This promotional clip for the DVD series of UFO is the introductory theme for the television series shown in the UK in the early 1970s, most of the episodes can be found on DVD:



  1. Not fair. The guys in charge of the submarine vehicles wear those pesky fishnet shirts without anything beneath them. Why didn't their female colleagues did the same?

  2. The UFO sound effect was the best. When you heard it you knew the invaders were coming. The slow motion scenes of the invaders made them even more believable. Whenever I hear this sound it takes me back to when I first watched this series.

  3. do you know that this show was pulled from TV was because people thought all of that was REAL!!! everyone believed that the
    government had this SHADO organization running in this country.

  4. I wanted the car and a girlfriend with a tight jumpsuit and purple hair but alas I was around 14 at the time.I also marveled at why an alien flying a spaceship that looked like a trailers tail lights would have machinegun

  5. Hey, check out the dark haired guy at around 40+ seconds… It's Gary Myers. For the "older" amongst you he was the chocolate industry's James Bond, thanks to the …. And all because the lady loves Milk Tray adverts 🙂


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