And what a coincidence! Elon Musk shoots his car into space and we are witnessing UFO’s floating around his car and it is not some sort of space dust, these objects hover, stop and start to…



  1. U have to be a complete tool foolOrBoth to believe anything space hoax puts out !!!!! haha u Fucking ingrates believe this ? Kiss ur wife good nite be thankful for what u have there are some things we cannot do one of them being —— going to space ! To live free of the governmental ideas that bind u hmm 🤔

  2. “The aliens be like OMG IS THAT A UFO” alien one said “no it’s a ufo OH WAIT WHAT” alien two screamed and then there on a website like this watching a video titled CRAZY UFO SIGHTING IN SPACE WHIKE VISTING NEW PLANET

  3. Its ice and propellant, iam just gutted that i clicked on this and shisters like you are probably earning money from the s**te you post, your up there with trump(et) and hes fake news bulsh**t, and if it was ufo,s which it isnt would they release it for fu**wits like you to discover….

  4. I know you all wish you can be Luke skywalker..thats hollywoods fault,, as is the great deception, demons not aliens, shapeshifting evil entities, which can take the form of whatever you desire , aliens , ghosts, late aunties and uncles..anything to keep you from finding the truth. Dont be decieved. The days of this earth are at an end, regret is the result of finding the real truth when its too late…Jesus is the truth and the life..God Bless


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