UFO Captured over Los Angeles California San Gabriel Valley 08/28/2017.



  1. I live in Long Beach and a few years ago watched something almost the same as this, only shinier and higher altitude, for hours. It appeared to be towards the LAX area and eventually moved south very slowly.

  2. @Julian Lopez intriguing footage, but I do often wonder why people just stop filming? What happened next? Did it just vanish? Move away slowly or at speed? Did you simply get bored of watching it just hanging there in the sky or what???!

  3. I saw twenty of 30 of these orbs in the sky it was darker and the orbs we're bright did anyone else see this in West Covina I saw twenty of these fuckers with my twin brother something is up

  4. This is a very credible video,and you caught something good here. Why anyone would choose to believe local law(or military/federal) explanation is foolishly trusting. We have been lied to for years,with the flimsiest,most stupid 'explanations' for ligit sightings. Sorry,but once someone's been shown to be a lier,they've ruined their credibility. They have faked their own 'proof' on numerous occasions,attempting to divert our attention,whether it's from ET or our own military engineered craft. Thanks for sharing your capture.

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  6. Эта "сфера" над Лос-Анджелесом ещё раз доказывает то,что Россия вмешалась в выборы президента США !

  7. Crazy your posting this, saw the same thing in 9/20/11. It had some crazy vibe to it, was shocked. But a perfect sphere. Reminds me of the matrix material.

  8. Julian Lopez – We could use some more information about this. The big question I would have for you is how long did this stay there after you stopped recording, and if it moved, how did it move and what did that look like? I wouldn't have taken my eyes off this thing until it moved, please tell me you did the same.

  9. It's not a balloon, for a number of reasons. First, it's HUGE, bigger than the helicopter. Second, a balloon doesn't sit stationary, even in 0 mph wind. Lastly, it's fucking HUGE. There are only 2 possible explanations the way I see it. Some kind of new drone technology, which would be really stupid of them to fly it in broad daylight in the middle of LA, so that's highly doubtful. That leaves only 1 option, UFO, alien or human created, doesn't matter. That's 100% a UFO.

  10. Hey sorry for the impulsiveness , This was a great capture the fact that you even captured it clearly for that long and zoomed in and out for reference.

    The reaction of your son also aids with the authenticity of this

    Did you have to go to work? I really am curious to know how it departed, Even with these extraoridnary events we are still bound to our responsibilities

    Thanks for sharing this Foreals, for mankind, And being up this early to even capture it. The helicopter circling it was a great visual reference

  11. Wow I am so glad you got footage of this! I also witnessed it. I was on the 210 freeway in Pasadena and I saw it and the helicopter circling it. I snapped several photos with my phone. Your quality is better.


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