including disclosure, ancient technology, ley lines, pyramids of Egypt, Antarctica pyramids, …



  1. Re: Elon Musk "They have to cut off the feed when they're putting one of his rockets into space because it's so top secret"….. are you bloody kidding me????? They have to cut off the feed because it's all FAKE. For crying out loud people WAKE THE F*** UP!

  2. These so called ET'S that mutilate animals/ppl are nothing more than the evil folks called Luciferians. Ppl who have chosen satan over God. They hide behind these crazy stories of space and other beings on other planets. It's all lies folks. Satan is the father of lies and these are his children that try to get us to believe we live on a spinning ball. Question….how do you flood a spinning ball flying through space? If we are on a spinning ball flying through space….then why do we have to "wait" for a hurricane "to pass"? Why wouldn't we just fly through it? God told us of these evil ppl so why do we buy into the lies. Because there's zero critical and/logical thinking going on. Sad. You can give man God's word but you can't make him crack the book.

  3. Kevin check this perspective out. If someone had some e mails that proved they wear doing some really bad stuff. And they destroyed a bunch of them. At the same time they lose an election mainly because of all the conspiratorial type platforms that put out certain emails from WikiLeaks that looked bad. What better way to hide the fact that you deleted your emails so know one could see them than to say the emails wear about UFO's. It would pander to conspiratorial group. And it would be the perfect excuse to delete the emails. They could say that the FBI couldn't see the sensitive UFO information, they don't have the clearance. Another golden nugget to back this up would be when Tom Delong was on the Joe Rogan show talking about high up official's was wondering why he was talking to Podesta about UFO's on the emails that were found. This episode was before the Ancient Aliens was ever aired. This would be the mental programming to condition people that watched the Joe Rogan show to be conditioned to believe that HRC had to destroy those emails because they couldn't get into certain people hands. Also the televised news is slowly starting to try to pander to a conspiracy platform the reason being is so many people are waking up the conspiracy platform is humongous.

  4. Re the skin burning sensation. When you notice this, close your eyes and see if you see something that looks similar to "floaters". I believe it may be the increased radiation from the sun. On certain days, in Central Florida, the sand becomes so hot you can't stand on it. It will burn your bare feet. I lived here many years. THAT is not NORMAL.

  5. How Weird Street Fair is disgusting! Naked people & sex acts everywhere. The first time I ever saw an adult penis was at the How Weird Street Fair when I was 4 years old – my mom & I were shopping downtown & she forgot where we parked, turned a corner looking for our car & bam! Some old guy in bondage gear waving his dick around right at my face height. That fair has historically been about sexual deviancy, not electronic music.

  6. Space is fake aliens don't exist and 2planes took down 7buildings and the master of the universe had a ringside seat to watch he's so and 12 body's torchered to death ,ya we no it all don't we


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