This was after Michael Schenker flew the coop and Paul Chapman stepped in as lead guitarist. Some fine work also from Neil Carter, who replaced Paul Raymond on keyboard and guitar. The song…



  1. I saw UFO in 1979 right after Schenker left. Being a huge Schenker fan, it was the most disappointing show I ever saw. The leads were terrible and unrecogi The only thing that saved the night was Judas Priest was also on the bill and they were freaking awesome.

  2. UFO – produced some of the classic rock songs of all time and this version stands up there with the best. A band not given enough recognition – vocals are amazing from Phil Mogg ! Read some other comments and the guitar playing is not Schenker but is still great – the end solo is different but good enough !

  3. Every band has a member that the rest of the band revolves around. For Van Halen, it was Eddie. For AC/DC it was Angus. And for UFO, it was Schenker. Take any of those people out of the lineup and it isn't the same.

  4. No Doubt! Paul Chapman is NOT 'Michael Schenker'! Funny! WOW! I'm Moving back out to CA. and yes; Many years back I did See UFO outside at what use to be known as; 'Day On The Green', Thursday thru Saturday nights Full of many Artist, Shows/Concerts when then they had (2) 'Day On The Green' every year! Journey, REO Speedwagon, Doobie Brothers, John Mellencamp or John Cougar Mellencamp, Kenny Loggins, etc. The List goes on & on! I'm 53 now but have seen over 100 damn shows/Concerts! The Original members of 'KISS' with 'Ace Frehley' & Drummer 'Peter Criss' I saw here in the Midwest a few years back to back. Truly I don't quite remember if 'KISS' was my 1st Concert or I also remember Crazy 'Ted Nugent' Rock-n solo as He did in the beginning might had been my 1st Concert! I believe it was 'KISS' however! 'Day On The Green' was maybe Oakland Coliseum Football field or as well as the Baseball Stadiums. But they were (2 Days & Nights) Full of Many shows/Concerts etc. We All Camped out All Night as they continued Playing All Night as well. I will never Forget those Times & Years! Well enough aey?  'Just Art'

  5. Yes it's Moog, who is the guitar player? I saw them in San Francisco at a tiny place and they rocked! Around hmm. 2012? Moog, Pete Way, Andy the original drummer. No Michael Schenker, and not the original bass player. But it was still great. Rockstars!

  6. For those of you complaining about the solo and Paul Chapman in general. Get over it. The solo is great and the Paul Chapman era is just as good as the Schenker era in my opinion.

  7. Hey Jim, couldn't agree more with you. Yeah, I was just comparing this vid with the 2005 live studio they did…Only one song. Isn't it great to have grown up with such great music and times ! We are very very lucky

    I really hope they have many more years in them !!

  8. I get what you are saying, but even listening to Seven Deadly I cannot agree that he sings "better" now. On the other hand, I really enjoy both "Fight Night" and "Wonderland". (which they played that night) To be honest, whether he sings better now or back in the 80's I think is really a matter of personal preference. He's got a great voice either way.

  9. Hey there, sorry, I will be more specific. He sings this song better live in the studio in 2005. When you saw him, I am sure his voice was fatigued from singing every night. You can tell its fatigued some here. In the 80's I toured with a small band, and the singer after a month had problems as well. Its hard to do every night, along with time zone changes all the time etc etc.


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