Opening title sequence of the circa 1970 Gerry Anderson sci-fi TV show “UFO”. Best TV theme song of all time.



  1. I saw this show as a kid in the late 60's and still like it today. But I think it would be an ideal candidate for a remake. There were so many provocative themes proposed in the original series (exactly what the aliens are, where they come from, and what they want with humanity) that could not be fully explored and/or realized with the time and money constraints of a late sixties tv show.

  2. Yup
    Always wondered that too. I assumed it must be that the Aliens had some sort of sense of fair play knowing the Moonbase only had 3 Interceptors with only a single missile.

    They somehow forgot about Sky One though.
    And it was always such great planning/coincidence that the sub was cruising around and within Sky One's range in the area that a single UFO enters the Earth's atmosphere.

  3. Never quite understood why the aliens never sent more than 3 UFOs at a time given moonbase only had 3 shots at them. Also, why did they send two or three sacrificial lambs down to retrieve the organs from only one human being? Gabriella Drake more than made up for it and still my favourite Anderson creation.

  4. It was lots of fun! 😉 The catsuits and pageboy hairdos the girls on moonbase wore looked very modern at the time And the string singlets the submarine men wore made them look handsome and dishy! 😉

  5. I feel for ya. But if it's any consolation, a lot of us Americans only had a black & white tv in 1970. B&W or color, it was a pretty cool show. Ahhh… memories.

  6. Gerry had a huge impact on my life when I was growing up and it was an extremely sad to hear that he had passed away. No one has produced anything like what he produced. A true innovator and creative genius. R.I.P


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